Lower Blood Sugar After Eating Breakfast. Are Your Blood Glucose Levels Normal?

Lower Blood Sugar After Eating Breakfast. Are Your Blood Glucose Levels Normal Or Are You Heading Toward Diabetes? Do you have high blood sugar in the morning, AKA Dawn Phenomenon, but as soon as you eat your blood sugar drops? Learn why it happens and why you should be concerned or not.

Keto or a low carb diet is an excellent way for a lot of people help lower blood sugar levels, A1c, and insulin resistance. You know you are on the path of lowering your blood glucose levels, but when you take your blood sugar levels are elevated in the morning, you may find they are higher. Then as soon as you eat something the blood sugar levels lower. This is confusing because normally blood sugars spikes up when you eat. In this video you will learn what is happening in the body and if you should be concerned with high blood sugar.

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  1. Hallo from Czechia,I love your vidos and also I've booked myself for an appointment to Dr Tice and I'm prepering my helth check list which I was asked for.Just a quick question. Shall I be warried if after 2 months low carb diet and 3 weeks Keto diet my blood sugar is in after 12 hr fasting 6.4 mmol and 1 hr after meal 7 or 8 mmol. My Ketons are fluctuating between 0,5-1,2. How is it possible. I couldn't find any answer in your videos.

  2. Hi Dr Ekberg, I have been eating under IF window 16:8 (eat carbs normal as before) but am horrified to find out my fasting blood sugar went up from 5.7 to 5.9. What have I done wrong? Is IF not suitable for me?

  3. My blood glucose level is at 76 and ketones are in the moderate range. This is lowest it's ever been. I'm here because I don't know what to think. I've been doing keto and IF for a few months and I feel perfectly normal.

  4. I went to do my regular check up yesterday and I was so disappointed at what the doctor said let her know that when I fast in the morning my blood sugar is in the 5-6 range she says it's supposed to be like that though the day but as you explain in the the one at the top it goes up but come down.I even take my self off metformin cause blood sugar is normal in the morning have last meal 5 pm don't eat again until 8am.lost weight especially in the belly Thanks doc feel great.

  5. I just started Keto and IF last week, May 5, 2021. After 7 days my fasting glucose dropped 140+ points (312 down to 172). After 2 weeks of Keto, I will start alternate day fasting. Following the American Diabetes Association diet plan over the last year has only made my diabetes worse. This is the first improvement I've had in over a year.

  6. On the issue of glucose remaining high until eating a little: still it would seem to me that insulin production has beome a somewhat less sensitive to positive small glucose deviation from setpoint. Less sensitive to glucose than to he other nutrients it seems, even though its sensitivity towards glucose is supposed to the largest. Like steering has become a bit numb in the middle, as reviewers can say about a certain car. Or does the pancreas receive its blood from the portal vein as coming from the intestins before it goes to the liver ?

  7. Just happened to me…was struggling with Keto and OMAD for a few weeks but blood sugar refused to go below 90…always hover around 100-110. Then I gave in and had a pizza, chicken wings and diet pepsi – then my blood sugar went down to 79 after 3hours.

  8. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for linking me to this video! I wish I had seen this a year ago. I could actually feel my stress level dropping with this explanation of my blood sugar levels on fasting. I can relax now and keep on with what I've been doing while my body continues to get back to a healthy balance.

  9. Dr Ekberg, your explanations are so helpful. I was on the keto diet a couple years ago and lost 24lbs, almost guessing if I was doing it correctly. Now that I know what bodily responses to expect, I am more reassured that it WILL work & that what I'm experiencing is correct. Thank you.

  10. Hi dr! My glucose this morning was 68! But that was only 14 hours of no food. I had no Symptoms of hypoglycaemia other than hot flashes, and anxiety once I saw it was that low. Is this concerning?

  11. Mine is around 130(6:30 AM) , fasting glucose in the morning., but it was around 95 (9:30 PM ) before I go to bed. I am staying with low carb and hoping that will be normal in 6 months.

  12. Hi everyone, it is also fine to drink coffee with a little high fat cream or coconut oil in the morning, better than drinking it black to solve this problem. It helps me now in the transition, so I think it could be I do not need this help in the future.

  13. This was exactly the explanation I needed! I was experiencing the Dawn phenom and it was a bit frightening! Mine was 179 upon rising but it would be normal in the afternoon or evening. I’ve been doing no sugar, low carb for quite some time now and it’s dropped to between 130 and 140 in the morning. I’ll have to try eating a bit in the morning and then re-take my BP and see if it drops. Thanks for the advice and a great solution.

  14. Hello Dr. I am in keto diet for few weeks. I am T2D and before i started keto, my blood sugar was around 6.2 A1C and 7.1 fasting. Now gradually my sugar level came down, average 5.6 mmol. Now, i added intemitten fasting for last 2.5 weeks and for last two days, my sugarl level dropped significanylt. It stays around 3.2, 3.5 to 4 through out night. I am taking cynthroid and statin as well. I added few carb today, my sugar level spiked upto 6.5-7 but after few time it came below 4. Please advise what shall i do. Thank you

  15. Which levels said you are insulting resistance? My sugar in the morning is around 80”s or 90’s
    Thank you so much for your help! You awesome!!

  16. I've had several diabetic seizures (also aided by stopping benzodiazepine med cold turkey) Anyways this is one of the most helpful videos about the quirks of blood sugar dips and spikes in relation to carb intake vs fat intake and the role of cortisol.

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