Keto Food Pyramid (Healthy Keto Foods)

Keto Food Pyramid a Healthy Keto Diet. Learn what foods are perfect for a healthy keto diet and what to eat on a keto diet. A ketogenic diet is more than just eating foods full of meats and high in fats. Keto should be eaten to help your health and wellness not just to lose weight, although most people lose weight quickly on a ketogenic diet. For stubborn weight or illness it can take awhile to see results, but we want you to do it in a healthy manner. Once you get healthy the weight and illness will improve. Dr. Ekberg explains the best keto foods for beginners and people who want to make sure they are doing keto in a healthy manner.



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  1. I believe this is more Atkins food pyramid than Keto.
    The ketogenic diet is super high in fat (about 80 percent of your daily calories), super low in carbohydrates (less than 5 percent of your calories).
    The breakdown is approximately 80 percent fat, 20 percent protein and 5 percent carbohydrates.
    And stay away from peanuts. They're Legumes!!!

  2. Grass fed is almost impossible and not affordable. Unless your the Royal family its just not viable. For example in Australia even though we have thousands of cattle farms, grass fed scotch fillet steak is approx $60 per kilo. aus Dollars

  3. You have the knowledge and expertise to create a much better Keto Pyramid… why not do so? I saw no mention of coffee in this pyramid, and I'm sure it is missing several more. You could post a picture of your ideal Keto Pyramid for us to see.

  4. Most of the foods in his preferred food pyramid are incredibly processed…the only healthy stuff is the fruits, vegetables and nuts. There is simply no quality evidence that meat, eggs and dairy are healthy and a MOUNTAIN of evidence showing these foods are healthy. If you are going to promote a diet you need to show us the science!!

  5. I have worked on a cattle station in the Northern Territory that was organic certified meaning raising organic cattle, the thing was that we would throw a chemical in the water to stop algae growing as the property was dependent on bore water

  6. I have a question about bread. We have a special bread culture in Germany. It cannot be compared to American breads. We have whole grain rye flour, spelled flour and whole wheat flour here. I bake my own bread and mainly use this wholemeal flour and bake the bread with sourdough. I have type 2 diabetes. Should I still go without bread, even if it is not white bread, as in America? Thanks very much.

  7. I don't have access to raw milk but I have access to unhomogenized milk. Anyway, in my case fermenting both homogenized and unhomogenized kinds of milk with kefir cultures works very nice for me.

  8. But where are all those healthy recipes? I’m an old raw vegan so everything with keto was soo scary for me. Not until I started looking at your videos. I started to understand it fully bc of the videos of how sugar (I haven’t had white sugar or wheat for many years, but also the honey and other sweetness) affects my insulin and health. And such a change in my life quality! ! And the healthy fats, I have always been pro healthy fats.

    My problem is finding healthy keto recipe bc most recipes are based on the first pyramid. I use to say that I eat ketogenic paleo to make it more clear to people what eat nowadays.

    I’m intollerant to lactose since I was a baby. But I prefer to skip all milk products bc I also get reaction to non lactose hard cheese. And I’m intolerant towards eggs too. I really don’t like the industrial meat and farmed salmon and absolutely not pork. (Pork is not so good for people with joint problems and headache)

    So now.. where are all those healthy recipes with the wild meat? Less farmed salmon (it’s so hard to get wild salmon here) And in my case who has been a flexi vegetarian for many years.. even a raw vegan for a while, which improved my health for a while. But not in the long run. I need less meat in the portions. I can’t eat that much meat as everyone else bc of my history without meat since I 22years back. And I don’t want to. I want to eat small quantities but of quality meat that is not industrial. And absolutely not pork. Preference local fish from the river before the industrial ocean fish. Luckily we have a lots of local here! Even grass feed cows and the owner follow them to slaughter to calm them down! 💖 The meat I eat I want to show respect for the life been taken for me to be fed. Not just to consume without consideration. My mom worked in the meat industry so that is why I from the beginning became a vegetarian and my mom did quit her job bc she didn’t wanted to lie.

    Does anyone have a tips where I can find those healthy receipts according to my description? Less farmed/industrial and more wild and more veggies than meat? So far I make everything up my self, but I want to expand my way of eating.

    My big square is full dark veggies, nuts and healthy fats ..then healthy wild/grass fed meat! No dairy or grains.

  9. If only that 2nd Keto pyramid you showed was the established food pyramid for Americans. We would all be soooo much healthier. My only disagreement is with fruits. I would have much more fruit of all kinds. Fruit is very good for you, full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And it tastes great. But maybe then it wouldn't be keto. Well I probably then am just not a true keto person. But I still like that pyramid you showed better than the one that the establishment uses.

  10. I don't believe this crap. I don't think low levels of aspartame can hurt, and I don't think it makes that much of a difference if the meat is grass fed or not, and I don't pasteurized milk is bad, and I don't think whole wheat carbs or starches are bad if you don't go overboard and if you work out. Eating healthy means avoiding sugar, processed stuff and refined carbs, or any carbs in excess. Just cause you're a doctor doesn't mean you're a scientist.

  11. There is no raw dairy in California I know of. The dairy Southern California Altadena had to start pasteurizing their milk decades ago cuz of a problem with their product at one time. Use 2A milk and Dairy

  12. am amazed how much you know but am also amazed that you still think humans should eat meat, eventhou we do not have the tooth nor the short intestines to do it ! there is so much proof we are not meat eaters yet you conitnue to say we should eat meat . do you have a video about it that we are actually plant eaters? even the so called Vestigial organs, the appendix actualy breaks down cellose that comes from plants, we have grinding teeth in the back and if you think your hook teeth are for meat , thats incorrect, every meat eating ANIMAL ON THE PLANET HAS NO GRINDING TOOTH OR MOLARS ,ONLY PLANTEATERS HAVE THE SAME MOLARS AS US.if you have a dog or a cat looks closely at the teeth , they are not grinding teeth but cutting teeth and that is FOR MEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. random tip: ive never been one for getting food delivered, it always felt lazy, expensive & why not get the exersize myself dragging the food. But then the current situation happen & i tried online ordering with paid delivery for the first time. First ive never been much for fish unless the odd random canned tuna/macrel & most of my meat was always prossesed. But the company works with a lot of big local fishermen & butchers & you can clearly see the ingredience online, so ive been trying out a bunch of smoke fish & different extremely low card meats straight from them. You can even get sausages with near zero carbs if its from the butcher themselves. Also as there is no standing in line in the candy section you dont get temped to buy any. Only con is that its more expensive. Still i think health comes first.
    Tips 2: get a air fryer. It can do all the meats, even make hardboiled eggs. i love mine.

  14. I recently looked up how much nutritional education students receive in medical school. Over 4 years, they may received about 20 hours. Schools vary a little. So when you walk around and observe all the heavy or obese people in the USA, and realize the FDA food chart is basically a joke, it’s no wonder we are so unhealthy. Now when I stroll through a grocery store, I’m appalled at what I see. I’ve only recently discover the wonderful world of KETO, (8 weeks), and my results are spectacular. I’ve gone from 210 to 190lbs, started walking 3 miles a day, cleaned out my ice box and pantry of 65 lbs of crap and donated to to food bank. (I figured donation would be better that throwing it away). One meal a day and fasts of 3 to 5 days are actually a breeze once you get fat adapted. There is absolutely no hunger, and energy levels and mental acuity skyrocket. Continuing education on You Tube with Dr Ekberg, and there are others, have put me in a completely different frame of mind and health. I wish I knew all this years ago as I’ll be 67 in a couple of months. By then, I should be at or below what I weighed when I graduated from college, 180 lbs.

  15. Hi there I watch alot of your stuff, it is very informative, thank you.. I have been doing keto genic diet combined with intermittent fasting and counting calories. Do I need to keep counting calories from a weight loss point of view?

  16. I saw an article today entitled "Time to ditch the burgers? Eating red and processed meat increases your risk of heart disease – including smaller ventricles, poorer cardiac function and stiffer arteries, study warns" UK Research. The researchers, who studied nearly 20,000 individuals, found that greater intake of red and processed meat was linked with a decline in three different measures of heart health. I understand the processed meats but seems to state just Red meat as well. I would be interested in you reviewing that research and making a video on it.

  17. Hi Dr Ekberg. I live in Australia and we can't get raw dairy here. It is all pasteurised. Does that mean we should avoid eating it? Is pasteurised full fat milk still OK to use?

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