Real Doctor Reacts To Crazy Jillian Michaels’ Comment On Keto Diet & Truth About Ketogenic Diet

Jillian Michaels Keto Diet & Truth About Ketogenic Diet. Dr Ekberg responds to Jillian Michaels criticism of the ketogenic diet and why she is right and wrong. The ketogenic diet is very popular, and there is still a lot of confusion on what it is and what it does for your health. Jillian Michaels admits that the keto diet helps with fertility, PSOC and other issues, but still thinks eating a ketogenic diet is creating an emergency in the body implying that keto is dangerous and bad for you. Eating lots of healthy fat, moderate protein and very low carbs has helped many people reverse obesity and chronic disease they thought was permanent, but a lot of people don’t understand the physiology of this. Dr Ekberg explains why the keto diet works and what happens in the body. He highlights what Jillian Michaels has said and then tells you what is a fact and what is fiction about eating a low carb diet and how a ketogenic diet works.



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  1. I watch shows about survival.
    Everyone that survive and thrive on these shows are practicing a Keto Diet. I would love to put her on an desolated island and see if her opinion changes.

  2. Jillian was extreme in her.. diatribe, and I do agree with your content about keto.. You are very magnanimous in the way you 'argue' (or talk about other people's points). Having said that, there is still a 'middle ground' that would be useful to talk about: a Zone diet (which is close to what Jillian is recommending) vs a keto diet. Would 30 30 40 (I assume 40 is the carbs) do 90% as much as keto, especially if you exercise to get rid of the excess carbs in storage? How about if you don't snack for 12 hours (aka 1:1 eating : fasting)? How about a fast (or keto-fast) to get your body insulin sensitive, and then following a 30 30 40 diet?

  3. how many Australian aboriginals/Tribes in Brazil and primitives ect eat pizza, cake, bread, rice, sweets, 3-6 times a day??
    how many have to brush their teeth 2 times a day to remove all the "Starch" that forms plaque??

  4. I first used a very strict low-carb diet introduced by Dr. Stillman back in the 1970's. Low-carb is the only diet that doesn't leave you feeling like you're starving. Many of the people from the Biggest Loser show gained their weight back; and they had worked very closely with Jillian. I wonder if any of them have gone low-carb since then.

  5. Michaels is a shill who is directly acting to damage the health of people. She repeats all the standard talking points that the shills propagate. These talking points have been debunked time and again by real experts citing real empirical evidence. I will not give her the benefit of the doubt. She is a species of criminal. Do your own research and never listen to the first "guru" you hear. An example of real fact based argumentation is the above video. It is informative and does not spread lies and ridiculous claims (e.g. essential carbs).

  6. Ms. Michaels was also a big part and advocate of the "Biggest Lo$er" show that endorsed 900-1200 calorie a day diets, unsustainable and extreme exercise programs. The majority of the participants experienced a major failure rate and huge weight gain within months after their shows episode was over! Very sad for Jillian and Bob for that matter!!

  7. I had some respect for Jillian but after hearing the bunch of nonsense she said I done with her.
    I have been doing intermittent fasting for about a year and a half (18/6) and a feel great. I lost weight, I am more focused, I don't need my driving glasses any more, a have lots of energy, I feel calm and relax, and I sleep great.
    No more yoyo diets, or been hungry all the time.

  8. Just follow the Blue Zone diets & try to mimic the lifestyles. Suggest also checking out the research of Valter Longo. And remember what George Burns said: "Eat Half."

  9. I don't blame you Sten, but you got carried away a bit
    you started ketosis is number 1 for lowering insulin resistance
    you definitely know where I am coming from
    number 1 is fasting
    number 2 is ketosis
    number 3 is exercise
    I shall be surprised if I am wrong here, but I am not afraid to bite the bullet, if there is need to do so
    You do sometimes get carried away just a bit, like here, but this is definitely not reason to stop listening to you. I have not found you wrong anywhere, only with such small details.
    and I am not expert. I have you, MD Jason Fung, MD Ken D Berry, MD Berg, MD Bergman. They definitely know more and better then me

  10. Unfortunately, Jillian is a slave to her paradigm in the sense that she is a fitness guru and deals almost exclusively with morbidly obese people. Both of these factors have skewed her perception of what is the optimal diet for people in IR. She mistakenly assumes that simply because SHE is ‘healthy’ that people (and particularly overweight people) should therefore adapt HER lifestyle. There is absolutely no question that her exercise regime is the PRIMARY contributor to her health and insulin sensitivity, and probably LESS so because of her dietary habits. I would say it is probably BECAUSE of her higher than average exercise routines she is insulin sensitive and not because of her calorie conscious diet. As you point out, the proof of this being a flawed model is that once these people adopt her lifestyle of diet and exercise, they inevitably swing back to being IR and obese again.

  11. I’ve been on strict clean Keto + OMAD for five days and already feel the difference. No more cravings! I heard Keto long time ago but thought it would cause a lot of problems because of high fat. After watching Dr. Ekberg’s videos, I changed my mind as I felt I had truly understood the concept this time. Thank you Dr. Ekberg for explaining everything so well. I love how you use the simplest language to enable us understand key concepts. “When it comes to fat, it’s about quality.” This one is my favourite!

  12. I tried Jenny Craig and other numerous calorie restricted diets I was always hungry and I always gained the weight back. Keto I can eat bacon eggs and eat till I’m full I intermittent fast and I’m always full with no cravings I’ll take keto any day every day sorry Jillian your program has been tried and failed show us a reunion of the biggest loser and lets see if they kept it off starvation diets don’t work

  13. Ms. Michaels argument can be compared to the statement 'tea has more caffeine than coffee.' This is true but much less tea is used in a cup, therefore a CUP of tea has less caffeine than a cup of coffee. I only eat once a day and am NEVER hungry. I eat as much as I want but usually have to force myself to finish my plate. Been on the KETO diet for about 4 years, wish I would have know about it when I was younger…

  14. I eat twice a die thanks to Dr. Ekberg's videos ( and to myself of course 🙂 ) what I couldn't imagine before because of my stupidity and others misleading…It works, I'm losing weight and my goal is OMAD. 🙂

    So..thank you Dr. Ekberg.

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