Low Blood Sugar On Keto (Hypoglycemia On Ketogenic Diet)

Low Blood Sugar On Keto (Hypoglycemia On Ketogenic Diet) The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to lower blood sugar, but sometimes the blood sugars on keto can get too low and become hypoglycemia.

Normally the liver and adrenal glands work together to maintain blood sugar between meals, but in the hypoglycemic person this mechanism does not work fully.

Keto reactive hypoglycemia is simply when a person has unstable blood sugar and reactive hypoglycemia to start with, and the withdrawal of carbohydrate is too quick for the body too adapt.

In a fully keto adapted and fat burning person, the fat and the ketones has replaced much of the energy previously derived from carbohydrate. In the early stages of a ketogenic diet when the carbs are reduced, the body may not yet have learned fat burning and so is left with out adequate fuel.



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  1. Thank you for this!!! Exactly what I needed to know. I started keto last March and 1week into it a all of a sudden got instantly dizzy and hyperglycemia and had bad panic attacks and ended up in the hospital! I was out on anti anxiety meds on and off the last year and the last one ( mirtazapine ) I just got off of and I’ve been having hormonal issues and mainly sweaty feet on and off along with hungry every two hours or so the past few weeks. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hope to be able to figure out what I need to do to reestablish hormonal / gut balance. How long does it usually take to rebalance your system if you’ve had such a crash like this? Any tips?? Thanks

  2. I was diagnosed hypoglycemic in 2000 weighing 175 pounds and 5’10”. August 2021 now 50Y/O I weighed 255 and started the keto diet. Clean and strict. Now 4 months later December 2021 I have lost 47 pounds. 2 days ago I started fainting. I have fainted 3 times in the last two days. 3 months ago. September. I had a physical. All was good but insulin was a touch high and blood pressure was a touch high. Yeah I know. I’m calling my dr. And getting my blood work rechecked. Just want to let people know if you don’t do this by the numbers stuff can happen. I’m learning more everyday. We’ll see what happens from here.

  3. Never checked my blood glucose levels before, but I recently got a meter to check ketone levels and since it can check BG levels as well I thought I might as well check both. I freaked out when my BG reading was 73! As I understand it that is on the verge of hypoglycemia, and that wasn't even fast. I ate dinner about 5 hours previously though to be fair I haven't really had more than about 2g carbs all day. If that. I'm going to need to keep a close eye on it.

  4. Dose eating a big 2 meal on IF cause reactive hypoglycemia ? I eat like mostly fat but still like the amount of carbs is like 50g at one sitting. Because i get the symptoms before finishing the meal and the symptoms go in for like one hour

  5. This is the first time anyone has said “do not do keto to lose weight”. I thought that was the whole point. That’s all everyone ever talks about. I’ve been doing Low carb (not Keto) intermittent fasting and I have gotten off of all the diabetic medication and improved my cholesterol levels. I still want to lose 35 pounds but my blood sugar keeps going too low at night and I’m forced to eat something to keep it up which is ruining my intermittent fasting efforts. I’m going to increase my protein and carbs. Any other suggestions?

  6. I have been doing low carb, then keto for five months, and suddenly, I am having hypoglycemia – nothing has changed in five months (except I lost alot of weight). I wonder what's going on? 10 years ago, I used to have hypoglycemia, and I got rid of it by following the paleo diet. It worked for weight loss and "cured" my hypoglycemia. It was great to be free of that, and not have to carry snacks everywhere. However, I did alot of recreational eating since the pandemic, gained weight, ate poorly – went back to low carb, then keto, lost weight and it was great, but now, for the first time in years, I have that hypoglycemia back! I would sure like to know why.

  7. Please help, I have been on keto for almost 6 months, it seemed that I was/am fat adapted but I started feeling worse and worse, no energy, bad mood, even started feeling anxious for no specific reason. Blood work came back fine, no anemia, glucose 74. Now it is worse and for the first time I started having sugar cravings. Should I start strict keto again? No dairy, no nuts? Or the opposite, add carbs?

  8. I watched because I am insulin resistant type 2 diabetics, and working to lower blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol. Wondering what is a bad or dangerously low blood sugar number. I feel fine but my blood sugars are 49. What is unsafe?

  9. My sugars are a roller coaster. Right now very very low but I feel fine. I did go to the hospital last weak and they made me drink apple juice. I'm not overweight. I went strict keto because I kept having high sugar on London no starch diet/Paleo. My fasting glucose would be 140's. Now they drop so low that I'm working to keep in 60's. Trying to find the balance is hard. But at 47 this morning I still felt great like nothing was wrong. I can't have potatoes or any starchy foods.

  10. Doctor, I really loved this video. I am type 2 diabetic and I have been slowly going keto for the last year. I still have sweet potato once awhile. The other day I was working out with my trainer and I noticed I was really shaky and had to drink a random grapefruit juice my husband had on his side of the fridge. I have never felt myself crash so hard. Could you possibly do a video or give any advice on how to avoid hypoglycemia and the dreaded crash. You touched on it a bit in this ☝️ should I be glucose monitoring. My last bloodwork panel showed my type 2 was finally stabilized but my cholesterol was still high. Could this be a factor for my crash? Thanks for the advice!

  11. Yeah, thats my case. On keto for 3 weeks now and experienced ketosis twice so far, each time for around 10h. But mostly feeling like crap and barely can function normally. Yeah, but I have liver issues so maybe that is why. If I do just a small amount of carbs – everything goes back to normal. But still trying not to going back to carbs – ketosis is mind blowing.

  12. This might be me after almost one year of low carb I have severe chronic hypoglycemia symptoms that no doctor could ever explain to me. I need to sit all day and get exhausted after very short walks. I have heavy chronic disbyosis, dead teeth’s, knee pain, my liver might be so weak due to the toxins from the bacterias that the liver can’t regulate the sugar levels and I get stressed out due to too much cortisol, I have literally all the symptoms of hypoglycemia, just a few steps before going to the hospital. Ate two potatoes this evening and already feel better and have less cravings. I hope adding starches will ease my hypoglycemia long term and that I can one day solve my dental and digestion issues. Wish me luck. Would be so nice to have a doctor like him where I live.

  13. Every now and then mostly in the morning if I bend over to pick up something when I get back up I feel dizzy. I been on the keto diet for 9 months and I loss close to 80 lb.s I'm at a desired weight but what can I eat in the morning that will keep my blood sugar stabilized?

  14. Hi Dr.Sten does low carb diet or keto diet can induce insulin resistance i came across video witch tells that those type of diets can induce type 1 diabetes.I m on low carb diet under 100g a day .Recently start having morning headaches even felt sweat flashes ,presuming my insulin very low does it safe in general? Thank you.

  15. I’m having blood sugar dips I’m on day 11 off sugar fruit and carbs/grains. Trying to find info on how to help this. I thought meat and fats and veggies were supposed to help. I’ve had too high of cortisol for along time .so are you saying when my sugar dips I’m having cortisol a s muscle burning? I have some adrenal fatigue too so I don’t wanna make it worse ugh. A few years ago I had a practitioner o fired after a few weeks but she had me go cold Turkey off all grains etc and I crashed adrenals so bad I couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes and would get so dizzy even getting to the bathroom. I fired her for a lot of reasons but that was one. This time I felt fine getting off carbs I’m just trying to figure out why the random dips in sugar. I’m keeping up in mineral intake too.

  16. I agree with you Dr Ekberg., I do okay on lower carbs like 65 gram total carbs, I do not do well on a ketogenic diet. My HBA1c is now at 5.4% from 7.6.% Three years ago. I have lost 85 lb,yes I hope to 20 more lb, but more to lower my blood sugar and improve my sleep apnea.

  17. G'day from down under. I've been on Keto since December '18 and today I've really cut out the carbs after watching your videos. I got up with blood glucose of 4.7mmol/L and thought good, went for a run BG went down a bit but then I went swimming, 2km. My BG fell to 3.6, I kinda knew it was falling. An hour later it had raised to 3.8… I was still fasting but I had to eat a banana, including the peel. My Beta Hydroxybutyrate was starting to rise over 2 something. (not 0.2!) Any advice for running and swimming ? too much too soon perhaps? ps I'm a 14 time marathon runner that relied on carbs and now I don't rely on them at all but I want to keep up my long distance running and swimming.

  18. Thank you, this was very useful. It explains what is happening to me exactly. I will add back some good carbs and drop them slowly. I went to drinking alcohol every day to strick keto. Bad idea. I thought I developed diabetes.

  19. Hi, (I have a question about weight and blood sugar levels) I started doing the keto diet while weighing 74 kg as a supporting person for someone else also on the diet… in the first 5 months I lost 12 KGs, and am worried that I'm now under weight. I'm trying to eat a bunch, and use resistance training to try to build muscle. I feel great most of the time. But there are times where I have low blood sugar, between 3 and 4.9 mmol/l. I then eat or drink a bit of sugar and take about an hour or two to get to a functioning level. I don't want to take sugar though. Amy ideas?

  20. Hello! I know this video is a bit old but thank you! I was curious, I am now on month 5 of keto and bounce between 55 and 90 most days, got my A1C down from 10.7 to 5.4 in the first 3 months, question is since I been on keto for almost 6 months now, and feel fine I’m assuming 55 for BLood Glucose as long as I feel normal is fine? My ketones (blood tester) show at 2.9. Just want to make sure it’s all good!

  21. Can you explain why eating a lot of fat brings good ketosis but low carb without all the dietary fat does not even though there's plenty of body fat to be used?

  22. What about while breastfeeding and/or pregnant? I was keto (mostly carnivore) before my first pregnancy (for around 6 months) and had no issues with hypoglycemia, even after abruptly cutting out carbs, but I added carbs back in when morning sickness struck, and I was averse to fat and protein. Since that pregnancy, I've tried countless times to get back on keto (through two more pregnancies and breastfeeding each baby without stop), but each time I get down to around 20g carbs (even after slowly easing out of carbs), I end up with severe hypoglycemia (with vomiting, extremely blurry vision, extreme weakness, almost passing out, etc.). Is it possible for breastfeeding to make 20g simply too low? Or is it more likely that I'm still not easing out of carbs slowly enough? I really want to be keto for my health, but I feel like I'm failing when I can't seem to stick to 20g carbs or fewer.

  23. Thank you so much Dr. Awesome explanation. I was in strict paleo diet for tha past 52 months. But now I am in carnivore diet.But sometimes I feel hypoglycemia. At that time what's the remedy? Please explain in your next video. Thanks 👍

  24. Perfect. I am hypoglycemic. Whenever I go really low carb I immediately start having problems. I was always confused and couldn't figure out what was wrong.
    Thank you so much.

  25. thanks for sharing about hypoglycemia and the keto diet. I suffer w/ blood levels dropping low feel like I'm going to pass out . I always feel like I have urine infection also .

  26. I had a protein shake and cheese around 1pm. I was not hungry at all. Around 6:30pm I started getting shaky. Even tho I didn’t feel hungry or have an appetite I forced myself to eat a little bit of keto waffles and felt better afterwards. I don’t know how to eat so often because I’m literally not hungry or have no appetite. I’m so confused 😩

  27. Watched this after feeling super weak. Been doing keto for a few weeks, it’s possible that since I’m getting better at avoiding carbs I’ve hit this point

  28. In ketogenic diet, fat must be 70%, protein 25% and carbs 5%, okay, when body used the carbs and protein as these will be changed to glucose, and there is low blood sugar, only fat left, how fast the liver can change the fat to ketones in order to be used by the brain?

  29. Thanks, today was my 6th day of Keto, but tonight was about to lose consciousness, had checked blood pressure and blood sugar , blood pressure was normal but blood sugar was 62 mg/dl, so I ate sugar, had no choice

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