Keto Long Term? Is The Keto Diet Dangerous?

Keto Long Term? Is The Keto Diet Dangerous? Is Ketosis Safe? Trainers, Jillian Michaels being one, are telling people that the keto diet is dangerous and not sustainable. Dr Ekberg explains the reason these trainers say the keto diet is dangerous for your health. You will learn if it is sustainable or too risky to do long term.

Recently Jillian Michaels made these claims and then several people said she was wrong about the details of the keto diet. Several news outlets are also claiming that the keto diet is dangerous, bad side effects for your health, and is not sustainable for long term health. A news channel in Chattanooga TN interviewed Personal trainer Danielle Glover who they claim is one of many in the fitness and health industry who say the keto diet can cause more harm than good.

Dr. Ekberg list out the objects they claim are harmful on the keto diet and address them, so you can make an informed decision.



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  1. If you look at it from Vedic Astrology perspective, Jupiter rules starches and sugar, Saturn rules fats and oils and Venus acids but Venus has a liking for sugar. Moon rules water.

    Jupiter starts life (is the crucible of life) so we are basically carbon (sugars are complex carbons) and then when we pass through the womb of the mother is basically the sperm of the father who has taken the sap of the food he eat (Moon) fertilizing the mother's egg which represents the earth element (Mercury). Carbon is then formed and Jupiter to sustain the foetus turn the carbon into carbohydrates and sugars and the infant craves for mother's milk which is basically good sugars. Mars ruling the hardworking physical body turn some of the sugars into proteins. Mars rule the physical constitution of a person.

    Saturn then made more complex molecules, breaking the proteins into amino acides and strining the amino acids into oils in the body.

    As oil is made at a later stage and sugars and carbohydrates (together with water) at the start of life almost, human beings tend to go for sugar and carbohydrates as a source of energy naturally thinking it is the easy route for sources of fuel. But too much of Jupiter is laziness and Jupiter being of the ether element also, sugar and carbohydrares are stored less than fats and oils.

    But fats and oils should be our base of energy as in Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the keeper of our body and helps us from being diseased. Most of the astrologers think Saturn causes diseases, but it is only when we do not understand the mechanism of how Saturn works like how to tap the best use of fsts, that we fall prey to disease.

    Meanwhile Venus which rules acidity, generally helps in digestion but especially Saturn which rul fats. Still Venus keep tip toeing to Jupiter to have a taste of sugar because Venus likes the taste of sugar even though she is not in charge of producing it. So for most human beings, they have the delusion that the taste of sugar gives them comfort. So Venus rules delusions of comfort and luxuries but a good Venus in the natal chart, gives one the essence to turn to ils because Saturn and Venus are best friends.

  2. I have been watching so many of Dr. Elberg’s videos. I have adapted the information he shares. Since April of 2021 I have lost 24 lbs slowly and steadily. My mood and energy level is so much more balanced and I sleep better and handle stress better after applying the diet and exercise methods I began learning about in his videos.
    It is now December 2021. My daily walking routine along with my low carb, whole food diet has been joyful and healing! I was vegan before and now that I eat mostly plant based with small amounts of organic and grass fed animal based foods I feel like a brand new human being!
    Looking forward to getting down to my goal weight of 200 lbs. by the end of 2022.
    Thank You Dr. Ekberg!

  3. Dear Dr Ekberg. After watching many of your videos I decided to give the Keto diet a try. 10 weeks in and I have lost 10 kilo's and feel fantastic. I have more energy, can eat until I feel full and still lose weight. My enlarged prostate has also improved greatly. A big thankyou to you for showing me the way. Much appreciated. Regards Barry.

  4. I think if a person starts a keto diet or low carb diet, don't stop. Don't look back. The advice of a little potato once you've reversed your IR is like telling a recovered cocaine addict that it's ok to sniff a line once a week…

  5. That was disappointing. I was expecting actual evidence that Keto is healthy long term. “Absolutely “ is not evidence. You pretty much refuted accepted relationships (^sat fat=^ldl and ^ldl=^heart disease, etc) with an opinion or an assertion. Maybe you’ve provided better evidence in other videos, but not in this one. Can’t adopt Keto based on this.

  6. Glad to hear some flexibility while still paying attention to insulin issues. “Keto is not a religion” yes! Great guidance and very helpful. Dr. Ekberg your sage advice has helped me succeed. Thank you!

  7. But what about if i have CONTROL over my carb diet compared to those who are insulin resistance because they dont think at all and eat based on emotions and lack of knowledge and then they are the bad numbers in the statistics? Isn't about a balance of when how and how much carb i can take to avoid bad consequences ? Average people dont count calories, carbs and what ever they eat , not to mention they even don exercise and then they are the sick society . My best resaults for loosing bodyweight always were on carb diet . Some bowl of oat meal , some fruits and salads with protein such as eggs and meat , and a lot of exercises.

  8. These videos harp on losing weight. After about 6 months of Keto, at 67, I am working hard to maintain my weight at my college level. I am never hungry and could easily go 24 hours without eating. I have stopped doing that level of fasting because I can’t lose any more weight.

  9. Dr. Ekberg, Thanks for the video! I heard that prolonged KETO does damage to the kidneys? Does it has any real base or is it a myth?

    I am from Bulgaria and we have close diet to Greece and Turkey and Serbia, which is considered to be healthy (the normal diet before the processed sugary foods emerged and conquered everything). But here ppl do eat bread with every meal (which is for sure better quality than generic american bread). Is it that bad since there are vitamins and minerals in it and also there are studies that some carbs are necessary in order to break down and absorb proteins and fats better. Is this true on your opinion?

  10. I lost weight bit it was all muscle weight. Covid 19 got rid of my belly fat in two days. Now my weight is 70 kg.
    I dont eat sugar. My blood sugar dropped but I have not much muscle.

  11. My doctor told me he thought everyone who had Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes and PCOS would benefit from a low carb diet. I have PCOS and used KETO to loose 70 pounds!!

  12. Hydrogenated oils were the worst thing to happen to the 🇺🇸.
    Don't know how much research was done on populations who consumed coconut oil other than visual assessment.

  13. Even if it were healthy to eat bacon, etc., there are so many ethical, environmental, humanitarian and public health downsides to eating meat and animal products. Do keto if you want, but consider doing it plant-based. It's time to stop arguing about which diet is healthiest and what's the best way to lose weight. We have to grow up and consider the wider implications of our personal and cultural dietary habits, not just taste, habit and convenience. But, for what it's worth: carbs are not a problem unless you're eating too much fat; there is a world of difference between an apple or a potato and a processed carb; and there is quite a body of evidence indicating keto is far from an ideal diet for humankind–not a simply some "groundless" fear of saturated fat and cholesterol. Nothing personal to Dr. Sten–love him, just a general call for more people, especially doctors, nutritionists, influencers and their followers to consider the long-term survival of our planet and our species, and to consider as well the animals who are affected by our choices.

  14. Dr Ekberg, Please help me. I am 65, overweight type 2 and on Metformin and Jardiance. I have watched a number of your videos that have opened my mind to carbs. based on what I have learned, I decided yesterday to stop my meds and instead address my diet to low carb and Keto as of yesterday. I did try Keto before and it did work but I stopped because of the difficulty finding lots of ingredients here in Greece where i live. Is it safe for me to stop these meds and go into the lo carb or should I ween myself off the meds? I've looked up opinions and generally it says that it is OK to just stop but I'm also aware of misinformation?. My plan is to measure my DL two or three times a day. I had no meds last night or this morning and my DL was 128. I'm skipping breakfast so there is and won't eat until about 2pm today, maybe just a coffee. Is this a sensible plan? Thank you so much.

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