Quick Keto Snack Recipe (So Yummy & Easy!)

Want a quick keto snack recipe? How about these Fat Bombs For Keto Easy Healthy Recipe. These are the best keto deserts. These keto bombs are so yummy. We actually like them more than plain chocolate. They have peanut or almond butter with chocolate – it taste oh so good. If you aren’t a cook this is a super easy keto fat bomb recipe that you love. They are almost like a chocolate fudge but they melt in your mouth. There is no baking just put them into the refrigerator.

Learning how to make keto snacks is something that will keep you on track on the ketogenic diet. Don’t overeat these, but if you are hungry these are a great snack or dessert when you are on a low carb diet. We believe these are this is the best fat bomb recipe.



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  1. I made this recipe today, I haven't tried it yet because the mix is in the refrigerator. But I made the math, for those who could be interested.
    Nutritional information for the whole batch is approximately:
    Total Weight 930 grms
    7600 KCal
    87% Fat (771 grms)
    6% Protein (118 grms)
    7% Carbohydrates (101 Net Carbs)

    Therefore if there are 7,600 KCal in a total of 930grms, each gram of this snack has a caloric intake of aprox 8.2 KCal per gram. Of which 87% is Fat; 6% is Protein, and 7% are Carbohydrates.

    Just be aware that there's a lot of energy in the whole batch, please do Dr. Ekberg recommendation "freeze them" cut the whole block into small pieces (between 70-100) and made the math of the nutritional information of each one of the small pieces, and after eat one keep it into your tracking numbers, other way could affect the progress of losing weight or your maintenence weight. GBY

  2. Sorry, but I tried many ways to get away from this recipes bitter taste. Finally had to flush it. Glad I didnโ€™t have all my nuts in yet. I think it is the butter volume.

  3. I was sooooo disappointed with this recipe! It looked so yummy and tasted absolutely awful. Powdered stevia , in my opinion, was the wrong sweetener. If gave the product a bitter taste. It needs erythritol or allulose or something other than stevia. Then the recipe has way too much fat in it. It was like eating a hunk of pure lard with walnuts in it. Really fatty and greasy to pick up. I should have thought one stick of butter would suffice and maybe the cream, but all that coconut oil too? Would not recommend making this. There are much better keto recipes out there.

  4. the problem with fat bombs is that they're too good. Then I finish off the entire amount I make the first day – 2 days if I stretch it. I add pumpkin seeds to mine too.

  5. I made this, it was very salty. I tossed it and tried again omitting salt. Still very salty. Maybe unsalted butter. Also, I only had heavy cream. I donโ€™t salt my food much or eat sugar. So things taste sweet and salty to me. If still too salty, will try one more time with regular cream and unsalted butter. Looking forward!

  6. Seriously you are my favourite doctor ever! I will never ever pay to see a doctor. They just write a script and see you out the door! The ending of this YouTube video is just hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. I absolutely can't stand Stevia, have tried it in powder as well as liquid forms, yuck. I can even tell if it's in something already prepared from the store ( Kombucha or other sweet drinks). I don't like Monk fruit very much either. I do like xylitol and erythritol. are these suitable replacements? I've been doing KETO ( very srtict between 10 – 20 g most days, some days 0) for a week. I have a lot of weight to loose. My mmol tonight was 2.9 and I'm down at least 5 lbs in this first week. Thanks for any advice. =)

  8. They look amazing…but Iโ€™m guessing it would be REALLY easy to over indulge on these. My dessert usually consist of a half cup of berries (blueberry, strawberry & raspberry) 2 squares of Lindt 85% dark chocolate… and I might add one TBsp of organic peanut butter if I ate chicken breast instead of red meat for my OMAD.

  9. I made this the other day! Absolutely luxurious! As it was just for myself I adjusted the amounts by a thirdish! However I forgot about it until the next a.m…to find it half white…on top…and dark beneath…I used half a dozen cut up Brazil nut and same hazelnuts! Oh my days…I will be making this again when it's done…I am desperately trying to put on weight as I lost too much too soon…does anyone have any tips other than eating more…is there anything keto I can eat without carb increase?…please…

  10. Do you have a recipe with SI units? I'm not familiar with all of the measurements listed and i also might want to scale it down or up a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

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