Real Doctor Reacts to Dr. Oz Videos on Belly Fat & Weight Loss

Understanding your weight loss goals and what it takes to get there can sometimes be half the battle. This video is to clear up some confusion and explain how to lose belly fat and weight. Thank you so much for supporting the Real Doctor Reacts to series. Two videos from The Doctor Oz Show will be reviewed and explained in a way to make more sense.

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Link to Dr. Oz 2nd Video:


Welcome to Real Doctor Reacts by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

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  1. All doctors work for pharma, Dr OZ commercials and financing are from big companies who sells us sugars in variety of form, he cant say what you say, to reduce sugar and carbs. Can you imagine people will stop buying everything that in the mid section of the stores? and on the other side stop buying drugs? They never allow you Dr. Ekberg to speak to masses on major TV .never!

  2. I appreciate your work so much. I am not even slightly fat but after watching quite a lot of your videos I have been following your guide of eating and I love it and I feel really really good now. It all makes way more sense how the body works now and I am improving my knowledge about my body every day. Thank you!

  3. Dr. Oz is very famous here in New Zealand too and I'm sure he will be in Australia. He's well liked as well. I think it's quite damaging for such a high profile and respected person to be spreading this misinformation

  4. I LOVED your insight! So refreshing😲😃 I’m busting up! You did a great job of informing me of how important it is to cut down on my carbs to decrease fat on my waistline. Thank you so much for clarifying♥️

  5. Great video. I hate when people with a bit of celebrity status spread misinformation because so many people will listen to that and potentially harm themselves. It's so irresponsible of somebody like Dr Oz.

  6. Thank you doctor for sharing your knowledge. I do really enjoy watching how you clearly explain the issue with a reliable solution. I completely agree with you and find this video very helpful. Great job and am watching all your videos.

  7. We need balance in life and now that DR. Ekberg has arrive as the voice of healthy reason and is separating facts from myths' the scale of real knowledge has once again aligned!

  8. I'm so glad I found you sir
    I've been telling people about your theories through my own personal experience and understanding.
    I always get to hear shut up aren't a scientist. Finally I can show people your theories and now they're all silent because you have a degree. 🙏🌹❤ you saved me from sounding like a moaning idiot

  9. Dr. Oz may be a cardiologist but he's sorely lacking in nutritional science and metabolism. He has so many "miracle cures" from Green coffee beans to heaven knows what that I quit watching him. And he has had way too many snake oil salesmen on from the pharmaceutical industry and just plain charlatans that in my opinion, he's list any credibility he had.

  10. You are a very generous man.. after those clips of "Dr" Oz, I laughed out loud, and then got angry. I suppose my only defense for him is that he probably got people to listen after they've tuned out all the other nutritionists – because who wouldn't tun in in disbelief.. As for the Dr, I've always thought he was an idiot, but I thought part of it was due to payoffs by product placement, etc. But I didn't hear any of that in this video, which means… Well.. perhaps the chocolate industry thanks him??

  11. Dr Oz is not in position to discuss medicine. By what he said, I don't believe he has adequate training. Unfortunately this does not stop him from being a celebrity!

  12. Dr Ekberg I luv your YouTube videos and for the most part agree with what you teach with the exception of the comment on olive oil helping lose weight counter to Dr. Oz video. Research has show that olive oil aids in the browning of fat a path to weight loss via Keto,Interment fasting and exercise.

  13. Oz as a bigger audience and he's paid by the food industry in pharmacy I got tired of believing their lies. And the lies that my doctors told me and started taken MyHealth in my hands I listening to you and the keto diet and my health is getting better. I try at their ways for 50 years and I only got worse but no last 3 or 5 years ice on the keto diet and I'm up and walking when I could not walk for a whole year because of all that crap I believed in my information like dr. Oz

  14. I'm just wondering, how can a heart surgeon be that ignorant? Some crazy wild stuff he's throwing at his audience. Like some sleazy showman. What a character! Thank you Dr. Ekberg for exposing this nonsense.

  15. hi,, have to say that I am watching your videos with very much interest, I am learning a lot of things, good things in my opinion
    I have initiated to make fasting from a week now , 18/6 ,, hope I resist and make a living style of this

  16. The issue with "willpower vs biology" is about cravings. If you create a no-fail environment at your home (no or non-carb snacks, no junk food, nothing that can easily be snacked on) then you need way less "willpower" than if that stuff is around (even for other people). It's like it's a lot easier to quit smoking if you don't hang around people that smoke, but if you do hang around people that smoke, it's nearly impossible to quit. EVERYONE should be eating like this, even kids. You shouldn't wait until you are sick before working to be healthy.

  17. I've been fasting and bike riding for only two months and then started watching your videos. I've lost 22 pounds. I am at 228 pds. and haven't been here since my sons were teens. I know I'll be under 200 soon enough. Thank you Dr. Ekberb.

  18. I don't eat sugar, I have two meals of high fat and protein and drink water and then exercise for up to 3 hours every day , I looked the best I've ever have in my entire life

  19. I used to watch Dr.Oz show years ago, until I found out that Dr. Oz kept a lot of people and myself in the ignorance of health. AMA, I never got well with soda, I got better with Ketogenic diet. I stopped watching Dr.Oz show, he is blinded up with the old teaching. Who knows he probably keeping the IF and just not telling the truth. Glad abou my new found knowledge. The k you Dr. Eckberg.

  20. Dr Oz demeanor says: I AM SELLING YOU SOMETHING! honestly I don’t understand everything they say but just that infomercial vibe makes me doubt Oz

  21. With so many factual info out there including this channel. Why would anyone in their right mind take advice from oz?. I now fully understand the way keto works and was afraid to try it. Instead ive been over eating protein and my weightloss progress stalled. I really didn't understand why. Until I bumped into this channel. I couldn't explain how much better i feel and dropped one pound a day.

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