Personal Development – Fact Or Fiction

The idea of personal development, or the course by which we can improve the “substance” of ourselves, has been in existence since ancient times. There is no knowledge in this field that is new. That does not mean however that we have learned all there is to learn about the subject of personal development.

Knowledge, in this case, does not equal accomplishment. If you’re reading this article it’s a good bet that you have made attempts to improve yourself in one arena or another. If you have than you know one thing for sure, personal development is not easy!

The fact that personal development is difficult, to say the least, has led a lot of people to accept the idea that after childhood change is nearly impossible. You are what you’ve become. This sentence is partially true and partially false. First the truth of it. The experiences we “acquire” since our birth play an immeasurable role in shaping who we are. Experience is the ultimate developer of us. The behavioral responses created as a result of these experiences can be difficult to “reprogram”. Difficult does not equal impossible.

The inaccuracy of the thinking by those who accept personal development to be unattainable is in their belief that just because something is very difficult means that it is impossible. They believe that because they were unable to change in their first, second, or third attempt, it can not be done. Who wouldn’t accept that some of the greatest accomplishments in our history have only come after surmounting that which ,at first, seemed impossible?

It is important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Though personal development is not “easy”, it is simple.
  • Determination + Motivation + Action = Change
  • A few practical personal development tactics used consistently is all you need for amazing growth.
  • Overcoming ingrained habits is not only possible but not all that complicated.

Whatever personal development means to you, whatever it is that you would like to change, you can do it. Who you are is not who you have to be. What you currently feel yourself capable of can be dramatically increased. “Unwanted” habits can be replaced, and old emotional hurts can be healed. You must simply realize that the journey to a new you may not be all “wine and roses”. As with anything that is worth it in this life, personal development requires perseverance, commitment, determination, and sacrifice. If your personal development is truly worth it to you, you can have it.

Source by Steve L. Maher

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