Keto Dangerous? (Studies vs Real Life)

Is the Keto Diet Dangerous? Studies vs Real Life Reality. The ketogenic diet, or keto, has become a popular way to lose weight. A lot of people are saying keto is dangerous and that they have debunked keto, but is Keto Dangerous?

Is keto bad for you or good for you? There is a lot of confusion about keto and if it is safe or not. So why does keto get a bad rap? Dr. Ekberg talks about why the ketogenic diet is considered dangerous and has so much confusion around it. Jillian Michaels was one person recently who said the keto diet is dangerous. She said it does help with reducing fat, but still thought it was dangerous.

There are studies and research that say eating a ketogenic diet increases your risk for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, spiking your blood sugars, and a high fat diet increases your risk for all sorts of health problems. If you evaluate this research on high fat diets you will see they fed rats high fats with high sugar, so the research wasn’t on a truly high fat low carb diet.



🔷 Keto Long Term? Is The Keto Diet Dangerous?
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  1. ‘Keto is results based’. Sure is doc. I just turned HbA1c blood sugar of 8.8 into 5.6 in 13 weeks at 56yo. Eliminated fatty liver too. Reversed seriously high iron. And reduced cholesterol by 28%. In 13 weeks. With keto and moderate exercise 3x week. Under my doctor’s guidance. I cannot believe it. Years of poor health turned in 3 months. I’m doubling down from here. Thank you keto, my doc, my gym and the good doc here who informs me. Do not listen to theorists. And go for it under doctor guidance everyone. It works.

  2. When someone comes with the argument 'research shows', I get nervous and annoyed. One needs to dissect the research, any research in fact, to figure out whether the argument is really relevant and holds.
    Just because it's research, it's not automatically valid, relevant or useful.

  3. Great exposure of the methods used by the self proclaimed experts. I've also found many of this type of know it all declaring how difficult / boring / unpleasant a keto diet is, how it's so horrible no-one can stick with it. Since when was steak, asparagus and a creamy butter sauce difficult / tedious or hard to put up with ? Or maybe wild salmon and a creamy lemon sauce. Or cheese and avocado, salad and olive oil mayo? I'm just a curled up ball of misery with my home made full fat yogurt, heavy cream and a few fresh raspberries. I'll back my bacon, egg and sausage against your bowl of chocolate flavoured, sugar coated glutenflakes anyday, or your boring muesli come to that. A lot of the time I get the impression they're like the people who say such and such a book or film is terrible, bad, disgusting. And you know they never actually read or watched it. No sir. And a lot of this rubbish has an agenda and company / movement money behind it. 7th Day Adventists, anyone? The Eat Lancet nonsense?

  4. You, Jason Yung and Dennis Pollock (Beat Diabetes!) are absolute ROCK STARS in the diabetic diet realm. THANK YOU for all you do to inform us. "My people perish for lack of knowledge" I went from 266 BG to 118 in 6 DAYS (yesterday it was 98) going LCHF.

  5. We do need the bigger picture and connect things to nature. I think I am having success with this diet because it makes so much more sense. I used to do the calculations about calories in and out, and it seemed like if it was true we would all weigh 1000 pounds. Didn't make sense. On past diet guidelines, I just did the bullet points and there was no understanding. But this diet makes so much sense, at least to me. I'm still confused about some details, but the big picture makes me wonder why I didn't discover this years ago. And how many people out there STILL don't know about this?

  6. Why do most Keto critics cite kidney damage as the primary negative effect? They can't explain the physiology that causes damage only that it is a big side effect. I assume that misconception comes from researchers and others who should know better so why would they perpetuate this if in fact it isn't true?

  7. I know they say innocent until proven guilty… but to ME that mice-feed looks maliciously designed to produce a very specific result by someone who knew exactly what they were doing. It's as they say.. a recipe for disaster.

  8. Fasting is so much easier than all these conflicting or misleading studies. But i guess people have too much trouble with not eating. Old habits are hard to break.

  9. If a person strictly following a keto diet happens to eat too many saturated fat calories to be immediately used up, how are the extra fat calories stored — where and by what process? Thanks!

  10. A thank you for this expose. It makes a lot of sense. I’ve had a lot of benefit over 6 months eating Keto but I have a few issues. I can’t seem to get a right balance to stop cramps and spasms and I have increased my blood pressure where it was supposed to reduce? If you have possible solutions I would much appreciate a video on the topic. I have followed a number of doctors teaching on Keto but sometimes their comments are contradictory so it’s a bit confusing. The amount of salt is one such case. I use Himalayan and use a lot!

  11. Great video 🤗. Love your content.
    I have tried so many diets and I am 47. Keto was the first and only diet I was able to stick to it without any troubles and with so many great results. I highly recommend to friends and anyone who is interested in loosing weight and be healthy.
    Thank you.

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