Lower Blood Pressure Naturally In MINUTES (Holistic Doctor Explains)

Don’t think you are at risk? Think again! Learn How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally In MINUTES from a Holistic Doctor. He explains what it is and what you will need to do to easily and naturally lower your high blood pressure aka hypertension. When you understand the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system, you will see how breathing is a window into the brain and into positive neuroplasticity. According to the CDC nearly half of adults in the United States have hypertension.

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🔷 7 Truths To Lower Blood Pressure With Breathing Exercises https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ8-Ixuh0bk&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR6dEB8d5hY8oz0jS8UHzA7p

🔷 Top 10 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure… Or So They Say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cQ6REofdy4&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR6dEB8d5hY8oz0jS8UHzA7p

🔷 Signs & Symptoms of High Blood Pressure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nb8wj3x3ak&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR79E3-ijN_r6e8XkU4nQNyl

Welcome to Blood Pressure Series by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

🔷 Blood Pressure Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ8-Ixuh0bk&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR6dEB8d5hY8oz0jS8UHzA7p


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  1. Cheers, Good news for me. I just got told my systolic BP was 170. I,m 59 years, fit ish, slim but with little bit belly fat. I cycle a lot, My max Heart beat when training is 173 b/p and this is all come about in the last 12 months since i had a blood test and was told I had a borderline under active thyroid. 4 months later another test and told now it is under active and you need Thyroxine @ 25mg. Not so happy as the thyroxine appears to give me random headaches and BP has gone gradually up and up. So just started a careful food plan , less sugar , more fiber, more good fats, etc etc. Lets see what happens

  2. Thank you so much, failed my HGV medical because of High Blood Pressure, it went from 266 pounds 19 stone 190/116/90 to 210 pounds 15 stone 130/87/69 took about 6 months but I'm feeling great & back driving
    Completely changed my diet No more Salt, fizzy drinks, fried food or junk food in general to taking Avocados, Spinach, Salads, more fish etc etc Vitamin pills like Garlic, Magnesium, Omega 3 & Potassium Citrate & when I went back for the medical the slow controlled Breathing really really helped
    Can't thank you enough

  3. This is something I never never heard and explained. Doc you are a special and gifted human being. Helping other humans as we are trapped in wrong conclusions. Can't thank you enough Sir.

  4. When I try to take in a smaller breath, my body wants motors air. Could that be a sign that I breathe too fast, normally? I have been curious about the vagus nerve for years, even asked one of my doctors, if that nerve could be involved in my stress, hyperventilating issues. He said, no. Since that time, I have done more studying, and my conclusion is, he was wrong.

  5. If a person has a hard time understanding this, remember Chris Watts, warching the video…a PERFECT example of stress breathing, and stress body posture. It is amazing how we can learn how to control our whole reaction to stress situations, just by learning to control our stress level, through breathing. The vagus nerve is amazing. I have been reading about it since I fought panic attacks years ago. I won the battle, and can now control the monster that once controlled me. Dr. Ekberg is a good teacher.

  6. Exactly… you made me realize so much about my body… I am no longer a taking BP medication, how easy it is to learn from your videos… you explain HOW and WHY…. I have to admit that I have to listen more than once…everything that I applied has been life changing towards maximum HEALTH…thank you very much !😊

  7. Thank you Dr. Sten for all your time and wisdom, there is no better place to learn and take care of our health, I am a total fan of all your videos, could you teach us how to overcome constipation naturally?

  8. Hi Dr. Ekberg thanks for all your great videos!!. Couple yrs ago went for a Dot physical Dr told me first reading 148 / 90 second 139 / 84 told me better keep my bp under control or have heart attack. It scared me so bad i was taking it 10 times a day !! Dont anymore but why do some Doctors cause so much fear in people ? You are so great at helping us all thank you again.

  9. i had a class experiment where are teacher brought the blood pressure cuff things. and i used it and mine was 143/82 and 144 over something else. idk how this is possible i am 17 and im acutally quite skinny and i do long distance running for my school. i dont have the healthiest diet but its not that bad. i didnt tell my teacher because i knew it was bad and i was embarrased

  10. Finally a doctor that explains symptoms and conditions to get to the root of health problems……love the way how he gives information to the point and in plain English……Thank you Dr. Ekberg, how I wish every doctor will explain conditions to each patient, instead of just prescribing a drug….

  11. Glad I found you 🙂
    Just subscribed.

    My blood pressure was so high they wanted to hospitalise me but I refused.
    After trying the drugs and not liking them I tried to sort it out myself.
    I did great and got it almost down to 'normal'.

    But over time I gradually dropped the measures I'd taken and when I checked it last year due to concerns about Covid I was horrified!
    So back to the measures and this time hopefully for good.
    The most difficult for me is getting enough sleep at the same time each night – working hard on that now.

    But of all the things I did which involved a smoothie I created, more exercise, and a few other things the things the seemed to have the most effect were my 15 minutes of slow deep breathing and then once it was a little lower – isolated grip exercises.

    What I did was get a zen breathing app for my phone and I sent it to 4 breaths per minute for 15 minutes – in for 6 seconds and out for 9 seconds.
    I did this every morning and night and then just every morning and the results were amazing.
    I just didn't consider neuroplasticity!
    I'll be taking slightly deeper and slower breaths for as often as I can manage it now!

    Off to check out your other video – and then the rest 🙂

  12. Absolutely love these vids. Simple, concise, extremely informative, practical and very well delivered. I could go on and on, but fantastic is the best word to describe these videos. My blood pressure dropped just watching Dr Sten Ekberg – so grateful and thank you.

  13. I got 140/90 seemengly constantly, 22 years, 65 kg and 178 cm in height. I got put under the hypertension regime yesterday, prescribed Losartan for 30 days and booked for a lot of tests. I got a pretty active lifestyle before the pandemic and a very sedentary one while it lasted. I've also been stressed out and depressed to the limit all this time (now even worst cause of this). I started cutting out most of the carbs, which were always on my plate. I hope this is just a temporary and emotional thing so I can change my lifestyle and never get metabolic syndrome

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