Lose Fat Fast – Which Is Better?

Which is Better For Your Maximum Fat Loss Running Or Walking? Both running and walking are great for burning calories, but in this video you will learn all the reasons why they work and don’t. Also find out if you should run or not.

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  1. I'll be 70 soon, and my last two runs were 9 miles each, taking about 1.5 hours per run. (yes, there are aches and pains, and I said "I can't run", like everyone else initially) There are 140,000 MILES of microvasculature in the body which clog up and die off as we age, but benefit enormously from rigorous exercise like running–it actually regrows them and reverses aging. This is not to be confused with Dr Eckberg's point, which is about fat burning. Running doesn't do much of anything for weight loss. For that, intermittent fasting combined with limiting carbs works miracles, and is easy. This video answers age old questions that fill in a lot of blanks. But It is important to understand that running is extremely beneficial. I see heavy people walking and think that they could walk to the moon and back, and should be concentrating on quality food and intermittent fasting instead for much more immediate results. Most of them quit in frustration before seeing any results.

  2. Hi Dr Ekberg, watched the video Lose Fat Fast-Which is Better and a little confused between this video and 5 min of this burns belly fat fast. I am obese so was thinking the 1st video would be best but then 2nd video talks about short HIIT. Which would be best?

  3. Sir,
    You explain Glucose as emergency fuel source in the absence of oxygen .. right? …. this is the reason why we attracted towards carbohydrate based food / we feel good while eating sweet… please comments on this

  4. Well I think running must do something for fat loss. If you notice runners have a lower percent of body fat than any other athlete. Just look at the long distance runners in the Olympics they have virtually zero body fat

  5. JUST WAIT A MINUTE! I'm watching more and more of your videos and learning more each time, but from this I understood that since I'm on keto OMAD, if I want to play tennis, I will lose muscle if I don't get some extra carbs. Is it really so? I already played some tennis, I was exhausted afterwards, but I didn't get any cravings or feel any hunger. But did I lose my muscle mass?

  6. I'm struggling with getting the following answered: as Dr. Ekberg explains, glycolosis is the less efficient but rather 'emergency' source of energy production. I wonder, if this is so inefficient, it should be depleted as a source rather fast? What happens afterwards if the individual is still in anaerobic state? Does he/she start burning proteine? Because fat cannot be burned anaerobically.. Knowing this time limit would help me curtailing my anaerobic training and moving to aerobic cardio.

  7. What a great video! Subscribed 🙂
    It appeared to me now, that I rode my bicycle wrong for years: instead of loosing weight, I gained it. Thanks to the video, it is clear for me why it was happened.
    However, new question appeared: if I got to the anaerobic zone for 5-15 of minutes and after it I got back to the aerobic and stay in it – will it be still fat burning training?

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