Keto vs Fasting – Which Is Better?

The keto diet is essentially a low carb, high fat, moderate protein plan where Intermittent fasting is not eating for brief periods of time. Both have great benefits, but which is better or worse for your health and weight loss goals? Dr. Ekberg simply explains in a way that makes sense. Let us know which do you like most, do you eat keto and fast or are you planning on doing either.


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  1. If there's anything I've learned through Dr. Ekberg aswell as Dr Berg, it's that the future of medicine is bright; not because there's a cure for everything on the horizon, but because there's a preventive measure for all disease ready for us right now. Insulin reduction seems to be again and again the key to allow our bodies to naturally take care of all its problems. This is truly amazing. Not unbelieveable at all, but truly amazing that platforms like youtube allow this invaluable wisdom to reach millions of people.

  2. I'm currently 130lbs overweight… A few months back I was 200lbs + overweight…

    I'm currently on a prolonged water fast. Today is day 10 of unknown. I feel energetic. I'm working from home (I don't need a lot of energy).

    Whenever I break my prolonged water fast, I always follow a keto diet.

    Thanks Dr Ekberg, I feel like I'll be in a normal weight range for the first time in my life within a year or so.

  3. I really enjoy this clearly presented comparison. First of all I enjoy eating (party in the mouth) do you know of the easy pattern of using the "hand measurement" in regards to dining? Ex. meat portion = palm of one's hand. Any easy measure of fat…butter (?) olive oil (?). I'm healthy senior, & no need to measure blood glucose or insulin. Will appreciate any advice. Just between us—USA's gift to the world—Burger shake & fries…another one bites the dust. Seriously, "cut out bread, & potatoes" but is rice ok?
    yes, the whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead.—-another folk saying.

  4. fasting it was not about a period where you don't eat? now I have to eliminate all carbs? There is wafer fasting, carbs fasting, time fasting but you can eat whatever you want! This info was misleading! I have heard that fasting is you eat for a period of time but you can eat anything, now you say that fasting is not eaing carbs, so the title should be carbs fasting! or something like that!

  5. I'm a huge fan of all your videos! I escpecially liked this one since it takes into consideration activity levels. That said, going straight from a decades-long high carb diet, into a 16 day fast sounds like an incredibly brutal thing to do to your body. I understand that if your are very IR (T2D), overweight, etc, it can take a lot of intervention to get the body to start burning fat, but I suspect that shuch a sudden change with someone who is not very healthy could put the body into more of an emergency, lowering metabolism, increased peak oxidation levels, and /or increase the chances of giving up? Why not go keto/IF for a month or two before extended fasting, then the body is better prepared and would perhaps in total give a better "running start" than instant extended fasting? Just my thoughs, I'm no expert! Love your videos and all your effort in providing all this higly important information to people all over the world!

  6. 6 months on Keto only lost 12 pounds but also lost 3 meds… and only take Metformin and jardiance occasionally haven’t extended fasted enough though (3 days once), I do skip breakfast and lunch at times to make 24 hour fasts. Today had 2 eggs in bacon fat only for breakfast and will only have dinner. I think I will fast next week for the week. I cannot take my meds if I fast though.

  7. For those who are new to fasting, let me clarify one important point. Before you begin your first fast, it is wise to become FAT ADAPTED. Teach your body how to burn fat by MASTERING the ketogenic diet. If you are overweight, you probably have a lot of insulin in your blood, which PREVENTS you from burning your fat. You have to cut your carbs to 50 grams or less. No baked goods, grains, starches, or fruits. But you can eat meat, vegetables, and fats to fullness. At the beginning, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but no snacks. Finish eating by 6 PM. Then follow the procedure Dr. Ekberg describes of narrowing your eating window day by day and eventually fasting for longer and longer periods. When you do eat, prioritize protein. It is filling, and is the only macronutrient you need during weight loss. Finally, and most IMPORTANTLY, replenish your ELECTROLYTES. To make your own electrolyte drink, add 1 teaspoon of potassium No Salt, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and ½ teaspoon of sea salt to two liters of water, and drink that throughout the days when you fast. If you get a HEADACHE or feel WEAK while fasting, drink your ELECTROLYTE beverage. I speak from personal experience, and hope this tip makes you successful in fasting for weight loss.

  8. Hi Dr Ekberg. Thank you so much for your info! You are helping so many. I have been LCHF for 10 mos, strict keto for 4 mos. Last morning reading was glucose 82, blood keton 1.5. I've done only a couple of 23:1 IF's. I do not have weight to lose. My question: what do you recommend as far as diet/IF regarding chronic illness, bacterial and viral infections (namely lyme disease).

  9. Hi Dr. I'm fairly new to all this 'Intermittent Fasting' and have watched a lot of your videos. What is puzzling me is : If u come off fasting and move onto the Keto Diet, will ketosis still be 'operating' in body?

  10. This video answered a lot of my questions. Perfect. Thank you Dr. Ekberg. I want to try a long fast eventually. I didn't want to get into testing my glucose and ketos. But I guess I must to make sure it's okay to do a long fast. I am doing great now for a month of daily intermittent fasting and very low carb. I don't feel hunger that much anymore. So I hope I am in a fat adaptive state. Can you recommend a machine I can get online that is easy to use that checks both ketons and glucose please?

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