OMAD Keto vs OMAD Carbs (One Meal a Day Keto vs One Meal a Day Carbs)

OMAD Keto vs OMAD Carbs (One Meal a Day Keto vs One Meal a Day Carbs) – Which Is Better? Whether you want to lose weight, reverse insulin resistance or just get health eating one meal a day ( OMAD ) is a great way to help you reach your goals with a lot of benefits. Eating one meal a day is fasting for 23 hour and eating for 1 hour a day. Some people eat OMAD with carbs and others do a low carb diet like keto in that one hour eating time frame. In this video Doctor Ekberg explains if OMAD works best while eating carb or while eating a low carb diet like keto.



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  1. I mix these two. When I am dying for some carbs after a few months very low carb, I just go to OMAD and moderate carbs in order to eat different foods without gaining weight. I assume it keeps hormones balanced also and keeps the body guessing. Neither of these is good for me long term; at least not yet.

  2. Should I eat 2 bananas a day on my OMAD diet? I read somewhere that potassium is an essential nutrient for the body and bananas seem to be the highest source of potassium

  3. It's all about finding what is most sustainable for each of us individually. During a one-year period of strict keto under 20 carb grams per day with TWO meals a day, I lost all but the last 30 pounds of my 130-pound weight loss. At that point, I decided to add some slow-releasing "healthy" carbs to my routine for greater variety, enjoyment, and sustainability. I added steel-cut oatmeal or a slice of Ezekiel toast with my first meal a few days a week, then stuck to strict keto for my second meal with just a protein portion and a small green salad with olives, bacon bits, and 1 T. full-fat dressing. Sometimes I'll have a cooked green veggie with butter instead of the salad. I continued losing weight and really enjoyed my eating plan so much more after adding in the carbs. I still do not get hungry or have cravings for "junk food" or fast food during my fasting hours, and I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life. I also swim 5 days a week year-round at the YMCA and keep as active as possible. To each their own.

  4. Thanks for this video. I tend to lose weight with OMAD carbs but I usually do HIIT workouts and eat "healthier carbs" e.g. brown rice, boiled arrowroots, sweet potatoes, beans or maize. However, I do get the best results from OMAD Keto. I lose more weight and I feel better both physically and mentally.

  5. I have been dieting for 2 months in and out of Omad keto because I’m finding it hard to eat animal fats but i Am loosing a 1/2 a kilo to 1.5 kilos a day. But when I plato I eat carbs then jump back in to Omad keto and lose 1 kilo a day now I have loss 18 kilos and going with stable energy. I tried 44 hrs fasting ending it after a night free diving session. Thank you doc Ekberg. My diet is leafy greens and any protein. Breaking my fast with olive oil and taking ACV after my meal. My only mishaps are 8 cups of coffee a day but no sugar and the amount of protein I eat because I still find it hard to swallow animal fast! Doc ekberg thank you again for helping me become more healthy. I was 116kg now 96kg. Aiming for optimal health weight not a specific weight

  6. I really hate keto. I’ve always been around 112lbs my whole life, but a few years ago I started doing keto on and off because it’s not sustainable long term. Every time I would lose weight fast, but when I’d introduce a few carbs back I’d gain even more than I was to begin with. This never happened with normal dieting and now I’m 40lbs heavier. I really wish people would stop banging on about keto. If you eat 3 healthy non-processed meals a day including carbs and walk a little (I’m talking rice, pasta potatoes, not junk food), you will never gain weight and never have to go on a diet!

  7. I've been doing OMAD Carbs for over a year, I eat in the evening all I can eat basically, nutritious balanced meal and desert. Ripped body, energy all day and not hungry. I'm 57. If I do 2MAD it's a shock to the system, because my body has adapted to OMAD. Foe a long time my stomach would hurt a little, but now it doesn't. The frequency is so powerful, no need for keto for me, like Dr. Sten says.

  8. I started at 270, and not even sticking totally to one meal a day, Im at 222lbs as I write this, never really got super hungry, usually not, but this works, I've gotten these results inside of a month, it's amazing thanks doctor Ekberg 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  9. I naturally have one meal a day, but I do have three to four cups of tea with a sip of soy milk, which is slightly sweetened with sugar, base on the listed ingredients. How bad is it? Does it break the OMAD benefits altogether?

  10. I did omad carbs as well. No sugar, sweets, deserts etc, but lots of pasta, bread, veggies, etc. For weight loss its great, and you even get into ketosis as well, but its really hard, the constant shift from ketosis into regular mode and back, hunger is there – its is extremely small compared to just regular feeding (like 5 times a day) but it is there, feeling dizzy time to time. The weight loss is phenomenal.

  11. I started my keto diet so for breakfast I made what I call "Keto Pizza" I browned enough ham (off the bone) to cover the bottom of my frying pan. Then I covered that with 4 scrambled eggs with fresh parsley with a little milk, and covered that with thin sliced cheddar cheese. I put paprika, dried chipotle powder and black pepper. I covered the frying pan with the appropriate lid a let it sit on the stove with the burner set at the lowest setting till the eggs were cooked and the cheese melted. It was yummy and carb free!

  12. Hello Dr Ekberg, I am a marathon runner I run 70-80km a week, I am applying OMAD and feel amazing as well. However I still eat white rice 1 bow a day. Is that ok for hard training like marathon? or should I cut down more carb? I am afraid I could not run if I eat less carb. Thanks you

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