One Meal A Day Weight Loss (Plus 6 Top Reasons You’re Gaining Weight)

Intermittent Fasting with OMAD. One Meal A Day, for Weight Loss (Plus 6 Top Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight). Eating one meal a day (OMAD) for weight loss and other health benefits is very popular. OMAD and is a form of intermittent fasting where you only eat one meal a day. In this video you will learn about the number one reason people gain weight and how to eat OMAD for weight loss.

Eating once a day is not a fad diet it is what humans have been doing since we were created. It is natural and healthy to skip meals, but a few decades back we were told we need to eat 3 times a day with snacks. Needless to say people started gaining weight and today obesity is very common even in children. While weight loss is possible with OMAD you will also be surprised at other ways your health improves.



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  1. I've been following your channel and am now in ketosis. Some days I find that during moderate exercise my energy level drops precipitously while practicing OMAD. Is this normal? Am I likely to be missing key nutrients to cause this?

  2. Yeah, amazingly well explained, everything makes perfect sence even for laics like me. very concise and educative, noble man, probably saved millions of lifes.. true doctor.

  3. The science behind carbohydrates really follows with the logic of right wing economics, more cravings= more profits= more success for narcissists, worse health for eveybody else..

  4. I've been on an OMAD diet for the past 6 weeks. I started at 6'4, 270lbs.
    I'm at 249lbs now. My goal is to get back to around 200lbs. That's where I felt my best. Feeling really good and my mind also feels clear on this diet.

  5. I've been doing omad on and off for over 52 years. I also had high activity jobs,mostly constantly walking for 8 hours never sitting, but have since retired .In the last 2 years with daily walking and exercise I've been able to go from 1000 MG of metformin a day to 0. Omad /fasting works!

  6. Like many of you I wish this had made sense to me earlier. I had heard a few things similar, but it never clicked until recently. Thank you so much Dr. Ekberg for helping make sense of it all for me…I started with the reduced carbs and intermittent fasting… today was my first Omad day
    Thank you!! thank you!! thank you!!

  7. So I finally now fully understand why only one meal per day and walking for at least two miles a day is the only way I ever managed to lose 40 pounds.

  8. Dr Ekberg, i am on omad and tried a few to go on a longer fast. I break 2 rounds of 3 days fast as I began to feel heartburn or gastric coming up.
    Why is this so? Pls adv. Thk u.

  9. This is so true and totally explains why people, especially women, slowly keep gaining weight when they're in their 30s, 40s or even late 20s…Even if they eat "normally". I had the flattest stomach on the earth until 38 that's because I never ate refined sugar. Since I went back on sugar again I got fatter and fatter even though I didn't eat excessive amounts of calories (most of the time) and walked an hour a day. Now I understand why. Hurried back to keto.

  10. I'm losing heaps of weight that i haven't been able to shift in 30 years, and feeling great. All due to your informative, fascinating videos. Its life saving information. I'm so grateful to you.

  11. I have a question- (as someone who’s weight yo-yos, even on keto with intermittent fasting)… once you hit your target weight with OMAD, what do you do so that you don’t put any back on going back to an 18/6?

  12. I don’t see 18/6 or 16/8 as fasting. There’s no way your body has enough downtime with those. OMAD is the minimum someone overweight like me should be doing in my opinion.

  13. Dr I have question what will happen to the fat we eat? Will it not clog our arteries? What about vegan diet what your view on that 🙏

  14. Been fasting for decades. It is very challenging when you travel with others and at holidays when my Italian relatives want me to “eat, you too skinny”.

  15. when he said that bigger people have a better chance of survival during a famine i cracked up laughing LOL! the only reason why weight is good, survive a famine 😂🤣

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