Keto Diet Epilepsy (Brain And Sugar)

Keto Diet Epilepsy (Brain And Sugar) The ketogenic diet, or keto diet, was originally used to treat epilepsy in children. Ketones appear to have some stabilizing influence on the brain whereas sugar appears to do the opposite.

Ketones are a byproduct of fat burning, which results to a higher degree in the absence of carbohydrates. The lower the carbohydrate intake, the better the body adapts to utilize fat. Ketones are a natural byproduct of that adaptation.

Many people have found the keto diet to improve brain fog, lower and stabilize blood sugar, and improve focus and energy. Sugar has been reported to do the opposite.

When the body is subjected to a very low carb diet for a period of days or weeks it gets progressively better at using ketones for brain fuel. Ketones are not only an alternate fuel but appears in many ways to be a superior fuel for the brain.



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  1. I just found this older video you posted. Thank you! We have an epileptic son who is 39 years old who lives with us. He has struggled with epilepsy since he was 16 years old. Meds, VNS implant, more drugs… Nothing has helped. He FINALLY has started to listen to us about all the benefits of the Ketosis Lifestyle and fasting. He just finished a 5 day fast and, while he just started, we see a marked improvement in his personality an he seems to think clearer. It would be great if you could do a new video on the subject matter. Are there any other videos you would recommend by you or others? Your teachings have been a Godsend!

  2. Dr. Ekberg, thanks so much for the video. My dad is 100 yrs old. He got dementia 3-4 yrs ago. Recently he had one seizure. Will keto diet and intermittent fasting work for him? Will it be risky for him as some people said because of his old age?

  3. When you try to find the right medicine to cure epilepsy, it can feel like a shot in the dark. Doctors prescribe loads of medications which eventually have more terrible side effects and these medications are addictive and weaning it off increases seizure frequency. This is the reason I recommend natural treatment. My Aunt's experience proved dealing with seizure is not a hopeless situation; it can be treated and cured completely through herbal medicine, the right lifestyle. The benefits of natural medicine are numerous and it has no side effects. My Aunt used HILTON ANTI-SEIZURE HERBAL MEDICINE with the right diet and got her permanently cured. Look it up to find the name and make an inquiry.

  4. You have given me hope. 2 months ago I had status epilepticus and nearly died. Solution another drug. I’m on 3 now and can hardly get out of bed. I’m determined to overcome this and actually live again. Being awake every day and feeling healthy. Thank you so much.

  5. Epilepsi är en födelse upplevelse, jag får Epilepsi anfall när jag inte har näring i kroppen, jag blir mycket dålig innan en attack och jag vill svimma och dregla därefter kommer ryckningar där jag krampar och slår med huvudet. Efter det börjar jag uppleva att jag håller på att dö, syrebristen och en känsla av total undergång, min har slutat att fungera och jag upplever en liten livlös kropp. Alltid känner jag förlust av mitt liv. Det finns inget värre än att förlora livet. Min lilla livlösa kropp är svår att väcka till liv. Jag föddes 2 månader för tidigt.

  6. Very very interesting. I have cca 20 years partial epilepsy from birth trauma. On 3 drugs still. Several years i dont have anymore often hard seizures(grand mals) since I boost parasympathetic system. Now, once annual max. Enhancing vagus nerve with emotional meditations, breathings and excercises from east. Now, just black outs so called, in seconds. AND NOW, when I watched this nice video, i am thinking seriously about KETOSIS. 🙂 I wonder, how much are relative KETONS to PARAsympathetic nerv system. Especially in combination with Wim Hof method 😀

  7. Thank you doctor Sten…my son 22years of age always has epileptic seizures and they happen only when he is asleep.Took him to a local clinic where he was put on a drug which he was supposed to take every day.He took it for a few months and he stopped.I don't know if he is epileptic…can this you have taught us help him as well.Please help Dr.this is stressing me

  8. Please do a video on relation of 5g radiation with seizures. My brother who's 16, suddenly started having seizures Eversince we got 5g rolled out in our area. Could it possibly be linked?

  9. I have a TBI from when I was 14 years old. I took multiple blows to the left side of my head causing seizures, extream memory loss, color blindness and many other things. When I was 17 my seizures stopped-unknown reason. 7 years later now they came back. The neurologist is calling it a hallucinogenic epilepsy I go through seizure episodes along with memory loss episodes where I'll go back to being at a younger age and thinking I'm supposed to do whatever I'm supposed to do that day. Completely unaware of my husband and my children not knowing where I am or anything like that. 4 months ago I started the ketogenic diet thanks to my own research and I do notice if I ever consumed any sugar or other carbohydrates (like in the first month) my seizures would intensify. Now I'm actually becoming really afraid of food because if I have like one extra veggie I start to feel my symptoms coming back starting with the numbness in my face. This has been really interesting over the last few months to see what's been going on with my body I'm terrified if I do another vegetable or something I'm going to start having seizures again I'm completely okay avoiding all the sugar and gluten other carbs but I am definitely lacking in vitamins and I'm having a horrible time figuring out what I should be taking. I learn everyday from what I am eating on how it affects my body and it scares me so bad I do not want to start to have the seizures again anxiety stress and fear has been the motivation but definitely the wrong type of motivation to eliminate the anxiety and stress was my goal but creating this new Fear Factor for food is definitely knowingly not okay.

  10. can you talk about vital wheat gluten flour which apparently has 0 carbs – also oat fiber (not oat bran) and rice fiber both suppose to have 0 carbs are these OK on keto diet – I have come across videos making bread using these things and of coarse the comment section buzzed with controversy and confusion, some saying it's ok some saying it's not keto – the bread used yeast activated with a teaspoon of honey (gives the yeast something to eat and is converted so no sugar remains) which acts with the gluten and make a very impressive loaf of bread not so different to regular bread – it came to about 3 net carbs per slice

  11. Dr. Ekberg: I just had a NutrEval test Genova Labs. It's very expensive but Medicare pays the full cost so I believe it's quite legitimate. Do you know anything about it and what do you think? Sometimes I wonder where these lab test get their normal ranges.

  12. Great information!
    My brain seems to have no problems on the carnivore diet. As an anecdotal comparison I can say that my brain performance is better on carnviore than on keto.
    I've been doing 1 year of keto, now 5 months carnivore.

  13. May I ask a question about the keto diet that is off topic? Can I put ketoaid (with ACV, K, Na) in a stainless container and sip on it all day. Some say the metal will leach into the solution and we will end up with metal in our body. True or false? ….. enjoyed your video on epilepsy.

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