Lose Belly Fat But Don’t Make These Mistakes

Are you one of those people who cant lose belly fat no matter how much you exercise? Don’t make these mistakes! So many people have bought into the myth that a cookie is just so many minutes on the treadmill, and think that they just need to exercise more. If it’s not working you’re doing it wrong, and you could actually do more harm than good for your health.

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Welcome to Lose Belly Fat by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way including the benefits of intermittent fasting, fasting and autophagy. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

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  1. Basically you've changed my life for the better, thanks Sten! I've recently lost lots of unwanted fat, started enjoying exercise more and feel really good!

  2. This has been so useful for me. I know Dr Sten says don’t stress yourself exercising but I really didn’t want to give up jogging. I just like the feel of the freedom of it. In the past week I have become fat adapted and I went out for a jog (I don’t push myself too much now). When I came back I wasn’t at all hungry even though it was dinner time. So I can take that as a good sign that cortisol wasn’t released and I can carry on jogging every other day. Thank you Dr Sten.

  3. I'm fitting my high school clothes and didn't drop any weight. I was lifting so…Not all exercise means weight loss per the person that disagrees with you. I really like your content thank you for sharing. Do you do any research with TCM? Would love your insight as I'm a TCM practitioner and like evidence/science based interpretation.

  4. I think when you do abdominal muscles the effect is more like a girdle would be. You feel tighter which makes you think the fat is going away but it’s just the muscles and core are tighter, which is good.

  5. I appreciate how you have been trying to help a lot of people to be healthy. Ive lost 22 lbs in 3mos doing intermittent fasting. The symptoms of having insulin resistance gone.. i'd be making this my lifestyle. God bless you.

  6. I'm so confused when these doctors talk about fructose! Do they mean to say we should avoid eating fruits????? No one gives a clear answer. If sugar is bad for us and fructose is heavy on the lIver, then SHOULD WE AVOID EATING FRUITS?

  7. My son was very slim and wanted to gain weight so I took him to the gym where he exercised and worked out and began to eat better. He gained weight! My father was overweight and wanted to get slim. I took him to the same gym and he worked out and exercised and began to eat better. Guess what, he slimmed down. This must Make your critics head spin. Anyone that questions your logic is missing the point. If I were to believe that exercise makes you fat like he heard, there's only one part of my body that would be extremely overweight, and that would be the part that sets above my shoulders. How can somebody misunderstand so much. You, and a couple of other trusted doctors whose advice I accept, have turned my out of control blood sugar into a glucose level in the 80s. I go to the gym, and I work out to get healthy, not to lose weight. I'm doing that through a diet that does not include carbs. But, I'm sure your friend would have a problem with that also. Keep up the good work and thanks for making a difference in my health.

  8. Lol I'm only doing OMAD for 2 weeks now without exercising everyday…but i lose 3kls for only 2 weeks…thanks to you doc i follow all your advices…and looking forward to a healthier me in the future…by the way when i start omad my weight is 96kls. Now I lose 3 kls. in just 2 weeks…🥰🥰

  9. Certainly makes a lot of sense. I've been doing wrong things for a long time. Also why my cholesterol went way up on that low fat high diet. Time to switch gears. Thanks for being a great teacher in putting things in a understandable way. 👍👍👍

  10. I was 45 lbs. over my normal weight for years. I've lost 25 lbs. since being diagnosed with endometrial cancer. That got me back to reality and a healthier way of living. I just wish my bp would go down more though. Had high BP for many years and my doctor said it's likely genetic. Oddly, it went down after I had a total hysterectomy and I was so happy and relieved. After 2 months post op, it went back up again. It's stresses me out. My doctor wants me to take a diuretic along with the 3 prescription drugs I've been taking for hypertension. It's beyond frustrating. I don't use any added salt to my food and read labels. I don't eat any fast food or take-out. For years, I only had red meat occasionally. Fish and chicken were and are still my main meals and about twice a week, I eat vegan, all freshly prepared. I do my own baking and the most I will have is one gluten-free muffin a day. But since being advised by my oncology dietician about sugar, I've avoided having any muffins. I'm not supposed to have eggs which is so disappointing. But it's doable. I've never had to pay as much attention to my diet as I have since getting cancer. Fortunately, it was detected early enough. I still needed Brachy therapy treatments, but better than dying from an awful disease like cancer. I've found a low fat, dairy free and gluten-free recipe for muffins. No oils or eggs. Applesauce is the substitute in that recipe. I'll need to decrease the amount of sugar because of the applesauce. Some days, I have a piece or two of 88% dark chocolate. I like it a bit sweeter, but trying to stick to the 88%. I still have a bit of belly fat, but not very much now. I lost pounds just by adjusting my diet. I do walking and a few exercises in the morning, but nothing too strenuous. I'm older and with just having surgery for cancer, I tire more easily. Hope that improves. Thanks for sharing Dr. Ekberg!

  11. Hi doctor could u tell me what do you think abt lypolysis injection? They are fat dissolving, i have healthy diet and stable weight unfortunately when i loose weight i loose overall weight and my goal is to only loose belly fat…

  12. I am really enlightened with all of this and definitely is something that “affected” my knowledge so far.. I already started practicing everything you’re saying.. Thank you for these amazing videos, finally something worthy these days.. 🙏

  13. lol your don’t need to explain your self intelligent people know what you meant to say. you the most nice intelligent professional doctor with lots of experience, keep up your great job and thank you for such a informative and helpful videos

  14. Thank you Dr!!! Yes your are correct I’m in a journey to reversing my insulin resistance I actually gained weight working out even though I was keto and it made me more hungry which made me think oh I’m working out I can have cheat days 😱😳 hence I’m not working out and I’m going back to my Ketovore eating because I went vegan for about 3weeks and put 10lbs so quickly. I’m definitely one of those confused people but I’m learning to listen to my body. It knows what is better for me

  15. I lost 70 pounds in 7months doing keto I'm in 190lbs if I go to the gym more than twice a week I don't loose weight. Also if I use a phone app for exercise for 15min up to 4 times a week I loose weight. The only reason I started going to the gym I thought that doing high intense exercise will help with loose skin but I don't think it help.

  16. Hi Sten. I'm writing from Finland. I used to be also athletic. No so good as You, but something, 800 m 1.59, 1500 m 4.02, 5000 m 15.15 3000 m 8.40, steeps 9.15. Sometimes 1970 – 74 Now owerveight. Was when athlet 69 kilos Now 105 very bad. But not so bad, because it has three months ago 110. Got down by Your guides. This training video is good. It's realistic, question of the effect of ecsisize. You are swedish, we finnish and you swedish we are like two good brothers. Did You participate ever to Finnksmpen/Ruotsi – Suomi maaottelu?

  17. Hi Everyone – do any of you know if Whey Protein would spike your insulin? I’m used to having a protein shake after my workout and just wanted to know if I went with something that has no carbs or citric acid, if they’d be ok to have as a stand alone meal

  18. Your explanation does not quite agree with my experiences during training for competitive bike racing. Pre season training tends to be lower intensity and the weight was a bit stubborn can be stubborn to shed, despite quite a few hrs of training per week. But as the season draws near, the intensity needs to be higher and then the weight melts away with ease. Same # of miles or hours, but the intensity sheds the weight as you prepare for racing. Racing is typically the highest intensity, ie highest heart rates seen all year and then there is no problem keeping the weight down and you can eat whatever you want. Metabolic rate is elevated during and after HIT, that I know and have experienced. When you drill on the bike for 4 hrs all out, everything is utilized, fat, carbs, and even muscles. Stressful?, yes, but supremely relaxing , calming and very satisfying with much endorphin release of all feel great compounds. Resting HR is low, you are in tune and connected with your body like in no other way. But, yes, rest is important, but it feels healthy to me. That feeling gets you up early and makes you ride 10-20 hrs/week, because up to a point, more is better. And you want to continue feeling this way, aka addicted!

  19. I saw this video after I left a comment on another video. I think this answered that to a large extent !! I love the look on your face when questioned by that person, “Oh yeah”??

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