Mexicans Were Skinny On Corn For 1000’s Of Years – What Went Wrong? Doctor Explains

Mexicans Were Skinny On Corn For Thousands Of Years – Then Things Went Wrong. Corn tortillas, corn chips, plain corn all bring thoughts of Mexican foods because corn is the most popular food in Mexican dishes. We hear that carbs in rice make you gain weight, so how were people in Mexico staying so thin in the past?

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  1. So the problem is: industrialization of agriculture and food industry that started about after WW2. By industrialization I mean methods of growing, food production and artificial selection, hybridization, gene splicing.

  2. My grandparents and OLDER Mexican people whom to this day I see of ages 85 and even 100 grew up eating unprocessed foods, vegetables, beans, soups, women cooked daily using all natural organic foods, NEVER ever canned! (anything), even salsas are made from scratch, are thin and healthy Mexican- Americans on the other hand? or new generations? uff coke! chips! McDonald's! Starbucks! pizza bought from costco! and they are all OBESE

  3. It’s a crime that American culture allows sugar to exist in the way that it does with no real effort to educate or regulate. They regulate a million other things but this one thing that weakens our country more than anything else is supported everywhere you look

  4. It also has to do with government selling water sources to companies and the people in villages cannot access these waters. They are forced to buy bottled watered but that’s too expensive so they drink soda instead.

  5. Mexicans love eating Steak my G!! A lot of meat can cause diabetes, consistent overeating can cause diabetes, the number one oil in Latin America is Canola Or Vegetable Oil which is difficult for their bodies to process all aside from the sugar and processed foods

  6. Coca-Cola is the reason. They drink more coke per capita than any where else in the world. Nothing goes better with Mexican food than coke.

  7. Grass fed animal products and nixtanalyzed corn? Add in soaked pintos, limas and black eyed peas, winter greens, squash, peppers, white and sweet potatoes, and hog meat and you have my granny's cooking – less the sweet tea, biscuits, cakes and pies.

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