Personal Grooming and Social Etiquette – Improving Personal Image and Developing Self Confidence

In today’s world of globalization and highly competitive business world, success is not just about academic accomplishments, technical skills and experience. Your self confidence in expressing your attitude, competence, credibility, professionalism and status together with a good self esteem and self image of yourself is extremely vital in giving you that extra edge when it matters most. Therefore, developing your self confidence and self esteem by improving your personal image through good personal grooming & social etiquette can help you compete successful in this highly competitive environment.

You will be pleasantly surprised how much you will be able to improve your self confidence and self esteem simply by projecting a good personal image & social etiquette. Consequently, you will find yourself better able to successfully influence other people’s perceptions of you. It will certainly help your cause to project the right visual image and behavioral etiquette by adopting the following advice:-

1. Always look well groomd as this is the first thing that people will notice. For men, you should avoid the unshaven look and for the ladies, appropriate make-up to enhance your look will make a world of difference.

2. Do dress well to project your personality and professionalism. You should invest in better quality clothes that you can afford which look and feel better. Do bear in mind that price is not always an indication of quality. Instead check on the craftsmanship and the fabric used. Image consultant have also emphasize that the color of your clothing should match your make-up and accessories to enhance your appearance.e

3. The right hairstyle to suit your face and lifestyle is just as important to give you that polished and positive professional look. Do avoid the greasy and messy hairstyle.

4. Pick up and educate yourself on good manners and the right etiquette. Acceptable behaviors are essential soft skills that you need to acquired in the social and business setting.

5. The right body language is another soft skill that you must educate yourself. The right positive body language can effectively make you appear more approachable, confident and professional.

6. Lastly, and needless to say, do not forget to smile. A sincere and genuine smile can help to break the ice and barrier when meeting and greeting someone for the first time.

It may require you to make a small investment of your money and time in developing your personal image through proper grooming and social etiquette especially if you require the services and advice of an image consultant. Your investment will also include changing your wardrobe and hairstyle, but remember that the end result may be well worth the effort. The projection of well groomed and well mannered personality will not only help you in the advancement of your business career but also help in improving your self confidence and self esteem that is so important in your daily social and working life.

Source by Jeremy Kong

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