Santa Is Fasting & Eating Low Carb

Santa is doing intermittent fasting and low carb now. Learn what Santa is doing to reduce his belly, get more energy and get more out of life. Santa Claus opens up about his new fasting and keto lifestyle and the intermittent fasting results he is getting.

Thank you Santa for the interview. To see Santa’s favorite BBQ channel

All character scripts were written by Dr. Sten Ekberg.

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  1. Your videos are full of so much valuable information I really appreaciate all you're doing and taking your time to explain so many subjects…

    I really like the way you explain intermittent fasting. I've seen other videos about it and I have to say your videos are the ones I trust the most!

    Though I'm curious on your thoughts about "water fasting" and thus "prolonged water fasting", I really look forward to an explanation about it since you're so thorough <3

  2. I have done Keto Diet and had a hard time keeping it up. Is it possible
    to reach a middle ground with carbs and ketosis? Example: What about
    eating only carbs at night? No carbs at breakfast or lucnh, but eating
    all the carbs you want at night? Will this push me in the right
    direction or will it not work? My thoughts on this working are: I have
    read that the glucose from a meal gets used during the next 5h after the
    meal. If this is truely the case, then your body may start the day
    using glucose, but then switch a little to ketones in the afternoon
    until you reach your dinner. Thanks for your answer!

  3. Great message from Santa, especially when he reviewed how the foods changed through the years. A small correlation to what dr. Ekberg teaches, that western medicine should work on eliminating THE CAUSE of disease, not treating the symptoms. In this case, it would be:- humanity should eliminate THE CAUSE of all this unhealthiness, which is the profit-driven, unhealthy CAPITALISM! It will be much more effective than treating the "symptoms" of it, such as searching for noble videos like these!

  4. So if you're new to fasting and are struggling to make it through, instead of just drinking water or sipping herbal tea, does eating a bit of celery cause the production of insulin or ruin the other benefits of fasting since there's relatively no carbs, sugar, or protein?? Also, can you put a bit of cream and monkfruit in the herbal tea?

  5. …πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»β›„οΈβ„οΈ instead of leaving Santa β€˜gluten sugar filled cookies’ out on Xmas Eve, leave him πŸ’―% dark chocolate, hazel nut 🌰 fat bombs lol; very good video.

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