Is MILK BAD For You? (Real Doctor Reviews The TRUTH)

Is Milk Good For You? or Is Dairy Bad For You? are the wrong questions. The Good, The Bad & Lactose Intolerance. There are so many people answering this question on YouTube, but all they do is quote what others are saying about milk and dairy. Dr. Ekberg explains in simple terms the good and bad about milk and dairy. What to drink or eat and how dairy is not a question of good vs bad but a question of the quality of the milk / dairy.



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  1. Heat treated proteins are way more digestible for us. As raw meat, raw eggs. If something is "denaturalized" in your vocabulary it doesnt mean its bad or harmful. It feels like a lof of useless information flying around on this channel. Pasteurized products are completely save and healthy for most people and have pros and cons as raw milk.

  2. I would guess that raw milk may have bad bacteria, parasites, etc that can harm humans. I guess that is why they pasteurize the mild and the government has health regulations for meat. My question is, if the cows are grass fed and their health checked, would there still be a possibility for bad bacteria, parasites and such? But in any case mild is not a super food and not intended for adults so it might not be worth for adults.

  3. Fermented dairy from pasteurized and when purchased at a grocery store contains cheap probiotics that do not cultivate in our bodies. The probiotics pass through out body.Please research bionome data from the labs!

  4. Dr. Ekberg, I have been enjoying many of your wide-ranging health/diet articles…but I am pretty alarmed how you can advocate a diet that contains animal protein. The evidence is pretty clear about the harmful effects of a diet that contains animal products, which clearly and directly contribute to the two main killers in this country, cancer and heart disease. I assume you've heard of, and hopefully have looked at some of the work of the following doctors (please excuse my spellings of some of their names): T. C. Campbell, Dean Ornisch, Conrad Esselstyn, Michael Greger, Klapper, Neil Barnhard, John McDougal, the list goes on…

  5. There is a few places in the bay area where you can buy raw milk . I bought some. But I'll only buy it on the day the store gets it. After 3 days it tastes just what it is , rotting food. Not tasty. If you buy it after the first day it won't last long. But that IS TRUE QUALITY for you. Explain why it costs you more…when they deceased there production costs. Naked greed I guess.

  6. The approach to the "right" diet is as from my point of view an approximation. Especially when, in addition to one's own health, there are also issues such as the exploitation of animals and people, as well as the climate issue. Will continue to follow your channel with interest.

  7. Louis Pasteur's process was a life saver at the time when milk-borne diseases like TB were killers. However, increasingly since WW2, dairy shed hygiene has improved out of sight and all herds of dairy animals are regularly tested for TB. Health and safety regulations today mean cow sheds are as clean as domestic kitchens in places that matter. With all this in mind, I could never understand why the witch hunt against raw milk sales to the public, especially in light of the thousands of farming families who have had nothing else since Eve wore pull-ups and none of them get sick as a direct result of using delicious raw milk, sometimes from a single favoured 'house cow'. The motto of officialese is, If something is helpful, useful or healthy, get rid of it.

  8. I'd like to try Raw Milk, but I'm concerned about its safety. If we're not used to certain bacteria in our gut, I'm afraid it could cause a bad reaction. Wasn't there a reason milk had to be pasteurised? (I'm in the UK) Any comments, anyone? 🤔

  9. Here in eastern Europe, my grandmother has a cow. We take milk from it and boil it at home. Otherwise it ferments. Is this boiled milk recommended?

  10. Strangely i never had an allergy to dairy but then i buggered up my metabolism and in the process of stripping everything away ( went carnivore) I discovered the cause of my intense leg itching at night was the dairy. Boy do i miss yoghurt.

  11. I knew that doctors are not very good regarding nutritional matters but you have exceeded by far this image!! You have no idea what pasteurization is, you have no idea about calcium bioavailability, you have no idea about the effect of the size of fat globules on their digestibility, you have no idea about what protein denaturation is and what does exactly is! Despite all these, you preach about milk and dairy products. Amazing!

  12. There is literally no point in drinking dairy, you can get all that stuff somewhere else (unless youre in food desert, where dairy is literally one of the only sources because the area is trash, not talking about them). Why make cows suffer for it? They suffer for a fact, they are loving and gentle creatures, just like any pet. Why is it so hard to simply not finance it? Animal agriculture is simply cruel, why turn a blind eye towards them? Humans do not need dairy, and its not worth it to ruin animals life for it.

  13. If you do not pasteurised milk you will get very dangerous disease like brucellosis if the animal is infected ( most infected animal appears healthy) if we weigh the benefit and harm definitely I will choose pasteurised milk

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