Keto Diet: Dirty Keto vs Clean Keto – Which Is Better?

Keto Diet: Dirty Keto vs Clean Keto. Dr Ekberg explains the difference between dirty keto and clean regular keto diets. You will learn how to be on the keto diet the healthy way and what you can do realistically to stay on a keto diet. There are a lot of ways to eat keto, so you will learn what keto is about and the differences. We will making more videos explaining the different types of keto diets and reviewing other types of diets too.



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* Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive In America
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  1. How about if you're eating towards the "Clean side", but its not the perfect clean – for example I eat bacon, but its not pasture raised pork, fresh eggs but they're not free-ranged.. But I've completely avoided things like shortening, margarine, aspartame already. Do you guys feel it's more towards the clean side as well? Or is regular bacon just as bad as the "dirty" stuff.

  2. Amen Dr. Amen. EXACTLY!!! I am picky about my food-fresh, organic, unpackaged, grain feed, etc-and I feel great! If I go outside those standards for just one meal I feel the difference.

  3. I work in the "Lifescience" from 30 Years. I can understand you have a deep knowledge. Day by day I understand principles of avoiding IR and I feel better and better. TY from a 58 year old italian crazy man!!! Please continue your teaching!

  4. Hunting is a great way to get healthy meat. No steroids or antibiotics! Venison, rabbit, game fish from clean water is groovy. I have a pond with perch stocked. I use no pesticides on my property and there Is no runoff from surrounding land. My well is extremely toxin free ( clean water and I test it very year) so drink tasty health water. I only drink water from my well and only drink water!

  5. Thank you very much for this helpful and useful information. I’ve been diagnosed with pre diabetes about 2 months ago and my doctor suggested to eat more fruits and vegetables, less red meat and wheat bread and oatmeal. I think she wants to kill me. My sister suggested keto diet and I found your channel. I just wished I founded sooner, but I’m glad I did. 👍👍👍👍

  6. I am what you would consider a clean keto eater. However, I do not understand how I can get my carbs any lower, especially if I am eating vegetables and a handful of berries and avocados. I eat a variety of fresh vegies, say 6-8 different types and small amounts yet I believe they still contain carbs. How do I get my carbs any lower if I am eating these things in moderate amounts? Might I add, I do not eat starchy vegetables but mostly Cruciferous vegies.

  7. There's zero difference in health benefits between the two. The only difference is that some people want to be EXTRA pretentious in following a "superior" diet to all those "regular" keto people. There is ZERO difference in the health benefits.

  8. I think most of us, when we loose weight, it makes us feel good. And I just can imagine that feeling good because of whichever reason also does something positive to your body.
    Nevertheless I do believe in health being the main goal, so maybe we should look for some balance between both and look at it as a "win win" situation.
    At least that s how I look at it. I love to see the belly fat melt away, and at the same time I dream about getting healthy again.

    Doing my best to get better,
    Love to see I ' m not getting any fatter
    Today I do my best

    Can feel it on my chest
    Can see improvement in my rest

    The other day I did my upper best
    Could feel so much getting of my chest
    Could be it gave me again a better rest

    Hope to get through the following test
    Healthy, inside out outside in and better rest.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this, I am doing this for several days now, and do admit that, until now I am loosing my energy, instead of gaining more.

    Maybe it s a matter of time?

  9. The world isn't changing, America might be. Go in a UK supermarket and ask for keto products and you get a blank look. Go online to order something and it's twice the price of the same product in the US.

  10. Dr Ekberg I’m a registered nurse and I’d like to tell you that you have re-educated me with all your professional knowledge and I feel I know so much more than what I thought I knew! It’s amazing that much of the Medical field, the ADA, AHA and the FDA our government is teaching us!!! It makes no since…WHY!? It’s wrong it’s lies! Sadly the bottom line here is not the people’s welfare they are concern about… it’s all about💰💰💰…Thank you again for sharing the “ TRUTHS” with all of us!!

  11. I started off kind of clean ie not much processed foods but not organic or grass fed but over time I’m getting much more into the very clean keto space. I just value the quality of what I eat more and more and refuse to put all this processed and unrecognisable crap in even if it means I am spending more of my money on food shopping. I’d rather don’t buy the latest pair of shoes and spend the money on good organic food. Keto has completely changed my mindset and now I am worth every extra penny I spend on keeping my body as healthy as possible.

  12. Hi, Dr. Ekberg. Excellent explanation as always!
    I am curious about your opinion of natural nutrient-dense powders and supplements, like dried/powdered moringa oleifera, baobab, cactus (nopal), chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, ashwaghanda, maca, cacao, etc. I personally think they are highly nutritious, as well as some great alternatives to synthetic (multi)vitamins and minerals, although they could be considered pricy…do you think they're worth the investment?

  13. Telling people weight loss is not the goal but health is fine but now overweight people will use this as a reason to not lose weight. I don't know why you wouldn't say health and weight loss is the goal, not just one or the other.

  14. Remembered everyone donot live in USA and we do get some things that keto called for eg mushroom almond or coconut flour blue berries blackberries strawberries occasionally

  15. I also imagine that air fried food. In that case a lot less oil cooking should be a good thing. Actually: I would cooking oil affect its nutrition factor? Also, dirty keto + fasting: would that have more health benefits considering the reduction of meals? I am thinking though that eating OMAD would make it much easier to eat keto since one has to prepare food only once.

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