Keto Diet vs Low Carb Diet – Which Is Better For You?

Keto Diet VS Low Carb Diet (Which Is Better For You?) A lot of people ask if they should be eating keto, low carb or if it matter if they eat a high carb diet. The keto diet and low carb diet are similar in that keto is a low carb diet.

Keto vs low carb is something you should think. If you are when dealing with a sickness or weight loss or even weight gain it depends on what your health goal is. This video will help you.

If you have diabetes or insulin resistance then you may want to look at the ketogenic diet. When you are looking to maintain you can increase your carbs. Maybe even consider a low carb diet vs keto diet. When someone is healthier they can eat more of a low carb diet. Someone who doesn’t have as many issues maybe able increase their carbs.

If you combine intermittent fasting and exercise with either of these low carb diets you will see even better results. Low carb vs keto is a great way to improve your health naturally.

Ketogenic diet vs low carb is a topic people are talking about lately because it works. They both offer amazing health and wellness benefits. The low carb diet is very beneficial for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. A low carb diet has a different amount of carbohydrates a day than the keto diet or the standard American diet. A lot of people find that a low carb diet vs a keto diet easier to stick with because they can eat more healthy carbohydrates. A low carb diet can help with a lot of health issues, but it may take longer than the keto diet.

A low carb diet is great for weight loss or weight gain. The ketogenic diet will offer you the fastest weight loss and with exercise and intermittent fasting. If you have diabetes you should definitely look into the keto diet. People are getting healthy both on a low carb diet and the ketogenic diet. In this video you will learn which diet you should consider: the keto vs low carb diet.



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  1. Lower carb helped me lose weight at 62 (33 in 3 months) when I thought it would never work. Some exercise too and a cheat day at least once a month, but never gained. I wish I did this before.

  2. Skipped 40 minutes a day for three months during summer lost no weight. Done keto & fasting for 4 days lost more weight than 3 months of skipping, had no idea my insulin was high. I'm super flexible with this stuff now and reaping the benefits. I don't do full keto just low carbs.
    Great video.

  3. I started low carb and sugar diet a month ago and I have never felt better. I believe due to lessening inflammation, My chronic joint and 5 years of back pain is very manageable now. I am struggling with constipation though. My question is I love how I feel but I don't want to loose any weight or muscle mass, how do I do that?

  4. I have watched this video twice now and I still have no clear cut idea of which of the 2 diets are right for me and my circumstances. I noted that the keto diet had the upper level of 10 % carbs and the low carb diet had the lower level of 10 % carbs, so I think that I will just start at the 10% level and see how things work out.

  5. I did stricter Keto to get down to my weight goal, then afterwards I have adopted a more flexible Low-carb lifestyle eating habits. Now I include things like healthy legumes and berries back into my diet. Doing great!

  6. Hi, I eat a lot of mayo. I did eat "lighter than light" then I switched to full fat to do keto for 4 months, am now switching to low carb. Do I carry on with the full fat mayo? 🤔 Thanks all

  7. I am very active do a lot of power walking along with some weight training. I am ok with trending thinner, I'm not looking for quick, dramatic weight loss. I adopted a pragmatic-practical approach with a hybrid keto diet. No raw or refined sugar, no bread, pasta, drastically reduced starchy veg intake, lots of animal fat, dairy fat, limited fruit intake (no juices) lots of veg, some beans. I don't consult the do-don't list for vegetables (other than limiting starchy ones) as I don't want to have to measure and weigh my turnip or bean consumption to stay strictly keto. I find that looser restrictions in these areas makes it easier to stay on a healthy, but not onerous diet. Cheers Doc, I love these vids!

  8. I just remembered to
    incld the sugar in my
    toothpaste within my
    daily carb count. I kid
    you not Doctor. Sugar
    is slipped into pretty
    much everything that
    I put in my mouth and
    much of it is not labeled
    or has other names
    that most people don't
    even know is a sugar
    or carb

  9. Is there anything which can normalize homa-ir rate for those whos homa-ir index is low?
    I try to educate myself about Insulin sensitivity but it seems nobody is interested in this topic.

  10. Hi I have only just found this channel and I have subscribed but are there up to date videos as all I am getting are 1 to 2 years old. Don’t get me wrong I have found them more informative the any health care professionals here in theUK I just want too know if Dr Sten is still broadcasting. I have learnt so much from this channel thank you so much Dr Sten 💕

  11. I couldn’t manage full Keto, the fats part, but I understood the logic of the plan and cut out the processed carbs, which means sugar, and ate healthy veggies and fats. Tried to stay under 50g carbs. After 3 months my A1C was down frm 9 to 7 and I was very pleased. Zero weight loss though. Fell of the wagon early 2019 and can’t seem to get back on.

  12. Dr. Sten i hope you answer my question, based on the calculation for IR continuum i scored really high 88 FG x 44.3 IR / 405 = 9.62 which is really high, my diet consultant gave me a schedule based on low carb diet but i don't trust her choice for my case, I think healthy Keto is best suited for me and i am really worried about this, what should I do?

  13. hi dR sTEN, I lost about 10kg doing keto last year but I find it too extreme and I like vegetables and want to eat more of them. So I put back on the weight, but NOT from vegetables! When I gave up, i gave up! And sure enough, the weight reappeared. I'm either all in or all out with a diet. Now I want to try again, low carb, 60-80 grams of carbs max per day so far it's easy, only been on it a week, it seems so easy after keto. Would I have to have a blood test to know if I've ruined my metabolism? If I lose weight doing low carb can I assume everything is still ok? I"m 51. i was never that over weight. BMI of about 27 at my biggest but I want to get back to 23 o4 24

  14. Very good information, losing weight is more complicated than just eating fat for a few month.

    keto diet is only one part of the puzzle.

    The problem is insulin resistance!!! If you want to lose weight, fix your insulin resistance!!!

    You are insulin resistance if you are overweight!!!

  15. I'm feeling great doing the low carb diet and it is helping me to control my diabetes, also high blood pressure and a lot of other problems I had like neuropathy, my vision is not like when I was young, but it is better and I'm better now at 54 years old.

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