Real Doctor Reacts To Dr. Sam Robbins Intermittent Fasting: Weight Loss, Get Fat & Get Diabetes

Intermittent Fasting – Weight Loss, Get Fat & Get Diabetes Reply Video to Dr. Sam Robbins’ Intermittent Fasting – Lose Weight, Get Fat & Become Diabetic 2 video. Review by Dr. Ekberg, a doctor who has hundreds of hours in nutrition. Intermittent fasting, weight loss, and losing fat are very popular. There are a lot of videos on dieting and intermittent fasting, but most of them are lacking a lot of facts about how to do it correctly. If you are wondering can intermittent fasting make you gain weight, I will answer that in this video.

Intermittent fasting, fasting diet, or time-restricted eating claim to fame is that helps to burn belly fat/ lose your belly and it does so through fast weight loss. But is fast weight loss even healthy? Sam Robbins questions the long-term effects and says that you will lose weight, but you will gain weight and become a diabetic 2.

Dr. Sam Robbins Intermittent fasting, keto diet, and eating healthy are incredibly popular because people want to lose weight fast, but most of us know to stay thin you need to do it in a healthy way. Intermittent fasting is a natural weight loss diet and it is healthy if you eat natural foods provided by nature.

If you are already enjoying doing intermittent fasting I have a video on the keto diet too. Please let me know if you would like more information about intermittent fasting or ketosis and I will make more videos on these diets.

Remember that the goal is to get healthy not going on a diet. When you are healthy your body will be at its ideal weight. This video is about the Keto diet explained and a Ketogenic diet explained diet review.

Thank you for listening and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you want more videos like this by giving it a like and a share.

Here is Dr. Robbins’s video on the Intermittent Fasting – Lose Weight Get Fat & Become Diabetic 2:

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  1. When I was in high school, I was in glee club with this guy who had been obese and lost a lot of weight. I hadn't known him when he was fat, but heard about it. So, I asked him how he lost all the weight and all he said was…."eating only once a day".

  2. I just started and I'm not tired after eating anymore. I looked in the bathroom mirror while in my birthday suit and … and … there was something strange about … something. AH! The skin! it's all pale beige with no red spots or anything now. Not that it was a problem or anything before but now all un-beige areas are gone. I guess that's a good thing, right? 😀 Same with what I thought to be normal random itching. Again not a problem but completely gone hehe. I think I better keep doing dis!

  3. I think Doctor Ekberg hit the nail on the head regarding profit. Nobody profits from intermittent fasting because it's absolutely free. However, somebody does stand to lose money by intermittent fasting, namely the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. People eat less, that's less food; people get healthier, less need for drugs.

    I wonder… Might Sam Robbins be sponsored by any entities who could lose money from intermittent fasting? If that were the case, then validity to his claims would not matter, only protecting his profits.

  4. I am on IF 5 years now, doing 22/2 for the past two years.
    Today's doctors lack of general knowledge is the reason I have little respect for "medical" practitioners.
    All they do is follow what the big pharma is preaching to them. Try this and if no improvement we try something else – language of a typical "doctor"

  5. Intresting. So only the free radicals caused by procceced food or meds or whatever the causes are bad. But the ones produced by the body it's good, because it's part of the immune system.

  6. These chiropractic doctors are out of control. They think they are more qualified than doctors that got a degree in a medical field. Please you look about as healthy as a drug addict 🤣

  7. Fight the good fight against these silly nay-sayers! IF has lost me 11kgs in 4 months , but weight loss is not it’s biggest advantage.
    I find reduced muscle inflammation the biggest change.
    Thank you Dr. fung, Eckberg, Berg et al … 👍👍👍

  8. Is there a study where all bones fuse 100% for all males to get taller cause I hear different ages on the internet. I'm not sure if there's that magic number. Dr. Sam Roberts assumes by age 25 its too late to get taller. Then another doctor said he had a case with someone at age 28 with open growth plates.

  9. I just went to Robbins' video. It's just…unbelievable the misinformation, cherry picking and absurdity. And so many are thanking him for his 'great' video. Ooof! I did leave a few comments. It seems Dr. Robbins is just as 'in the woods' is as that Jillian person. Wow.

  10. Muslims do IF from sunrise to sunset for a whole month ie ramadan every year even without water and nothing but spiritual and physiological benefits.
    All we needed is some science explained and dr ekberg is providing that very well.
    thank you dr

  11. I am eating a Keto diet, I have lost 13# and 3” in waist & a lot of body fat, my glucose is good now and my BP is reduced (average last 2 weeks 127/76). However, my cholesterol jumped from 235 to 304 & my LDL to 233 & Triglycerides 239 &HDL to 54 & Chol/HDL (fasting) 5.6. My cardiologist said I needed to stop Keto and that the normal glucose, weight loss & reduced BP we didn’t need to consider. ONLY the LDL mattered and that I am at high risk for a heart attack unless I take the statins because I have genetic high cholesterol. He would prescribe Crestor. He wasn’t interested in my weight loss or glucose normalizing & said my BP was just “borderline”! I know that during weight loss, LDL can go up as body releases more fat into bloodstream. I was pleased with my progress thus far but my doctor was adamant that nothing was important except the LDL. HE SAID MY PROBLEM WAS GENETIC & ONLY STATINS WOULD FIX IT! I tried 3 different statins 8 years ago & had strange muscle aches and terrible brain fog & focus problems (it was like I was developing ADHD). Reviews on Crestor are scary…Pancreatitis, Liver disease, non-reversible muscle damage & brain fog! I’m looking at continuing low carb & high fat but less saturated & more monounsaturated. Will this help (once I stop weight loss…need 5 more #) & will LDL’s reduce? Or am I taking a risk with or without statins? I’m adding more aerobic exercise & yoga for stress. I have included IF (16 hr overnight) for weeks & it made the biggest difference in weight loss. I think I will add a monthly 24-36 hr Fast. Any suggestions about my diet as a “modified Keto” & do I have hope to lower LDL in any way without statins?

  12. I’ve only just started intermittent fasting, been Keto for 6 months. Question I normally eat at 6pm and then eat around 9. According to some videos I’ve watch they say you need to fast for 16 hours, as I’m not doing the full 16 hours am I gaining any benefit? Some mornings I just wake up and I am hungry, and being type 2 diabetic my insulin levels can be a bit low, since starting Keto my health has improved so much. Thank you

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