Keto Diet: Lazy Keto vs Strict Keto – Which Is Better?

Keto Diet: Lazy Keto vs Strict Keto. Dr Ekberg explains the difference between lazy keto and strict keto diets. You will learn how to be on the keto diet the lazy way and the strict way and explain who should do which keto diet. There are a lot of ways to eat keto, so you will learn what keto is about and the differences. We will making more videos explaining the different types of keto diets and reviewing other types of diets too.



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  1. I’ve been doing keto since lockdown. Last “cheat” I ate was matzah on Passover. I don’t measure anything including getting on the scale. My measure is how my body feels and my clothes getting too big. I figure I’m usually less than 20 grams of carbs, no sugar, and no processed foods. I eat better quality food, intermittent fast, small amounts of protein. I usually eat 1 meal a day. The hardest thing was getting use to eating more carbs. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet I feel I am getting healthy and because of that I am losing weight. My next “cheat” day will be matzah on Passover.

  2. I never even bothered to ask at the pharmacy if they have all that. I see it as quite a lot of money to buy stuff I doubt I will ever use. Maybe for some people it looks like it isn't expensive but from all I hear it sounds like the cost is close to a weeks worth of food. I can't see myself pricking a finger every day or using the pee strips. I do keto with IF but without measuring or checking macros. I want to lose weight slowly and so far it is working fine. Many thanks to your many videos. They help a lot.

  3. Thank you for your video, I found it very informative as I do all your videos, you have a gift for speaking clearly and at exactly the right speed. I understand it’s not easy to make a high-quality video but you succeed. The only small complaint I have and I hope you take it as constructive criticism. Your whiteboard is lacking. It doesn’t meet the standard you have set for the rest of your video. And example would be in this last video where you wrote IR Stand for( insulin resistance) for us novelist that is not immediately evident by this abbreviation. Thank you so much for your high-quality and excellent video. Blessings

  4. I have lost 34 pounds in 4 months following your Keto suggestions. I feel much better. I did macrobiotics in my late 20s for 4 years. It worked for me to lower my weight because Japanese macrobiotics restricts dairy, fruit, sugar and flour products but now that I am 59, I need a more practical approach which includes some good quality dairy. Thanks Dr. Sten

  5. Doctor, my wife is a Type 1 diabetes and have hypo thyroid. She started low carb foods (no cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli) from first April 2019 to till date. She drinks turmeric tea and fenugreek water and the resultant sprout is also used in food as raw. Her blood sugar level is down from 323 to 145 (Random). she is also doing exercise twice a day(combining your 3 Bird posture in to it). Her TSH have come down to 2.55 from 5.15. Thanks doctor for your tutorials. Can pancreas be made to produce insulin so that she can completely stop insulin injection? Her doctor have not reduce the dosage of insulin ( But he has reduced one tablet) and have not reduced the dosage of Thyroxin (used to take 75 gms a day). May she reduce without consulting him? THANKS FOR THE VIDEOS

  6. Almost 2yrs in and urine strips working perfectly, and pretty much go along with what my blood ketones do. When blood ketones are higher my urine strips are darker, and when blood ketones are lower urine strips are lighter. That may not be true for everyone, but the idea that the urine strips don't work after a while certainly isn't true for everyone either.

  7. Hello Dr
    I’m in keto for tow months and i did Homa IR test and the result is 0.85 so can i say i’m fix my insulin resistance or thats early !? If it’s early how can I know when I’m ok?

  8. Hi Dr. Ekberg just want say thank you for the video, I'm 61 and l have been on keto for over a year now, l have reached my goal so now I'm on lazy keto. Thank you love from Malta.

  9. I alternate between strict and lazy. Like many people I have “portion distortion” in determining serving sizes. Using a food diary app helps when I need to figure how much of some food I should eat and its nutrients.

  10. Hey Doc, I never went strict keto. I just use the pee strips $7 for 50 and a scale. It works for me. When my weight, probably mostly water, starts to increase 5 lbs, I do a 36 hour fast and loose the 5 lbs. Pee ketone strip turns dark purple after 24 hrs of water fasting for me. That is my system that keeps me at a good weight.

  11. I’ve done Keto for about 9 years. At first more strict. I started after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism which made me gain quite a few extra pounds. With keto I lost the pounds in just a few months without suffering or starving. Now I do the lazy keto. With that, for the first time since I became aware of weight and weight issues, I feel free. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I know what to eat so that is not a problem anymore. I don’t register my food intakes in programs or check my weight since that causes a lot of stress.
    I love the way I feel when I eat keto, the way the stomach is flat and without bloating and flatulence.
    My skin feels and looks better and I no longer have cracked heels which I suffered from most of my life before keto. I always watch the different videos about keto because there is always more to learn.
    Thank you for another great video❤️

  12. Good explanation dr. Ekberg.
    In my experience on the carnivore diet, I did 6 months strict carnivore then I started to introduce tiny amounts of one particular vegetable to test out how my body responds. This to me was a great way to find out if I am allergic to certain vegetables.
    For example I found out I get bloated and gassy if I eat broccoli, but if I eat cauliflower (cauliflower rice or mashed cauliflower) I don't have any of those problems.
    These are the type of experiments you should do, to better understand your body.

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