Real Doctor Reacts To The Game Changers (Full Movie Documentary)

Real Doctor Reacts To The Game Changers (Full Movie Documentary Review) Netflix. In The Game Changers Arnold Schwarzenegger is interviewed shortly, but makes a large impression. The Game Changers is James Cameron’s latest documentary movie and the focus is on plant-based diets. Here is an unbiased evaluation on The Game Changers review of its strengths and weaknesses. The Game Changers movie has a lot of flawed premises so make sure you understand the facts with this documentary movie review.

Dr. Sten Ekberg, Holistic doctor, Olympic decathlete and former vegetarian, reviews The Game Changers documentary movie, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger appears shortly, and explores the arguments made in favor of an all plant based diet.

The Game Changers is a documentary film about the benefits of plant-based eating for athletes.The documentary follows former UFC fighter James Wilks who, while recovering from an injury, travels the world and talks with elite athletes that follow plant-based diets. Athletes interviewed include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrik Baboumian, and Dotsie Bausch. The film has over a dozen executive producers, including James Cameron, Pamela Anderson, Rip Esselstyn, Jackie Chan and Brendan Brazier.

Dr Ekberg’s mission, as always, is to teach how health really works and in this review you will find out how he delivers a different perspective than any other you have seen. Some may think this is a another The Game Changers debunked videos, but it is much more in depth than most.

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  1. 🔷 Watch this next: Real Doctor Reacts To Absurb MCT OIL & COCONUT OIL Claims
    Have you watched The Game Changers documentary movie? Let me know what you think of it.
    Share this video with all your keto and/or vegan friends. There are so many misconceptions around meat/vegan/carbs/keto.
    Now watch how to handle the real problem – Insulin Resistance:

  2. That documentary was nothing but elitist propaganda garbage. They want their plebs to be unhealthy and on a vegan diet. That's where it's heading, even if they are just pushing vegetarian diets in the movie. They eventually want us to have no animal products at all. Easier to control people who are unhealthy.

  3. I’ve been on a plant based whole food diet for weight loss and cholesterol reduction now for five months. I’ve lost 35 pounds, blood levels are all back to normal or almost there. I feel fantastic, energy levels are high, snd mood is elevated. Digestive system is on point, which was never the case when I was a meat/dairy eater. I will say however that it’s way more difficult than a keto diet. At least the way we do it. We make all of our sauces ourselves, rarely buy pre made anything. Everything is made in house so prep times are longer. But overall, I think I’ve found what works for me.

  4. And now on to the "Holistic" MD that agrees with everything the Game Changers Movie says.

    For real though, whatever you choose, whether it's plant-based, Keto, Mediterranean, etc. You're going to likely see health improvements as you're no longer eating Fried Chicken.

  5. Dr. Ekberg you deserve 5million subscribers at the very least. More people would benefit greatly by your information and knowledge especially children and those w diabetes and chronic illnesses. *^^ off to watch the pinned video while i drink my cup of bulletproof coffee

  6. Haven't broken a bone since turning vegan, think I broke at least two bones or more each year until I became vegan, I have thin bones, small bones on a big enough frame, which is the cause, not one broken since I changed over.

  7. 1:38 with the low key athletic career talk, "Yeah, I had some success…" My idea of "had some success" = I remembered to go do my workout today. This dude's definition = "I made it to the Olympics". Yeah, I guess you could call that "some success" lol.

  8. Why would a fighter trying to find the best diet for recovery even think about the efficiency of animal farming. Its pretty obvious this is a piece of propaganda and nothing more.

  9. I did not see game changers as an informative movie trying to prove plant based diet is better than omnivore diet. I saw it as strictly, 'How to Make More MONEY' for the famous.

    Antioxidants destroy free radicals. Free radicals are not only Oxygen. Doesn't the human body treat Oxygen atom (O) different than Oxygen molecule (O2)?

    Very good video(s) Dr. Ekberg. Good Non-biased information, good smooth voice, very good on not trying to force others one diet is better for them than another diet. Very good on being truthful on how much research you did.

  10. I did not watch the movie. But I really enjoyed Dr. Ekberg’s presentation. Although I am not a specialist in this field, I agree with Doctor’s views. Once I tried to be a vegan, but I felt worse and worse. After three weeks I had to stop. After a month I tried again. This time I could continue only two weeks. I am not a meat lover, but I understood the meat is essential for my body. I’m for a balanced diet.

  11. 13:07 – FALSE! I eat once a day about 5/40/55 C/P/F and never run out of energy, and I can't take naps anymore even if I wanted to. 🤣😂😅 PURE PROPAGANDA FROM THE NON MEAT FOLKS, sorry, désolé, mes amis ! Great vid, Doc! Keep it up! 💪👍

  12. When I use to eat a lot of sugar and grains, I would have significant brain fog and would be fatigued and irritable if I hadn’t eaten recently, regardless if I had a mostly plant or animal-based diet. I also had more hunger cravings that made it much easier to eat more calories than I needed. But when I eat less sugar and carbs consistently and more protein and healthy fat weather plant-based or animal-based, I don't have those problems. So it may be anecdotal evidence, but without even looking at the organic chemistry and biological science of how humans process fat, carbohydrates, and protein, I know that documentary is full of bad information. A lot of people want to eat a healthy and an ethical diet, and want to blame their health problems on animal fat and animal protein, but it’s the processed fats, excessive carbohydrates, GMOs, preservatives, and toxic pesticides combined with a sedentary lifestyle that are to blame for most of their health problems. A lot of the plant-based meat and dairy alternatives that are being made by food companies, are just as processed, refined, and unhealthy as the ones they are trying to replace. If people want better vegetarian eating options, people need to first stop consuming so much junk food and eat natural low-carb and high fat whole foods, not just replace them with plant-based ones. Thank you Dr. Ekberg for taking the time to present people the truth, when the internet is full of so much bad information.

  13. Man i saw this so often first hand that media quotes a source and then makes claims using that source which is the complete opposite of what the source actually says if you look it up. it's almost like you can't trust the media for information…

  14. I’ll tell you what’s truly despairing about the movie Game Changers……more people would have watched it over watching Dr Elbert, and believed so much of it! They may go through their entire lives believing it and applying it, not realizing that much of it is incorrect. Even the references they reference contradicts what the movie says!

  15. 40:50 shout out to Joel Salatin ❤️
    I got interested in sustainable farming partly due to his work! I visited his farm for a from tour and it's a great experience!
    You can intern there to learn how to run a sustainable and organic farm where you sequester carbon through cows and chickens grazing the land and locking up carbon with the growth of the grass and natural fertilization!
    Joel Salatin has written a lot of books to help and encourage young people to start farming.
    I recommend any of them.
    He's a philosopher farmer and an eloquent speaker. Been on Joe Rogan's podcast as well.
    Look him up!

  16. I like Dr. Ekberg’s approach to science- as it should be. Data analyzed by unbiased, intelligent mind. He has no drama that I see in other Doctors who take on a religious-sentimental-political-personal and sometimes suspicious monetarily motivated approach.

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