Only A Glass Of This Juice… Reverse Clogged Arteries & Lower High Blood Pressure – Doctor Reacts

Have you noticed tons of videos claiming weight loss with one cup a day or clearing your arteries in hours with a magical drink? Now Doctor Ekberg Reacts to these claims of miraculous ways to lose weight and stay away from a heart attack. Take 1 Cup or even one tablespoon Before Bed… Lose Weight, Sleep Deeply, Burn Belly Fat & Clean Arteries – can it be true? Doctor Ekberg Reacts to their claims and clarifies what is possible or not.

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  1. Don't necessarily agree with all you say…you're a lot further ahead takingg an herb then a toxic petrochemical derived synthetic drug that's going to damage your liver/kidneys etc.
    And if you have a nutritional deficiency taking a supplement to boost your levels I think can be a good thing to take something for that as you start to improve your nutritional intake.

  2. In countries such as the US, where too many people do not have access to healthcare, it is understandable why they believe in such nonsense and why god is so popular. They just can't afford the real thing.

    I really can't understand how could you leave Sweden and move to a third world country such as the US.

  3. I really enjoyed this one, Dr. Ekberg, it made me laugh so much, and also it is so sad that people in such times with the internet where you can explore health and nutrition people still click on ridiculous videos like that. Thank you, Dr. Ekberg, I really enjoy your content always. Speaking the truth that everyone needs to hear and learn from it!

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