Keto Diet for Beginners – $10 a Day Budget – 3 Delicious MEALS

Think Clean Keto on a budget is impossible? Think again. Here are 3 Keto diet for beginners Meals to fill you up the whole day and cost you a Total of Under $10 for the Whole Day. It’s the Perfect Keto Diet Meal Plan for Beginners and people who have been on a ketogenic diet for years. If you want to lose fat, lose weight, increase energy, enhance brain health, lower your blood sugar levels, reverse insulin resistance, or improve your overall health, keto may be the diet you are looking for.

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  1. I started on a plant based low carb way of eating about 34 days ago. In this time I have been able to adapt my body to fasting and I have lost 19 pounds. It works, find a reason to do it and stick to it.

  2. I don't think i could ever promote walmart meat where i am the best meat to get is from verde farm. The problem i have with walmart meat is it's a corporate farm and a lot pf people have been getting salmonella poisoning so i would suggest people to research your closest farm cause you should know how your food is raised and what it eats please just don't promote bad meat that's not cool man

  3. I suspect I am pre-diabetic for the last 2 yrs. About 3 weeks ago I felt so bad physically (after eating too much of watermelon and ice cream) that I decided I need to change my diet. I had run into your videos by the accident, but watched many of them since then, before starting my own. I am on Keto now for 2 weeks. I started from total fasting for 2 days (broke it incorrectly though, not so gradual – did not see yet your video devoted to this topic), with following OMAD (early dinner) all but one day (had 2). First 5 nights I did not sleep well, even reducing coffee intake to 0, and had morning headaches and fatique, but after that it improved itself. On the 6th day (Saturday, shopping) I got so hungry that I reduced 24 hrs to 20 to buy 2 fast food meals – a chicken salad and letter-wrapped hamburger (I managed to stay away from carbohydrates) and later had a Keto dinner at home. During 2 weeks on Keto with few walks and one run, I lost 5.2 lb which was very impressive, although loosing weight was not my primary goal (I am over 50, 5.5 tall, 167 lb, "some" belly fat). I feel already more energetic physically and I feel like my vision is also improved (not sure in accuracy though – need more time). However, I still get craving towards the end of 24 hrs fasting, especially on weekends. OMAD on weekends seems harsh for me as a green beginner since being at home/gardening or shopping have different conditions that cause (more) cravings. I am not sure if I should do 2MAD instead of ODAM, as a beginner. Also, what I could not figure out was how and what food provides high fat percentage in a single meal. Your video showed it fantastically clear pacifying my worries and giving needed information – thank you! Could you give an example of one meal a day and two meals a day, with F/P/C info similar to what you showed for a 3 day-meal? How to pack all the needed calories into one meal? Thank you for all your videos!

  4. I've started a keto 18/6 (6/18?) about a fortnight ago – am much less hungry and enjoy all your videos – thanks for being so clear and inspirational. I'm in Australia and what we call sausage is a truly awful product with every sort of additive imaginable and horrible to taste. What do you mean by sausage please? I suppose I'll have to make my own so if you could list the ingredients I'd appreciate it.

  5. Guess the critics are right: This is expensive. I need to stay below 5 bucks and this is almost twice my daily budget. And with inflation I'm sure nowadays it all will cost more than the $9.41 stated in the video.

  6. It seems we as society last 60 years gradually being put on sugar/carbohydrate diet, which perpetuates the hunger and a circle of being addicted to sugar and as a result being sick. Food production and pharma will not be happy with information you provide, they worked hard to put us on carbs to be sick to consume all the drugs they make. You are very dangerous man indeed, thank you for that! πŸ˜‚

  7. Thanx a lot, Dr. Ekberg ! It's quite enthusiastic & inspiring, when you asked us to follow as much as we can do of our affordabilty & availabilty. And I'm doing like that.
    By the way, I watch your videos almost regularly, which are very interesting & lucid. I'm 67+ from Bangladesh. Wish you all the best.
    N.B.: Last but not least that, I share your videos with dozens of people; sometimes, may be about a hundred.

  8. I think I must have expensive taste, lol. I buy mostly organic whole foods, and only fish, vegetables, pecans, fresh berries and cheese. I spend a fortune. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  9. What’s the best way to get enough protein if a vegetarian? I do eat a little fish sometimes but probably only once a week. Suggestions. Also, eating this way to find optimal health and not weight loss. How do I not keep losing weight. Normally 120# but since stating this over a month ago, down to 113-115.

  10. Thanks Doc.
    Can I suggest doing your percentages of each element as percentage of the whole meals calories. Then we can see the ratio of the macros building into keyo ratio.

  11. Dear Mr. Dr. S. Ekberg, thx a lots for the Tutorials you Share with us. I have a quetion about Water – Kefir and Keto, coz the Water-Kefir need Suger for Processing Water-Kefir.

  12. I'm new on Keto ..but I'm also T2Diabetes and would like to benefit from the good stuff oats provide ( the betaglucan, fibre). So is it ok to implement that food as long as my total carb intake stays below 40g?

  13. Hi Dr. Ekberg, Love your channel. Thank you for bringing good health to the world. Are fish/shrimp and pork on your menu and why (or why not)? I know that fish/shrimps, more and more, are mostly raised with chemicals and under unsanitary conditions. Pig just eats everything. Which makes me reluctant to consume them. Please let us all know your thoughts.

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