FASTING MIMICKING DIET. Get the BENEFITS OF INTERMITTENT FASTING & STILL EAT FOOD. Fasting mimicking diet is a revolutionary way to prolong fasting benefits, created by Valter Longo, that allows you to eat but still get the benefits of fasting such as autophagy, weight loss and more. Autophagy is when your body up regulates recycling, cleanup and immune function.

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  1. I realize I’m a year late to this party but I have a sincere question. Wouldn’t this make my body interpret it as a time of starvation? “There’s food but not enough, I better store this”, right. I don’t understand how that works, but would really like to, so I can know if this is a good idea for me personally or if I should pass on this one. Can you help me understand the difference between this and just regular LCHF/Keto but not enough calories and how my body k it’s the difference so it doesn’t think it’s in starvation and time to store everything eaten?

  2. FMD sounds more difficult than Keto since we need to count calories. Not all proteins with same weight have same calories. Is there good way to count calories?

  3. Awesome video Dr. Sten I really want to try this. BTW I use the autophagy video on measuring the GKI as my reference now. Having the meters is so helpful. Thanks again!!!

  4. Dr Ekberg, I am a big fan of your thoughtful, methodical videos and they have helped me improve my health alot. However, I just wanted to point out that the fasting mimicking diet's nutritional composition is based on Dr Longo's research on extending healthy lifespans and the longevity diet. He found that, without exception, the longest lived populations in the world consumed a low protein, moderate carbohydrate and high fat diet. The results of his research are quite compelling. The carbs mainly came from complex carbohydrates and primarily from loads of vegetables – which is similar to the FMD. I suppose it all depends on individual goals in the end. Just thought I'd mention this point in response to your suggestions on "improving" the FMD.

  5. One video is all about steak, salad with a hamburger patty, eggs, next video, protein is bad, give it a rest, stay away from cheap carbs and all sugar and forget the rest of this rambling crap

  6. IDK how to measure the grams of food. Is there a chart that shows this? My LDL is 200+ ,HDL is 40, Triglycerides 104, calcium 11.1. I've fasted, then 2 MAD, now going to OMAD.

    I WAS taking calcium,zinc, magnesium supplements & a D3. Then I saw the calcium supplements also had 1500 IU of D3, so I was taking 6500 D3, I'm so hoping that's why my calcium is 11.1.

  7. Thanks so much, again, Dr E! I suspect the 800 calorie limit comes from mouse longevity studies, but I'm not certain. It's probably best to monitor your GKI as you step through the plan, to see what your personal results are. Dr. Ekberg's autophagy video explaining Glucose/Ketone Index (GKI) is a must see for all people interested in autophagy.
    I suppose two BIG green salads a day, each with one hard boiled egg and a nice EVOO dressing would be about right for this macro profile. Seems doable.
    I'm wishing everyone the healthiest of New Year 2021!

  8. This is awesome! I'm already keto & omad. I've tried water fasting, but wasn't able to do it. Will try this one for 5 days starting on Monday. Thanks!

  9. Please come back with some examples of mimicking ingredients that can sum a meal of 800 calories. When you say protein do you mean animal or vegetal protein, because it is different when eating 18 grams of meat than 18 gr of veggies… fat also animal or vegetal (olive oil/butter)? Thank u!, looking forward to your answers and videos! Greetings from Portugal!

  10. FMD is very suitable to asians who normally consumes high amount of carbs from rice, but not economically capable to afford much protein into their diet .. FMD principle of percentages between carbs+protein+fat if implemented with sustained varying calorie diet (low on alternate days-like one you mentioned above 800 vs 2k cal count with relatively higher carbs 25g-50g/1-2 cups of rice on high cal days & only 1-cup of rice or an alternative carb source for low cal count days) by doing 2MAD on a daily basis, is highly sustainable for long periods of time .. with the benefit of Autophagy through IF 16-18/8-6 feeding window .. for a healthier lifestyle without sugar cravings and lower budget for food overall

  11. A friend of mine asked the other day if long term fasting will cause cortisol levels to incline and I told him I don’t have reason to believe that it does. I understand fasting helps our organs become better and stronger and it helps stabilize our hormones from my understanding. I don’t see how long term fasting will over time cause the cortisol hormone to ignite and increase. I don’t see fasting even long term as being such a stressful event in that way. So I’m curious, can cortisol levels be affected by long term fasts?

  12. Hello Dr. Ekberg could you please give us some examples of what we can eat during those 5 days if we don’t need to lose weight. You said that we have to go vegan . How should we break fast? How many times should we eat and what?
    Thank you

  13. thank you dr. I have been doing a 23 hour fast 5 days a week m-f just drinking water and then eating one meal a day generally at 5pm. my meal is generally 800 to 1000 calories m – f
    on the weekends I eat two sometimes three healthy meals on saturday and Sunday. with one healthy snack.
    dr. can you please let me know if I am getting the benefits of autophagy and reducing my insulin resistance following the method I describe or do I need to make a change to what I am doing. my goal is to get maximum results. the meals I eat are keto. I drink nothing but water. coffee or tea after 5pm m-f . and drink the same on the weekend at will. thank you doctor.

  14. Today is day 1 of this fmd for me. Thank you for explaining this in such great detail! I am hopeful this will enable me to have an extended fast, as I am at my goal weight and get too hungry to fast more than than 48 hours.

  15. Started Keto way of eating January 2nd 2020 so far lost 10 lbs. this video made so much sense to me and now be able to follow this plan I believe with ease. I basically have been doing this as on Saturday’s I allow myself my favorite food at our local bakery where I have bread (Currently living in Germany the land of bread )😊. Reducing protein not a problem, increasing fat I will have to track but first thought is avocado. So happy I started following Dr. Ekberg

  16. Could you please talk DETAILS about SALTS. Because nobody hardly talk in details about SALTS and what salts do to our bodies.
    Everybody is saying salts cause high blood pressure….

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