Real Doctor Reacts To Dr. Sam Robbins Intermittent Fasting, Weight Gain & Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo Wrestlers, Gaining Weight & Intermittent Fasting was a video Dr Sam Robbins did and this is a Reply Video. Intermittent fasting, weight loss and health benefits of being on a diet where you eat a one or two meals a day was said to make you gain weight not lose weight. Dr Sten Ekberg explains why that is wrong. Intermittent fasting actually is very healthy. He also explains how to gain weight by doing intermittent wrong where you will gain weight like a sumo wrestler.

Here is Dr Sam Robbins’ video



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  1. Finally, someone explaining why I am so, so sleepy after I eat bread. Even if it is wholegrain and stuff like that. Feed me bread and I'm no longer able to walk even for a few minutes cause I'm way too tired.
    Yep, still IR.

  2. I tried fasting (for religious reasons) before when I knew nothing about I.F. and it was so hard. I was so hungry and eager to get off the fast. Now, it is so easy because I have no hunger cravings. I can't believe it, how 'easy' it feels. I really can't believe since I am a person who naturally craves carbohydrates. I think I am naturally a carbohydrate burner since I had no "will power" and always craved sweets; but I guess I must have some fat adaptibility in me somewhere because it is much easier now with the principles being taught here.

  3. Thanks Dr. Can you explain the true ADF( 36 hours fasting without food), its benefits, how to do it without lost muscle, if is possible drink coffe during the 36 hours of fasting. Thanks again

  4. I'm a recently new subscriber and am cherry picking through your older videos..Full respect to you with the content. You have a patient way of explaining the mechanisms of the various paths of food groups and their effects. I was already knowledgeable regarding low carb and keto but have found a new understanding..Respect to you sir

  5. Greetings from KSA.. Thank you so much for sharing wonderful researched based content and giving us awareness of what Fad is actually. We are destroying our health and environment through modern civilization which is not so important to live on this planet but we can survive better, healthier with less food with non-Genetically modified, organic, Seasonal & fresh Foods. Nature made everything for humans accurately and in enough quantity. we are the only human who distributes lands and resources with the intent of injustice, distributed in nations to create boundaries.
    In my understanding Religions are not big issues we are suffering now but only Capitalism, industrialism and human controlling factors are devasting for humanity.

  6. Great explanation Dr. Ekberg. What about some of the top action movie stars like the Rock that do a Carb cycling diet? It seems like they eat almost Keto during the week and then extremely high carbs and calories for a day on the weekend. Is this ever a good plan and is it plausible in a natural state or do you need some pharmaceutical assistance to show those types of results?

  7. great video as usual dr sten. agree with everything you just said. i am so pleased today. i am now officially (according to national health service uk) not in overweight zone. i am classified as healthy weight for my height age etc. i only got 11 lbs to get to my target weight. i have had around 10 people not recognize me, or if they do, the first thing they say is i am looking amazing and ask what i am doing. keto and IF is the best thing ever

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