Keto Diet and Insulin Resistance (Is It The Best Diet?)

Keto Diet and Insulin Resistance Explained. A low carb approach is a wonderful insulin resistance diet, such as a ketogenic diet. The keto diet is the best, because your blood sugar and insulin levels will start to normalize on a keto diet. Your body switches to using fat for fuel where you will lose weight naturally. The keto diet also lowers insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance improves quickly for most people when they begin a ketogenic diet. By reducing the intake of carbohydrates your blood sugar levels and spikes will normalize.

In this video you will hear about the keto diet explained by a doctor, Dr. Ekberg, who has had hundreds of hours of nutritional training and decades of health education. You will learn what causes insulin resistance and what you can do about it.

For diabetes a low-carb keto diet is a successful way for individuals with blood sugar issues to normalize their blood sugars even if they are diabetic or even for someone who doesn’t have symptoms yet.

Let me know if you have had success with your insulin resistance on keto diet.



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  1. I love watching your videos as the explanations ate so simple to understand, as Im diabetic for many years, it kind of giving me hope to recovered from this metabolic disorder, thank you so much

  2. almost a month ago exactly i had 350 glucose and 11.6 A1C , today my glucose was 122 and i will be seeing my doctor in a couple of weeks. my glucose is still elevated but im much better off than i was previously. i am thankful for these videos from you and also i watch Dr berry . you both have been a great source of information. thank you

  3. Both Dr Berg and this Dr Ekberge a gift to us..we appreciat and love you lots and Dr chung also bless up guys…Real good explanation on insulin resistant…
    Am on my intermittent fasting..2 meals a breakfast at noon and 7pm..after window 16:8 going hungry and no cravings..but what am on is low carbs diet..Trying my very best to adhere…fasting is really good for one's health….

  4. I would find it helpful to know more about what happens to blood sugars when you reduce carbs, to reverse insulin resistance. What blood numbers are safe? What is effective to help and what might be too low? You show numbers for carb addiction but what happens to gut flora and yeast (that has been carb addicted too), do they die and cause gastritis? In general, what happens in the body as one transitions away from carb addiction and what are good, or bad indicators? If blood sugars go too low is that bad or is that showing that the body is adjusting? Any insight would be helpful, thank you!

  5. I have done Keto just for fitness. After 2 years I wanted to go back on carbs. Now after 2 months I am insulin resistant. Before keto I was not. I did a tolerance test and my I insulin was way too high and I became hypoglycaemic with low blood sugar under 40. how come, that I never had problems, but after Keto 2 years I am insulin resistant with very high insulin and low blood sugar problems. This is 2 months after ending Keto still so.

  6. Update: My period just came and I didn’t even know because this was the first time in my life I didn’t have PMS!!! Considering I’ve been on Keto for only five days, this is truly amazing! Thank you Dr. Ekberg!!! 🙏🌹❤️You are my hero!

  7. I’ve been on strict clean Keto + OMAD for five days and already feel the difference. No more cravings! I heard Keto long time ago but thought it would cause a lot of problems because of high fat. After watching Dr. Ekberg’s videos, I changed my mind as I felt I had truly understood the concept this time. Thank you Dr. Ekberg for explaining everything so well. I love how you use the simplest language to enable us understand key concepts. “When it comes to fat, it’s about quality.” This one is my favourite!

  8. If insulin receptor is regulated by cells and insulin resistance happens when we have excessive intracellular accumulation of lipids, then weight loss itself may be sufficient to reverse insulin resistance.
    However, if insulin resistance is also caused by the effect that is somewhat similar to atavistic effect, then, weight loss itself is not enough. A prolonged period (if not permanent) change in diet is necessary even if the person has normal weight.

  9. Great video. I am diabetic. Now doing keto diet & IF from last three months. Blood sugar is not a problem now. But not getting fat adapted. How long it will take ?

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