Lose Fat Fast – Which Is Better? HIIT vs Cardio

Lose Fat Fast when you learn Which Is Better for losing weight fast. Should you exercise with HIIT or Cardio for a fast fat burn? Learn what High Intensity Interval Training and Steady State Cardio exercise is and which is best for you to lose fat the quickest, fastest and healthiest way possible. Both HIIT and cardio can be good for burning calories fast, but in this video you will learn all the reasons why they work and when they don’t.

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🔷 Lose Fat Fast – Which Is Better? Walking or Running: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoQ_Qt2REgQ&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR4_GTeg-fzBHLt_v_X-MOjr

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🔷 7 Facts About Simple vs Complex Carbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyfGFki5LxA&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR4_GTeg-fzBHLt_v_X-MOjr

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🔷 Which Is Better Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoQ_Qt2REgQ&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR4_GTeg-fzBHLt_v_X-MOjr


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  1. The simple answer is to do whatever form of cardio you like most and are willing to stick to the rest of your life. IF your goal is fat loss do yourself a favor and dump the HIIT crap and go for a long walk, and lift weights.

  2. 🙏 I have reduced my weight from 80 kg to 62 Kg by intermittent fasting, fasting for more than a day, exercise and avoiding processed food from stores. Still I have a belly fat. I don't know how to achieve flat belly to look good in shape.

  3. i was 215 and i joined the gym. i worked 8 hours a day on my feet in a cabinet shop. i didn't eat breakfast just coffee. i had spinach and a can of sardines for lunch. after work i hit the gym and lift weights for an hour. then i went home and ate a stake with no sides, just a plain stake…. i did that for 3 months and i went down to 165. i lost 50 pounds in 3 months. i was never hungry.

  4. that was very interesting thank you Dr. Ekberg. During this video I was thinking about stone age people. They would never run but walk. And probably run very short very hard to catch a prey or run away not to become a prey 🙂

  5. You're really changed my life in a healthy state you wouldn't even imagine it Dr Ekberg even though you are a genius.l m still taking one metformin but in the morning my blood sugar is 100 or 90.

  6. When my cousin wakes after his nap, he runs around, climbs and jumps forstraight 45 minutes. We got him a dog to play with, now every high noon there are are two berserkers in our neighborhood, one less furry, the other one on two legs.

  7. 18:55 this makes me so happy to think about 😀 Reminds me of the most fun I've had in P.E. class or with friends with a game of tag. As a hyper-competitive person I love silly challenges, like if I'm out walking with a friend and one of us suddently says: "first to that light pole!", and we both run as fast as we can for a few seconds with no other reward than the joy of movement (and winning of course!)

  8. Very informative, thank you so much,
    I m 57 and like running. I Would like to get some idea about the type of food to eat before each exercises (Aero, Anaero and HIIT) and the timing of the eat. In this context, since the glucose is dominant fuel type for anaero and HIIT exercises what if we eat food that raises blood sugar. In this case does the cortisol need to go up for glucose production.

  9. Hi Dr.Sten in 17:42 you say that cardio is nad for scenario 2 as it will lead to more weight gain especially belly fat. But the previous and next slide says that aerobics is a good start, I’m confused!

    I have belly fat and need to cut atleast 10% body fat (currently in healthy bmi). I did HIIT earlier it’s too tough and even if i like it I’m not able to stay consistent. I’ve started walking and enjoy it and plant to get atleast 7k steps to lose fat.

    I’m confused now that you say that would lead to more IR.

  10. I'm on a binge watching all your videos while taking notes on my computer, it's like studying at the speed of light. I find it highly amusing that neither you nor Dr. Berg a medical doctors yet you do seem to understand the pathalogy of the human body much better than most physicians out there. Thousands of lives have been improved already and hundreds of thousands could be saved in the future but I'm busy fixing my own health for now.

  11. You are awesome…you get deep in it so all of us have to be educated and realise there is no one size fits all…
    I hate people go "u have to do this, u must do that" … its all about individual approach…not all of us need the same food or excercise.
    I think o need Hiit bvz my heart rate really goes up slow…
    And I really don't have time for aerobics few times a week…no way I can walk 60-90 minutes…nor 40 min…maybe somethimes but not as a scheduled activity. I do 4-5 cardio or HIit and strength excercises…I do protein intake and count calories…
    Tnx for the videos..

  12. I'm 57 and ran like he said.. "fast like a kid and then stop when it's no fun." Guess what???? I ruptured my hamstrings off my pelvic and tore all my glute muscles..hamstrings as well. It's been 2 years and I jog now. No more running as fast as I can. Remember..when your older you can overload muscle from sprinting and from water skiing. And I was athletic to begin with by running..doing hiit and weight training. Be careful of overloading muscles. Slow and steady wins the race.

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