Is CHOLESTEROL BAD For You? (Real Doctor Reviews The TRUTH)

Is Cholesterol Bad for you? 12 Truths About Cholesterol To Survive & Thrive (HDL And LDL Myths) Cholesterol may be the most misunderstood topic ever. HDL is often called good and LDL is called bad, when in fact they are both good. Learn the real truth so you can avoid the pitfalls of how to lower high cholesterol.

For decades we have been warned about eating cholesterol even though dietary cholesterol is irrelevant. The body makes the majority of cholesterol in the body whether you are vegan or carnivore.



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  1. Well explained. Although the conclusion of causing left a bitter pill for me as they seem to indicate animal-heavy diet. I am trying to be vegan for ethical reasons, and it seems the suggestions here do not apply to me. Any ideas? I eat nuts etc regularly but beyond that I am at a loss.

  2. My doctor kept wanting to put me on a statin. I finally insisted on getting a CAC test which monitors for any calcium in the blood or arterial sclerosis. I'm 74 yrs old the doctor said I was at 35%risk of heart attack or stroke. My CAC test score was "0". I had no arterial blockage whatsoever. The CAC test was $75.00 my insurance did not pay for it. I had NO risk of heart attack or stroke. That $75.00 was well spent for getting peace of mind. The doctor acted almost offended that my results were great. He is no longer my doctor.

  3. Inside my own mind wow how I agree. If it were illegal to accept bribes we probably would. It just has to be made an offence to accept any offer from a Pharma co full ser top

  4. Thanks Doctor! You mentioned wheat is bad for us, should I stop eating ALL BRAN? I've been eating it for over 30 years and always considered it great food. Also should I stop eating rice, bread and noodles from now?

  5. My wife with lung cancer was told by her doctors to "eat whatever she wants." The hospital fed her artificial eggs, HFCS soda, milk, sugary jello, ham with sodium nitrates.

  6. I never hear about those cholesterol factors , the only i knew are these 5 or 5.5 . I have a monitor testing like the one of the blood testing and every 6 months i go to the clinic to test the blood results of-course i have to be between 12 to 14 on fasting . Thanks for information .

  7. Just brilliant!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate it so much. I wonder if you’ve done or will do a video on blood thinners. My mother got various TIAs after a week or so after being on that medication.

  8. Now you really have confused me, I’ve been taking statins for years, should I stop? I’m from Britain aged 54, I had a heart attack when I was 36, in Britain in your colestral is say 10 that’s very high indeed, 4.5 is good and Drs say try not to let it go over that, when I had heart attack it was 7.8 , I’m confused, do you use numbers different in the US? I’m slightly over weight as I always have been by about a cpl stone, if I had colestral like you say at 200 & something I’d be dead. Should I stop taking statins because my colestral sits at about 5 normaly? Thanks if you can’t reply , kind regards

  9. Hello I came across your video and needed some help. I am been given advice from two seperate health gurus. One say to fast and the other say to eat foods that will heal the gut. I have been experiencing hives for nearly a year new. I believe eating the right food can heal the body but also I have been doing intermittent fasting to try help heal the gut and I need to know what advice you would recommend for healing hives. It occurs with something I'm eating. I'm trying to pin point what food it is exactly. I've been eating very healthy. Lots of leafy greens and so on. Can you help?

  10. I’m a 66 yo male, BMI 21.3 and cycle 12-15 hrs/wk. My cholesterol was 212, HDL 83. My doctor said I was at risk of cardiovascular disease and recommended statins. I asked if AHA guidelines factored in BMI and exercise. She said No, so I declined her advice

  11. Hello @Dr Sten Ekberg I just got a reading of 385 on cholesterol and my triglycerides is at 130. I was on ketovore I may have eaten more carbs than I thought on my keto diet, , however now I’m at this point in life my doctor gave me Lipitor 40 mg. I’m a small petite woman and I weigh 127 with lots of muscle and headaches I feel the statins aren’t for me.🥺.. I really miss my keto lifestyle. Can you help me what I can do to get off statins and start living again. God bless you doctor. (FYI- I did go over board on the butter and bacon and lots of steak daily) Any help is appreciated. 🙏🏼💕

  12. Dr Ekberg, I am 59 years old and have cholesterol level of about 375 my entire adult life regardless of what I eat. Both parents have moderately high cholesterol and have been on statins for many years. I have resisted going onto meds because I worry about other side effects. Am I being foolish? Should I listen to the doctors and go onto statins ???

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