Is It Safe To Workout While Fasting?

If you are doing intermittent fasting or long-term fasting you need to be careful on when and how long you exercise. If you are doing weight lifting, aerobic or anaerobic workouts while fasting they could hurting you & induce muscle wasting. If you are intermittent fasting or doing a long-term fast YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. Exercising while fasting is not safe for everyone.


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🔷 What Is Autophagy?

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🔷 Benefits Of Fasting Series:


00:00 Intro
00:41 How to get body energy?
01:28 What happens when you eat?
02:55 Why do we feel better after eating?
03:34 Nutrition for exercise
03:45 How long does it take for food to digest for energy?
04:13 How long is glycogen stored?
04:28 How long can you live on body fat?
04:42 How long do vitamins stay in your system?
04:57 How long does protein stay in your system?
05:05 Does food have energy?
05:24 Can you run out of energy in your body?
05:44 Do we need carbs?
06:31 Is It Safe To Exercise While Fasting?
07:16 Where does body energy come from?
07:19 Can you do Aerobic exercise while intermittent fasting?
09:57 Can you do Anaerobic exercise while intermittent fasting?
12:31 Can you do Weightlifting while intermittent fasting?
14:51 Can you do Aerobic exercise while fasting?
16:18 Can you do Anaerobic exercise while fasting?
18:26 Can you do Weightlifting while fasting?
20:14 Recap

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  1. I am on my first water fast, AND I HAVE TO SHARE SOMETHING… all of the "science" statesman have said that COFFEE (black) doesn't break your fast, it doesn't interrupt Ketosis or Autophagy. That MAY BE TRUE, but I have consumed 3 cups of coffee in 2 days of my 4 day fast so far and there is a distinct pattern! 1 cup of coffee brought back my hunger pains to the ORIGINAL 24-36 HOUR extent, and tonight I consumed 2 cups of black coffee in 10 hours, and after the second one MY HUNGER PAINS WERE SO INTOLERABLE, had I not undergone this fast for "Spiritual" results; meaning if I were just doing this for myself, physically, I WOULD HAVE UTTERLY BROKE MY FAST TONIGHT!!!! IT WAS INTOLERABLE!!!

    Green tea has not triggered hunger pains, and I was just fine with water, but the coffee sets something off in the body and it SCREAMS FOR FOOD! DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU ENJOY SUFFERING!

  2. I'm on restricted time feeding… only coffee until early to late afternoon and then I eat for 4-7 hours depending on the events of the day and how hungry I feel. I also go to Planet Fitness 4-5 days / week and workout for an hour per visit. I feel GREAT working out in a fasting state. If I've eaten within the previous 4-6 hours, the workouts are not nearly as easy nor enjoyable. I'm getting lean and building muscle. Feel excellent!

  3. After lifting how long can I go without consuming protein? I fast from 5p to 9a(16 hrs) and I want to lift at 4a before work. Would I be doing myself a disservice or be counterproductive by not ingesting protein right after the workout?

  4. hi there, you indicate to eat something after working out with heavy weights, but what does that "after" window look like? I do OMAD, I do heavy weights at hour 16 in my fast, but I don't eat until hour 20 – 22. Is that too long to wait after my weights workout? I'm not hungry after. I want to continue with OMAD but I also want to maximize my weight lifting workouts. Thank you!

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