Keto Flu: What Is The Keto Flu And How To Avoid It

Keto Flu: What Is The Keto Diet Flu And How To Avoid It. Many people get the keto-flu and give up. They get flu-like symptoms while the body is transitioning from burning carbs over to ketosis (using fat as fuel) when they are so close to being in ketosis.

You don’t have to feel bad when transitioning into ketosis though. At the beginning of the ketogenic diet is when the symptoms will start if you don’t do these steps. There is a lot of confusion about the keto flu and it is completely avoidable – you don’t need to feel bad when you are starting the keto diet. Find out how to never suffer from keto flu.



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  1. I was so cold and shivering the first 3days. That was it. Then on day 4 I felt awesome! I'm all or nothing, all at once. I love to suffer some! 😂 But I am used to ordinary 6days fasting since 10years back. And did intermittent fasting 1year before I started mt Keto journey. So I guess that helped me go through it easier.
    Just realised the other day that I need to add more fat to my food!

  2. I switched to keto quickly after a diet of pasta, vegetables, oatmeal (steel-rolled), and meats. For the first few days I had a little bit of carbs (I was debating whether to throw my old foods away like bagels) and then only keto-approved foods. I wanted intermittent fasting too. I didn't get any keto flu in my experience and I started with 2MAD (now I do both 0MAD and 2MAD). I guess I was in the advanced beginner phase since I already cut down on sugar and I ate vegetables. Although I didn't get the flu, I felt better as time went on and after two weeks of keto, I felt my body adjusted completely.

  3. I guess I just got the keto flu… terrible headaches and fatigue, but no body pains or cravings. I think I need more fat and electrolytes as the video suggests.

  4. If I’d only found this months ago. I went all-in with nearly no carbs to kick start the process. My keto flu started on day 3 with a cramping and quivering to my left calf. I kept it from going onto a full on sustained cramp that would’ve sent me to the hospital…I was driving. Now I think I can go back. Perhaps, as structure is concerned, it would be wise to start Atkins at stage 4 and work my way backwards. I’d welcome any opinions on the idea.

  5. That was great information about keto fluid. I ha had that early 2021 during OMAD fasting for the first time. What happened was that i was feeling dizzy especially in the afternoon. I remember during the time i was driving my car and stopped at traffic lights i couldn't feel that the cars were next to me were morning, then i asked my partner if he is feeling the same thing, then he answered me that No you are running out of sugar because of fasting he said. Infant it was dangerous.
    At certain points i was terribly feeling dizzy and remember sitting down immediately. I couldn't understand why ? I am now thankful to your message which helps me understand everything. Thanks very much again. Rosemary from Belgium.

  6. The only 'flu' symptom I'm getting is calf cramps! I've always eaten a lot of vegetables- I have a wonderful garden, now I'm taking a fizzy sugar free electrolyte replacement that comes as tablets, but I'm ready to go eat some of the livestock salt lick at this point! these painful cramps upon waking mostly, but twitching at random are terrible!!!!! I'm walking on an inclined treadmill 30 min/day then stretching etc doesn't help so far. Please advise!

  7. Today is my 5th day of OMAD and I woke up dizzy 🥴 but I’m not hungry at all and up until yesterday I’ve noticed a mental clarity that I had not experienced in a decade 👍I made the mistake of cutting carbs completely so now I’m gonna reintroduced some carbs and see what happens. Oh, and I’ve lost 4.5 pounds so far and as far as exercising, I’m walking for 1 hour but I want to get back to lifting in the gym. Thanks Doc! 🙏

  8. I wish I had found this video when I started low carb diet. I have had weeks of dizziyness, irritability, and brain fog. Even my friends have noticed I don't have a clear brain! Just purchased Endure to help with my electrolytes. Hopefully will help

  9. I went through it after doing my very first 24 hour fast last night, (worked to this gradually, been on low carb for 10 years with plenty of high quality mineral supplements, worked to keto/no carb over 10 days doing 2 meals 6/18 and increased healthy fat) went to 24-25 hours fast with very little hunger, went to weekly acupuncture, and broke the fast with your chocolate smoothie,(added MCT oil and cinnamon, couldn't find coconut cream) went to bed, and woke up at 4am with horrendous nausea and a massive coughing fit (I have emphysema) . Drank plain ginger tea, stopped the nausea right away, but couldn't sleep anymore. Been drinking San Pellegrino water, it has 10mg sodium in it. Feel really tired today.

  10. Dr. Ekberg
    Is presence of ketones in blood stream harmful for kidneys. Although I'm a follower but keep getting cautioned by many to stop the same. I've been able to come out of insulin resistance and am not taking any medication now.
    Your video's have been life changing.

  11. Wow doc! Did i hear it right at 09:59
    Hello from Singapore!🇸🇬
    I love your vids man👏👏. So many are benefiting from it👍🏼. Awesome! Thank you so much!

  12. Doctor, my wife is a Type 1 diabetes and have hypo thyroid. She started low carb foods (no cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli) from first April 2019 to till date. She drinks turmeric tea and fenugreek water and the resultant sprout is also used in food as raw. Her blood sugar level is down from 323 to 145 (Random). she is also doing exercise twice a day(combining your 3 Bird posture in to it). Her TSH have come down to 2.55 from 5.15. Thanks doctor for your tutorials. Can pancreas be made to produce insulin so that she can completely stop insulin injection? Her doctor have not reduce the dosage of insulin ( But he has reduced one tablet) and have not reduced the dosage of Thyroxin (used to take 75 gms a day). May she reduce without consulting him? THANKS FOR THE VIDEOS

  13. Needed the laughter at 4:354:40 “anytime you change chomthing” not “something”..oh my nice chuckle needed after a long day..appreciate you doc! I’m sure I’m the only one that caught this haha..shows how attentively I listen to you huh😉🙃🙏🏽

  14. I've been keto for 3 months and doing it for my fatty liver. Very strict to less than 25g net carb and IF 16/8. Glucose at 4.7mmol and ketone at 0.9mmol. I'm very active and got flu every time I finish my intense tennis 2h session. deep fatigue headache and even fever sometimes. I've tried some re-carbs with berries during my exercise or coffee/mct but it does not work. It's less bad when I play fasted. Any recommendations? Thanks

  15. Hi I have a long standing insulin resistance over 40 years and on metformin & insulin since long. Now I am 15 days on keto diet. I left my insulin & metformin. Through out I had a roller coaster feeling. Sometimes a night mare. But I struggled to push on. I had a week long severe muscle cramps which are now settled. But now the main problem is palpitations, a bit high BP and mainly mentation problems & imbalance & vertigo. It seems that I am at the tipping point.
    . Now:
    1. Should I continue?
    2. Should I add metformin or small doses of insulin? My blood sugar levels
    remain around 300 units through out.
    3. Any harm in continuing with metformin or insulin along with keto diet?
    I need urgent help and advice please

  16. I've noticed … seems like EVERY time my body shifts into ketosis [and keto stix at 4.0] I get a headache. AND… a couple grains of pink Himalyan salt on my tongue and a big glass of water ZAPS that headache immediately.

  17. Thank you so much Dr Ekberg for all you do! You really connect the dots so well in your presentations!! Must keep driving in the message of how powerful processed food is junk food and how significant it effects the body with insulin toxicity. Please keep that good work up and I think if you use that as the common denominator in all your videos, it will continue to be a game changer. Most of the world cannot relate to how in the world flour and processed foods are junk foods. Maybe do a video that is focused on the power of processed food? I heard that processed food disease be may renamed Diabetes type 3! Thoughts?

  18. Dr. Ekberg, just found your channel. Great simple and factual information on Keto. I started keto on 9/1/18 and have lost 25 lbs. I am 72. Started losing my hair for about one month and have lost half of my hair and it’s still coming out in bunches daily. I feel terrific like never in my life and don’t want to stop keto for health and wellness benefits I have experienced. But I am about to flip out because of the hair loss. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. By the way my husband is Scandinavian, from Sarpsborg Norway. He will definitely want to watch.

  19. Addiction is so brainwashing. We think we are hungry, when in fact insulin holds the Ghrelin hormone hostage, creating a vicious cycle that never ends until strong education is provided of these effects. Healthy fat is the ONLY antidote!!! Veggies and salad of course, but healthy fat unlocks the key to the solution!!! I tell people all the time to try this for just 2 days. We can change the world!!!

  20. I love your use of the white board with clear printing to explain your topics. Just like Dr. Berg's videos, it makes the presentation so much easier to understand. I got the Keto Flu the first couple weeks, but I jumped into the deep end of the pool for the first time and did a 3 day water fast to switch quickly. I felt horrible with every symptom and severe leg and foot cramping and headaches. At that time I knew nothing about replacing electrolytes. I repeated the fast a couple weeks later and did a 4 day water fast feeling less symptoms. Then I learned about electrolyte replacement. I use potassium chloride powder (NOW INC. makes a good one) pink sea salt, magnesium citrate or malate and occasional baking soda in filtered water with lemon juice and cayenne pepper powder. I also use sparkle water for the fizziness and change. The symptoms have completely disappeared. I'm currently on day 4 of a 5 day water fast with no hunger. I know I am now fully body fat adapted. When I do eat, I usually do 18 hours of fasting and 6 hours of eating every day with one or two decent size keto meals in that 6 hour window until I am satisfied. I use the cheap keto pee strips and it shows next to the darkest purple after a day and a half of fasting. I never bought an expensive keto blood meter because I know when I am burning fat with the pee strips and the fact I have energy and no cravings tells me that my cells likes my body fat as a meal. I believe I am only 5 pounds from my ideal body weight.

  21. Wondering 1 thing, can your keto's get too high when you go too fast and "starve" yourself? Had the keto flue, worked on my gut bacteria and already feel much better but keto in blood stays around the 6 – 7 mmol/L. Even 7.9 just an hour ago. I'm at 4 weeks now and it totaly sounds like me….. giving 500% because I believe I can pull it off.

  22. I've been watching your videos as well as Dr Berg and have been eating into the ketogenic lifestyle for about 3 to 4 weeks now. I currently do 1 to 2 meals a day either 23:1 or 20:4 and have lost 20 pounds. I feel great and have more energy. Not hungry as frequent either. Its such a great feeling and thank you for the inspiration and information. See you on the next one Sten!

  23. 8 months on Keto. Cheated only 3 times. No big deal first 2 but got Keto flu 3rd time and I’m thankful because that flu programmed me to not crave sugar and grain anymore. That flu was bad and I don’t want to go through that again!

  24. I had the Keto flu a couple times. But it only felt like I am getting a flu. But I am not getting the Keto flu anymore even if I cheat for example during holidays. That is pretty neat. 😊

  25. I have gone in and out of ketosis for the past 15 years and have never had keto flu. To be honest, the worst feeling on keto is when you cheat and have a bolus of carbs, 5 minutes later your body starts to tingle and you get tired.

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