Lose Belly Fat But Don’t Eat These Common Foods

Have you ever wondered what not to eat to lose belly fat? Here are 10 foods that you don’t want to eat if you want to burn belly fat which is the major concern these days. Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle a lot of people are getting a larger belly. While some people say a low calorie food like rice cakes, tomatoes, apples etc. make you feel full, you will soon find out the flaw in this thinking. These foods will make you feel hungry soon and make you feel drained of energy until you eat again. Learn the truth about Losing Belly Fat and what Foods to Eat

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  1. I really like your content and want to learn more!

    Why do you not use the glycemic load? As I understand it: The glycemic index (GI) looks at the carbs of the food only, not the whole food. The glycemic load (GL) looks at the whole food. So if I want to know how quickly the whole food (not only the carb part of it) is broken down into to simple carbs, I look at the glycemic load, correct?

  2. What´s on your plate? Wholegrain bread only or a sandwich? Chickpeas only or Hummus with bread/crackers/pita/meat/veggies? When you present narrow control group data taken from very narrow conclusions of a very specific hypothesis it doesn´t help the people who actually need help. This is a great video.

  3. Doctor .you have resticted most of grain.but india pakistan and more South Asian people have poor economic conditions. they have not purchase much more protein and fat food.please ask what should they have to do

  4. i am a type 2 diabetic and all i can say is after ditching metformin and eating healthier there is a big difference just the way your energy levels stay consistent.. this man has helped me alot and i thank him for it. always delivering useful info. the eating less and feelin less hungrier is definitely true!

  5. after watching 3 videos of dr. ekberg I have come to the conclusion that eating fatty meats and drinking water is the way to go. maybe, an occasional nut or berry. I call it the neanderthal diet. which we basically still are. 😀

  6. I have realized that forcing me to eat yoghurt regularly doesn't work. it's not like I hate it, but my body just doesn't crave it. yoghurt always turns bad in my fridege. 😀

  7. Ever wonder why children love sweets like lollipop and many other sugary edibles. They're EXTREMELY ACTIVE with no appetites for solid foods. Will they grow up to be diabetes? Stored sugar in liver as glycogen and the excessive FREE SUGAR in blood streams. So, the intake depends on how active an individual is. With no solid foods, the glycogen in the liver will burn up to provide 'energy' for the day and the liver changes to 'pinkish colour' as been witnessed in autopsy. Starving…you may say. Does excessive sugar cause diabetes?

  8. Three years ago I bought a long dress at a roadside stall (which was the reason I couldn't try it on). It's what I call a 'straight up straight down' dress – i.e. If you have a bit of a belly it shows . Well I got it home and it was too small. Today, as I sit here typing this comment I'm wearing that dress…

  9. Dr Sten, do you know why I follow your advice? Your academic credentials have nothing to do with it – it's simply that the proof of the pudding is in the eating and you are a lovely, slim, healthy – looking Being with a truely beautiful complexion!

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