Keto Diet vs Vegan Diet – Which Is Better?

Keto Diet vs Vegan Diet (Is One Better For You Than The Other?) People eat a keto diet or a vegan diet for weight loss, reversing insulin resistance, cancer, liver issues like fatty liver, and cardiovascular issues but the keto vs vegan debate is one with a lot of strong opinions. Both keto and vegan provide great health benefits, but should you stick to one, do them separate or can you do a vegan keto diet? If you do them separate which is better for what health condition?

In this video you will learn if you would benefit from eating a keto diet or a vegan diet depending on your main health issue. Sometimes it is best to eat a vegan diet or even a vegetarian diet for the best health benefits and sometimes you would do better on a ketogenic diet.

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  1. Fabulous integration of thought! Amazingly credible! Keto works for me, for now, while I focus on insulin resistance and benefit from moving into my ideal weight.

  2. Whoa…right on time for me, Dr. Ekberg. After endless videos on both keto and vegetarian lifestyles, I thought last night what if both are correct but at different times??? I was torn between what stage my body is in, and what do I need? I really appreciate you breaking this down in a sensible, understandable way while being compassionate. For my brain, a more observational and personal approach while understanding the mechanisms of what each type of food plan assists with helping our body heal. This will assist me in my journey, along with a functional medicine Dr. that will do a stool test, and we'll then have makers to work from. Keep on educating us!

  3. Sorry but vegan is about love and not hurting animals and better for the planet and the environment. Whole food plant based is the best diet and if someone wants to be keto , they can do plant based keto. Eating animals, killing animals is “passé “ step up . Humans need to stop their selfish attitude of “me, me, me” , and make choices that is best for ALL.

  4. Conquering this problem is just great, if in addition, you need to get as tough as cement and stay that way for hours, just try Mario Volpstein's homepagw, you could have her eyes-rolling with delight, starting on the first day.

  5. When you said you'd like to have some smart guy or team of guys figure it out, I think you meant smart person or people rather than specifically guys. There are many scientists who are female. I know that guy is sometimes used for male and female but generally a guy is a male. I'm sure you didn't mean it the way it came out but it's probably best to pay at least some attention to usage. Otherwise, great video. You explain the issue with understanding and compassion for both sides in a way that creates a middle ground where there might not otherwise have been any.

  6. yeah, i cant digest meat, i go keto and have miserable constipations, cramps, back pain, itchi for a month…. so i quit keto, eat vegetable, fruit, sweet potatoes, small amount of eggs and chicken… with intermittent fasting… my digestion now function well, and feel happy, bonus weight lost

  7. i went veggie 35yrs ago (vegan 3-5yrs ago) and i will never go back. i am so much healthier and happier.

    3 years ago, i had 2 friends that wanted to loose weight.
    1 went keto, 1 went vegan

    The vegan guy lost weight, felt good, and kept his diet over the last 3 years. now he is happy and healthy.
    The guy who went keto, went on and off the diet, gaining and loosing weight(over a year), then had a liver issue.
    now he cant digest fats without expensive medication. its an issue he has to live with and complains about daily.

  8. What a fantastic video! My head has been spinning lately with regards to the ideal diet for humans. This video is such a great summary and stops my head spinning. No labels, just good whole food and stamp out the junk. Done 😊

  9. Most/some vegans are vegans not only for health benefits but a belief that all living creatures deserve to live and also against animal cruelty. So in some way it doesn't matter whether eating meat is good for you or not but rather the fact that it was once a live animal with feelings and a wish to live… I can't ever imagine eating an animal….it hurts my spirit just thinking about it.

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