Keto Diet: Anti Aging & Longevity Benefits

Keto Diet: Anti Aging & Longevity Benefits. The Keto Diet helps you burn fat, lose weight, live longer? Science has shown the long term benefits of calorie restricted diets, but now they are showing carbohydrate-restricted, especially ketogenic, diets have similar advantages. Most doctors, trainers, and nutritionist acknowledge that ketogenic diets uniquely benefit weight loss, pre-diabetes, and type-2 diabetes, but still claim that the ketogenic diet is not safe. Well now there is more and more information about ketones decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress which would help with longevity and anti-aging. There is strong support from studies showing decreased midlife mortality and extended longevity and health span. Although type-2 diabetes is often described as a chronic progressive disease, emerging evidence indicates that sustained nutritional ketosis can reverses the disease. There some saying that a keto diet can help with cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s too. Doctor Ekberg explains why the body does so well on a ketogenic diet.



🔷 Keto Long Term? Is The Keto Diet Dangerous?
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  1. Interesting. I am a bit over-carbohidrated. I (my body) did fasting, not knowing what I do. But I kind a enjoyed hunger! Only my gut did'nt. So, I suppose, that sleep, water and exercises greatly increases metabolism 🙂 Only thing i am bit worried, is was that a good thing to simulate caecum surgery =D. In the '90 they said that it is not too good for you. so, I took it out 🙂 I was 12 ..

  2. Dr. Ekberg, you are by far the best guru of keto and overall health! I'm blessed to have found your channel! Will share the principle of this ketogenic diet/lifestyle to as many people as possible. Keep it up and God bless!

  3. Wow! This is very interesting to me!! Especially the fact that it helps neurological! I worked the neurology unit for many years that was part of a study having to do with ketogenic diet and seizures. We were an adult floor, but had 3 children on this study. They were hooked up to EEG machines, taken off sz meds and fasted for 3 days. Then given small, high fat diets. with the intent to send them home on Ketogenic diet. Some had seizures on introduction, but decreased, or stopped sz al together!! It was hard to see them hungry for a couple of days, but it was even harder to see them seize. IDK what became of these children, but I do know It certainly helped while they were there!!🥰

  4. When i was diagnosed with fatty liver that was causing my BP to rise, i was prescribed with maintenance drug as well as drug to keep my sgpt down….and since i didnt want to be drug dependent, i tried Keto and IF. friends and fam expected that my fatty liver would worsen bcoz of the fatty diet in Keto but proved them all wrong…my sgpt went down and so did my BP.👍

  5. Yes I feel less hungry after about 3 weeks on Keto. I also eat less and that is time saved. The question that remains unanswered is “Will I do well if I open a keto restaurant“.

  6. Thanks to keto diet I am dropping many pounds, have tons of energy, plantar fasciitis is gone, bursites gone, wake up brand new every morning, no more sugar cravings, less hungry….wow!!!

  7. Thank you Dr. Ekberg for explaining this so well and digging deeper…I enjoy all your videos! I’ve been watching for several months now and really have been getting great information and education on many different levels. Please keep it up educating us more! And btw, that was also very cute trying to be funny 😛 wish I didn’t live so far, otherwise I’d come in person to your clinic.

  8. Great video! It was long known that the only diet that measurably extends life is the one with restricted calories intake. Dr. Ekberg shows that it is result of ketosis and keto diet is the way to achieve similar result without calories restriction suffering! Thank you, Dr. Ekberg! Your videos are very scientifically bases, very interesting, and very convincing!

  9. tq Doc. Had been following your videos and advise for the last 2 months. Weight lost up to 10KGs, which is hitting my ideal weight right now. The lightest and ideal weight in 25 years ! Feel awesome, body is also quick to recover from intense exercise (which i tried (exercise a lot ) for the last 5 years to improve my health but no help till i followthis diet regime).
    From the body composition scale , the body score went from the score of 49 to 89 !! Also, Body fat down from 25% to 19%, V fat Down from 15 to 11. six packs soon ! Lipid Profile ( Triglycerides and HDL specifically) also improved tremendously. Will continue to follow the videos, keep up the good job Doc. !

  10. Sten, you give the absolute best explanations to health & diet. I have watched all the highest viewed YouTube presenters on health & diet and your depth of detail and way of simplifying is by far the best.
    I thank you for helping me understand sufficiently enough to make the changes. Because without understanding ‘why’, I would have struggled to make the long term commitment that I have been able to maintain.
    I wish you well and hope your channel grows to level of millions of subscribers so that you can help as many people as possible and receive the rewards & recognition you deserve.
    Again, thank you.

  11. Doc, what about leptin & mTOR? My understanding is leptin/insulin/mTOR are vital for health. Ketosis is vital for autophagy & mitophagy aka longevity minus the drugs and or surgeries. My 2¢.

  12. I’ve been on Keto for ibd and done way better than any other diet I’ve tried . I’ve tried them all but lowering my carbs to 30g or less a day high fat and protein is great it seems . It really does lower inflammation in the body

  13. DOC, love your videos. Can you make a video with breakfast and lunch choices for keto? I am type II diabetes, but my blood sugar can go down to 89 if I work out. I do take medicine for it. Unfortunately, growing up in a french and italian household, pasta and bread were staples. So please do a video with veg and fruit and other foods for lunch and breakfast. Thank u

  14. Hi Dr. Ekberg, I love your channel. I am wondering if the Keto lifestyle will help with bipolar disorder with depression. I've also had migraines for 34 years. I currently take six prescriptions. I'm 54 and am looking to get healthy and lose about 50 pounds. Any information would help.

  15. I'm just at the very beginning of the diet. I'm not overweight; it's for physical and emotional health. Your explanations are very good and easy to understand. Thanks very much.

  16. I'm 76 years old and was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue stage 2 last August. I had started doing keto in March very successfully and lost the excess weight right down to my goal weight and have stayed there ever since. I am under a lot of pressure to stop doing keto and increase my carbs and cut back on protein. Also to cut out dairy completely even though I have no problem with dairy and it helps me maintain my weight. Without dairy I lose weight. I'm 5' 2" and weigh 110 lb. Perfect. My question is: is there a problem eating Keto with adrenal fatigue? My blood sugars never go over 100 and my ketones stay around 2.0.

  17. I've been studying and on keto for years now. I must say your information is admirable and spot on. Great delivery and you explain everything so well. I'm going to promote your site for my newbies on keto.
    Thank you for all your great work!!👍👍😁

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