Is PROCESSED FOOD BAD For You? (Real Doctor Reviews The TRUTH)

Why Is Processed Food Bad For You? Processed foods make up most of the food in the grocery store so it is easy to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle of eating junk food. To have a healthy do you need to learn what are the best foods to eat and what processed foods you should avoid and how to tell what is processed or not. Dr. Ekberg explains all about healthy vs unhealthy food in this video.



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  1. Excellent content. I just wanted to point out a detail: trans fats are not a saturated, they are a byproduct of the hydrogenation of insaturated "cis" fats naturally present in vegetable oils. The hydrogenation process is not complete, so the fats that don't get saturated of hydrogen, turn into "insaturated trans fats". That means their double bond gets "twisted" and turned from cis to trans, changing their structure. So, as you say, they don't get involved in the same processes as the cis fats do in the body.

  2. Hi dr.sten. lm in the Philippines..lm empress your explanation about health.
    It oks I make you tube in the Philippines

  3. I eat from time to time rolled oats (think thats the right term) with fresh crushed seeds (flax, sesame, pumpkin) and a few nuts mixed in milk.
    From time to time I like this.
    But now that i want to reduce my carbs to nearly zero, i find it hard to let it go^^.

  4. Your exposé about oil is fully correct. Being knowledgeable in this field, I want to add that soybean oil (n°1 oil in US, n°2 worldwide) is also extracted with hexane (which is a kind of light gasoline). However, hexane is fully removed from the oil. After the solvent extraction, the solvent is distilled and the resulting crude oil is degummed (a kind of water washing) and bleached with activated carbon to remove pigments. The resulting oil has bad taste/odor and must be deodorized. Deodorization is realized at about 270°C under high vacuum (1-2 mBar) to avoid oxydation. However it can be expected thas some side reactions take place at such high temperature even in absence of oxygen (trans, polymerisation). Furthermore, about 50% of tocopherol (vit E) is removed as well during deodorization. Sunflower oil and rapeseed oil are also solvent extracted. Palm oil is mechanically extracted and is a bit "more natural" than seeds oil but is still bleached and deodorized at high temperature during about 1 hour to operate a "heat-bleaching". Knowing all this I eat…olive oil and butter.

  5. You "make (very much) sense!!! I've been a Hobbyist of Alternative- to Western Orthodox (I call it)- Medicines for about 1/4 of a century. Much of my self-educstion has come from those who've taken a detour from an advanced – state-of-the-art level from Western Orthodox Medicined so, I've some perspectives that might present a potential epiphany to you but, you're channel provides me with some greatly desired clarity into a formal view of a Holistoc Medical Disipline without needing to invest burdensome amounts of money and time!!! I've, only somewhat recently, found and subscribed to this channel but, have been recommending it very frequently. Please, "Carry-On (as would be the US Naval command)!!!…"

  6. Well the fact that the store is always full isn't a good sign… and even from an economical point of view… wouldn't it be ideal to just sell 80-90% of your stuff and 99% of the time you'll have these 5% remaining of all the food categories? Because that means the supermarkets would have to pay less for transport since they import less food and still maintain the sales. Like if it was that way i'm pretty sure they wouldn't need to process the food at all or very very mildly.

  7. Dr. Ekberg, I have been trying to persuade my husband to stop drinking apple juice but not successful until I showed him this video. Interesting enough, while he was watching it, he was eating a bowl of instant oatmeal! Your explanation and illustration are so clear and easy to understand. I wish I have discovered your channel sooner. I will forever be your subscriber.

  8. Agree with everything about processed food. I also feel that steel-cut grains have been exonerated in this video. Move out of America, rename Quart to a Liter, and your allergies will be cured.

  9. Dr u are amazing I wish I had enough money to pay for an advertisement and put u live on tv, wow absolutely love it , thanks to u I eat extremely healthy in every single way. Thank u a lot

  10. Dr. Ekberg, my husband and I have a question about this. Does that mean natural juices and natural shakes (obviously taking into account to whatch out the quantity of fruit) are not that good for us? So it would be preferable to just eat the apple as it is? Thank you!

  11. I really appreciate your videos( I watched a lot ). Recently I found a Japanese doctor looking for a good English-Speaking videos about low-carb theory, so I recommended your videos. Then he decided to recommend yours in his blog ! (He was writing that there are many questions from Japanese who live abroad and looking for information in English so that people around them can understand).
    I started whatching your videos for 2 reasons – getting knowledge and learning English. I am very satisfied for both purposes ! Your explanation is very clear and logical. I am so happy that you are making many videos and I can keep watching. Thank you Dr. Ekberg !
    By the way, in Japan there are many good food like Tofu and Kanjaku, and also many restaurants are starting to put low-carb menus… Carbohydrate is still very popular (like rice and Ramen), but things are changing.

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