OMAD vs 2MAD – Which Is Better (One Meal A Day or Two)

Both OMAD Diet (One Meal A Day), and 2MAD (TMAD – Two Meals A Day) can be very effective for weight loss, autophagy and reversing insulin resistance. They are both forms of intermittent fasting and additional benefits include longevity and improved immunity. In this video you will learn exactly how these variations of intermittent fasting provide these benefits, so you can find the best balance for your health goals. Let me know what your success has been with either or both forms of fasting.


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  1. Thank you dr. Ekberg! Excellent info.
    Doing 20/4 now at the moment.
    It took some years to get there.
    Am staying with 20/4 as long as I feel healty & happy .. and not too thin. Many good tips and insights in you excellent presentation.

  2. OMAD was easy for me because I've been IF for a long time and not even knowing it!!!! 🤣😂🤣 Now that I'm doing healthy keto, I feel awesome!!! Dr. Berg is to thank💥💯

  3. DR Sten Ekberg I have learned a lot from your channel, thanks for sharing. OMAD is easy. Even on my 10k run days. I still getting used of OMAD when lifting weights. My wife is doing this now. One of my goals is to have 5% body fat. Now in my coffee I add half cream and coconut milk. I have that for breakfast. When I eat dinner is high fat some protein and low carb. And I cut out all junk food. Sometimes I eat pizza as my one meal and dobble the cheese. Also cutout all surger, All ice cream chesecake chips. after the one meal I may get hungry a bit latter at that time may have some high fat snake. So my eating window is from 7pm to 11Pm.

  4. I have been doing IF with keto for 4 weeks. I started week 1 doing IF 16:8, week 2 18:6, and now two weeks OMAD. I haven't weighed myself but I know I initially weighed 275+. My belly fat has gone down slightly, waist line on pants loser, my rosacea has disappeared, I have more energy, less foggy brain, and my hair is growing crazy fast, but I still get hunger pangs and cravings. I keep well hydrated and replace electrolytes and take a multi vitamin. My goal is to obviously lose weight, get A1C lowered and just feel better.

  5. Im on the stage that im already losing too much weight…is it ok to do 2 meals a day (plus 1 snack in between) in a 16:8 fasting sched? This is so i could gain some weight.

  6. Since childhood I‘ve had troubles to eat earlier than about 2-3 hours after getting up. My digestive tract didn’t feel „ready for solid food“. Now most of the days it’s 2mad naturally with a break inbetween of 4-6 hours. Seldom I feel like having another „solid input“ inbetween, resulting in a delayed „last meal“ of the day being less than usual, but needing 2-3 hours before getting ready to sleep anyways. My body is then asking for a break of at least 14-16 hours by nature.

    Experiences with more meals a day and less of a break resulting in an unusual gain of weight and feeling tired and shiftless throughout the day made me return to my natural habits. Learned to listen to my body the hard way – being quite healthy within my 60s now 😉

  7. Hi boss i am doing 19/5 intermittent fasting . i lost 16 kilo in 2 months but now i am not losing weight after reaching 85 kg what can i do any suggestions would be helpful please.

  8. I been HOMAD for three months. I feel sooooo gooood! I start first with fasting 16/8 for six months and then HOMAD. It change my life. I was 230 pounds and now I am 199 pounds. Its not juste for the weight lost its for the healt of my body. Tank you so much for all the details from your videos! Its clear, simple and efficient!

  9. Thank you Doc..You helped me change my life. Im killing diabetes im walking better sleeping better.. Eating better 1 meal a day. Meat an veggies drink only water no false sugar.. 400 readings on diabetes are 120 now.. Feeling 100% better got feeling back in feet an grew back on legs an toe's..just thank you so much ..

  10. I've been doing keto and fasting since May and lost 12kg around 24pounds. I started skipping breakfast but now i'd rather skip dinner with some faster results, sometimes i reach a plateau on my weight but then some nights i break the fasting with little food at night and start losing weight again. We have to balance and listen to our body. I love to have total control over food and hunger and not the other way around.
    My next goal is OMAD.
    Thank you so much Dr. Ekberg you have been an inspiration along the way, i ve learned so much because of you, God bless you 🙏

  11. Thank you for a great video! To make OMAD work for me without losing weight I need to eat three hours with short breaks in between. Considering health. Is the length which you need to eat your OMAD important?

  12. Many thanks for your excellent information. It's so clear and logically presented that I'm passing your name, site and relevant starting videos to friends and casual contacts. Since I have lost 2 stones = 28lbs, without effort and eating everything that I love to eat, (Keto) my friends and family are paying attention. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but my elder son does, he's just into his 50's, and I was shocked when I visited him 2½months ago. My automatic statement was, "Good grief, you've turned into your grandfather"! He knew it, as he looked about 8½ months pregnant….. Huge belly, just like before the baby is about to drop down in the last month of pregnancy. I was so horrified.

    Having complained to him a few times earlier, When he was nowhere near the size I was looking at, I further explained what was going on inside if he looked like that outside. Also explained the implications and told him what I was doing, how easy it was and how much weight I had already lost. The rest is history……. First a shopping trip for necessary food and ingredients. The ingredients and foodstuffs may be more expensive, but it's cheaper in the long run! We eat less, enjoy it more, not so many munchings or meals, end up 'IN POCKET' financially and timewise. My elder son doesn't do things by halves. Within 10 days he was almost back to normal size and now loved his waistline again. It's not fair that men seem to be able to lose weight so much easier than women.

    After the first day, his enthusiasm knew no bounds, we spent the first week in stitches…… Such fun and the food not only so delicious in flavour rediscovered but by the third day, sooooo noticeably satiating.We realised this at the same instant. Again hilarious. My son had begun to create dishes, primarily soups that made one weep with joy. Having discovered soups, he moved on to pizzas, bread/buns, pastry etc. My daughter was coming over to take me home the following day and he made a three course meal for the four of us, with tiny, individual savoury mince pies as part of the main course.

    After being amazed at her brother's transformation and my own trimmer figure, she was very interested in what we were doing, but a bit concerned about the 'measley' portion of soup set out for us as the first course, however it was so delicious and satisfying that she was really impressed; wanted to hire him as her chef, (very busy working life). None of us were able to eat all of the 2nd course and one pie, really tiny, was enough for three of us!! In effect, thanks to your impressive guidance, we had no problem with intermittent fasting and moved quickly and effortlessly to a Two day fast by the fourth day. Alternated this with a 24hr fast then pushed to 3 day fast without effort. Advice had been, DON'T EAT IF YOU'RE NOT HUNGRY, so we didn't. My son has created a cookery book with all his successful culinary experiments in it. Friends and family phoning up for recipes!! Since he has a sweet tooth he has created some healthy sweet stuff. but finds, most delightedly, that a VERY LITTLE satiates VERY, very quickly.

    Thank you again Dr. Ekberg. For your clear, comprehensive, information. So glad you and others have persisted in going against the accepted narrative on health. It can't have been easy, the MONEY moguls and 'so called 'Real Doctors', definitely don't like the challenge to their domination and falsehoods. Yet the message, which has ALWAYS been there, is clear, 'DOCTORS ARE NOT THE HEALERS they think they are, ONLY OUR OWN BODIES CAN HEAL US!

    Think of skinning your knee as a child…. Extreme pain = warning to treat wound very carefully: Lots of blood: to wash out grit and pathogens: to bring everything necessary for perfect healing and repair, including the nutrients and ingredients to provide the incredibly hard, and tough 'armour' to protect the wound from infection or further damage until healing is virtually complete. Itching as the armour begins shrinking away, in order to drop off from the newly healed wound, all without external human interference! 'Amazing and miraculous we are created': no doctor or pharmaceutical can do this, but most are still not in touch with these facts, BELIEVING ONLY THAT 'THEY' ARE THE HEALERS.

    Without our own bodily capacity to heal , our appendix would need the stitches forever, the broken bone would be in a cast or splint forever. Something to think about? DEFINITELY! For the pharmaceutical industry money is THEIR focus, not healing. Ever wonder why, once placed on drugs by a doctor, that one ends up being on most of these drugs for life, having been brought to believe that we need them. Great financial benefit for both food and drug industry. Officially backed by doctors too! Perfect, but for who? I'm not against doctors, just wish they would think outside the box and bring themselves up to date with the evidence available, in order to truly help their patients live full healthy lives. Some do and I'm sure more will follow eventually, in the meantime…….

    Doctors can cut bits out, realign bones to heal straight, then sew us up, BUT the reality of the healing process belongs to our own, perfectly crafted bodies. Antibiotics successfully combat OVERWHELMING BACTERIAL infections, and save VULNERABLE lives, but that's about all I can think of. The healthily nourished body can even do that too, without help and before the bacteria overwhelms the sufferer.

    Isn't it interesting that this movement has been spearheaded NOT BY Pharma or scientific progress, not even THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, but by associated fields such as yourself. As an olympic athlete, you had to familiarise yourself with keeping your body super fit and healthy… Therefore a natural move on to 'holistic healthy bodies and ways of living', which is now such a great benefit to so many. Many blessings.

  13. Love these videos and getting closer to starting as I Understand things a bit better. My confusion is how do I know how much calories I need and surely I would have to consume the daily calorie requirements in one go so as not to have a deficit? I’m a male and love cardio and strength training. I want to maintain muscle but lose fat. Most of all I want to know that I am living healthier. Where do I start ? 🤯

  14. I lifted weights my whole life, ive always been in "solid" shape. I been doing an omad'ish (2 and a half hour window)diet for 2 months now. I started at 247lbs and im now 217. This is the easiest thing ive ever done diet wise. I make sure to get a salad and green drink in then i eat what i want mostly. I try not to get crazy with the carbs but if i want pizza i get it.

  15. Ate three meals a day…drank beer…ate cake and candy…quit cold turkey…went to one meal a talk about hard…it was brutal getting used to omad…took several months to adapt but the results are worth it….don't quit if your not comfortable…and sorry but your gonna be hungry all the time…no pain no gain

  16. On Keto for 4 weeks and lost 10kg, 3rd week went 2MAD, 4th week went OMAD which was easy. Due to work , I just have lunch at 2pm
    with a morning green tea and evening coffee.
    Target is another 10kg drop which takes me to 80kg , I’m pre diabetic and 57.
    Thanks Dr Berg 👍

  17. Dr. Ekberg, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there is a limit on how much protein the liver can process during one sitting and most people's protein needs exceed that limit. I've chosen to go with two meals a day because I think the liver is only capable of processing about 50 grams of protein at a time, and most people require somewhere between 70 and 95 grams a day.

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