Real Doctor Reacts To Absurd MCT OIL & COCONUT OIL Claims

MCT OIL and COCONUT OIL are routinely called a “superfood”, a “healthy fat” and a staple for a keto diet. They are found in supermarkets and health food stores, but according to the news coconut oil might not be as healthy. In this video Dr. Ekberg reacts to a report from Canadian CBC News. They refer to a study on MCT oil and then attempts to discredit coconut oil on the sole basis that it contains saturated fats.
The report compares Coconut oil to butter, olive oil and lard inferring that the more saturated fats something has, the worse it must be. Watch a Real Doctor React To Absurd MCT OIL & COCONUT OIL Claims and give you the actual truth about saturated fats in general and coconut oil in particular.


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  1. I can remember when they linked cranberries to cancer (about 1959 or so). Just a few years later they were recommending cranberries as a preventative for kidney disease.

  2. The FDA, food industry and the drug companies are working hand in hand. Climate change fear is being used as the reason we must stop raising cattle and give up meat. The more sick we become the more drugs are prescribed

  3. You got to know why we have reporters making false information about real the facts. the cause it's never explain some people know it's the corporate money system to sale. it's everywhere the corporation dominates the market with false information to make big $$$$ Pharma, Petrol, insurances , and so on. it started in the US. and now it's everywhere on earth for the profit . We used to eat good food in France until the Mac Do Arrived.

  4. Reporters always have an agenda and few will listen to the truth if it goes against their biased reporting. Repeating an accepted lie makes life easier.

  5. Dr Ekberg, I'm so glad you addressed this. I saw that video and knew the woman didn't know what she was talking but I forgot the information in order to defend it.

  6. $650 Million is TOO much money for one product? The Canola Oil market revenue was 24,564 Million USD in 2019, and will reach 32,938 Million USD in 2025. A Brief History of Canola
    Canola Oil is really industrial lubricant used by small industry. It has never been meant for human consumption, because unlike most oils, it sticks to wet metal. low-erucic acid rapeseed oil. Rapeseed or Rape is the most toxic of all food oil plants. Like soy, rape is a weed is deadly poisonous. Rapeseed oil is 100 times more toxic than soy oil. Convincing consumers to start cooking with a industrial/marine lubricant was not a simple task. Rename it to โ€“ โ€œCanadian Oilโ€ or shorthand โ€“ โ€œCanolaโ€.

  7. One of the best videos Doctor, thank you so much. And just wanted to say I've been doing keto for about 3 years now and when i start i was 200 pounds, i wasn't obese but still i wasn't happy and i was overweight for sure. I was also diagnosed for hypertension when i was 28 and i was on medication till recently. now I'm 35 and I'm down to 149pounds and I'm doing omad intermittent fasting combined with some longer periods of fasting for benefits of autophagy and it completely returned my blood pressure to normal and I'm not taking medication anymore, but I'm checking both blood pressure and blood glucose daily to make sure everything is normal. My blood glucose has never been an issue and is between 66 to 90 most of the time. Thank you! people like you Doctor Ekberg, and Dr Berg and Naomi whittle are the reason i can have access to this wast amount of information to improve my health and longevity. I can't thank you enough.

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