Lose Belly Fat With Breathing Exercises: Amazing Science! Doctor Explains

REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE on how to lose belly fat naturally and permanently – doctor explains. Dr Ekberg talks about the two root causes of belly fat and explains in detail how the science of breathing exercises can solve one of them. People looking for quick fixes are doomed to yo-yo results, whereas you can get permanent results by learning the how the body really works and doing it right.

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  1. 20:06 in my example i achieved this kind of breathing when i was running/training intensively, spontaneously, it just came by itself, i even managed to control my heart pulse(with pulse meter). I was fit so i didnt care too much about belly fat..but than when i stopped training(due to discus hernias), "peer pressure happened" , i was depressed, and got into degenerate state of breathing again.

  2. Every video I watch I learn something new and I really love how he explains things so calmly and very simple I feel less stressed just listening to these videos. They are all very simple things that are solutions for are body naturally and he is very honest and you can tell he really understands what he is saying and it's so cool that you can change your body and mind naturally without anything but just with making a better healthy lifestyle.

  3. In this context of how breathing is related to health, you may also have mentioned the advice of constantly breathing through the nose, instead of mouth-breathing. Otherwise a very good presentation, thank you

  4. Thank you Dr Ekberg. What an awesome video! I finally understand the underlying thoughts and reasons for breathing meditations. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  5. Great video. Believe you are supportive of the Wm Hoff breathing method. Since that method also activates the sympathetic system, hence cortisol/belly fat driver, are you ok with the method if you want to lose belly fat? Thanks

  6. Dr. Ekberg what you said about the breathing in this video is what my physiotherapist told me several years ago and totally change my life in terms of understanding my body. You extended with the background how it actually works. There is one discrepancy though betw his and your advice regarding the breathing training. He recommended me to breath in by nose and breathe out by my mouth in a way so I clearly hear it. I never asked the reason. I think it could be to stay more focus on the breathing exercise. You say breath completely silent. Can you please explain what is the reason for it. Thank you for making those videos. I really like the fact that you always explain why which is always very important.

  7. Thanks Dr. Ekberg. You have given the science behind my life experience of rarely being sick….for the last 22 years….the exhale out to be longer than inhale in, while breathing and also the smoothness in required in breathing…….my helps since childhood……playing flute & harmonica, singing, yoga and sitting silent watching my breathing…..
    Thanks once again.

  8. Thank a million,Dr Ekberg,your guidance is inspired and so valuable for us all.Youre so good for my ANS my Health and Wellbeing is swooping to Optimum since watching your webinar sespecially this 'Flat belly Breath!Keep them coming!Best Regards,BP,UK

  9. Increased libido is an added boners!!!
    I must disagree tho that if I was faced with an attacking bear I would probably say a few words that were related to reproduction😂😂😂

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