Keto Diet And Adrenal Fatigue (Is It The Best Diet?)

Keto Diet And Adrenal Fatigue (Is It The Best Diet?) Ketogenic diet is very popular and people want to know an adrenal fatigue diet that is best for them. Dr. Ekberg explains why it can be helpful, but also stressful on the body for someone that has adrenal fatigue. Find out if the best diet for adrenal fatigue is the keto diet or not.

Adrenal fatigue symptoms include feeling tired all the time, insomnia, fatigue, achy, brain fog, low tolerance, breathing issues, libido, sinus issues, headaches, dizzy when standing up, and more. Adrenal exhaustion is pretty common in our hectic life due to stress, so a lot of people are feeling fatigued.

The adrenal glands are small glands located on top of each kidney. They produce hormones that you can’t live without, including sexhormones and cortisol. You will learn how to improve adrenal function and what the adrenals do. You will learn how the adrenals relate to stress, sleep, cortisol and more, so you can improve and possibly reverse adrenal fatigue.



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  1. Thus and all other videos by dr Ekberg really make me understand my Adrenal Fatigue.

    I have AF since 1987 and was diagnosed with CFS and then in 1994 I developed incredible joint pain and the docs said I got Fibromyalgia as well.

    In 2006 I was told about AF and when i researched it, it was me to a T. My medical docs figuratively roll their eyes at talk about AF.

    I have times of eating right and feel better but too much sugar is everywhere and I fall off the wagon too much.

    I am back to eating healthy again. Just deciding if I should go low or no carbs. No fasting for me right now. My adrenals get taxed.

    Thank you Dr Ekberg!!

  2. I'm not sure if the body simply reduces cortisol production once fat adaptation has occurred. I've been experiencing insomnia while on the Keto diet (2 years now) and am starting to reconsider if this diet is right for me. I'd say the euphoria and mental clarity was pronounced the first few months of being on Ketogenic diet.

  3. no animal on earth runs on ketones it is unatural to nutritionally eat a diet that puts us in ketosis. the adrenals do not rest up because this is an unatural state with many bad effects. to heal adrenal fatigue we need to eat like a baby an keep blood sugar balanced with protein, low glycemic carbs and healthy fats every few hours. eventually if all stressors are kept down the hpa axis disfuncnction (adrenal fatigue) will heal. we are carbivores not fativores hence why our saliva has the strongest enzmes to turn starch into sugar from the moment they touch our saliva, and why we see in high colour whereas meat eaters do not have much colour vision at all.

  4. Thank you making this video. I started doing keto one year ago and soon lost stubborn 5 kg. I always had low blood pressure issue(sometimes 67 by 47), In February I diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. After taking medicine I am putting on weight again. It's really confusing but I will give it a try again. I love your videos, thanks.

  5. Hi Doctor! What about if ketogenic diet make my adrneal fatigue worse? What I should look for? Probably I jumped too fast in… How Is a good programmation of carbs lowering phase?

  6. I drank "electrolytes" after the first week without any improvement whatsoever. In spite of that, I had horrible lethargy on this diet for 4 weeks solid with no respite until I started 3 days ago drinking a teaspoon of Braggs organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the "mother" and a teaspoon of lime juice diluted in a cup of water 4 times a day. After the 3rd day of doing this (today) I feel like a heavy dark fog has been lifted off and have 50% of my energy back. I will keep doing this every day…

  7. My Husband just had a Lung transplant at Shands Hospital in Fl…..He is doing quite well…the problem now is they just notified him that he has Stage 3 Kidney Failure….so i'm researching info to help him…I found your videos a while back and You are such a Great Help to me…I'm going to watch more of your videos ….Merci Dr. Ekberg….

  8. I give this video more than one like 👍👍👍 thanks a lot for breaking down this piece of information. Would really like to know if i can start keto diet if I have low stomach acid, or i must increase it before. Additionally I have leaky gut and adrenal fatigue. Regards from Sweden.

  9. So, when the glycogen-stores are empty the body has no other choice to burn fat as fuel, right? But that means that people with adrenal fatigue (like me) have to make sure to remain in ketosis and not to pop out of ketosis (cortisol is reactivated and the whole thing begins again).

  10. Do you have a video that specifically addresses adrenal fatigue syndrome? I was told that I have a very serious issue with adrenal fatigue. I am trying to lose weight with low carb and working towards IF. I exercise 45 mins/cardio daily, but feel low energy for the rest of the day. My dr said this was because my body is always in the fight or flight mode, my body doesn't repair itself, constant state of stress. How can I work past all of this and get to a fat burning, low insulin, healthy state?

  11. So it feels to me like coffee with keto makes cortisol spike really hard and carbs help calm me down, especially for sleep. I did keto for years, and maybe I was doing it wrong, but I always had terrible insomnia that was helped greatly by reintroducing carbs.

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