Saturated vs Unsaturated Fats

Saturated vs Unsaturated Fats explained. Learn how dietary fats bond and if saturated or unsaturated fats are healthy and good for your body. A lot of people wonder about the difference between saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, so in this video you will learn the compounds, why they form the chains they do, why they melt the way they do and more.



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  1. Dr Sten, i also have learned about hydrocarbons in college .and i could relate to your explanation really..the single -bonded HCs(saturated) refer to alkanes, those with double bonds ( unsaturated) are called alkenes, and the ones with triple-bonds are called alkynes…it is so ironic since supposedly, the triple bonded should be the strongest and more stable…but the byproducts of petroleum oil , like lpg ,gasoline, acetylene, have all triple bonds …and they are so they are not really thanks much dr.Ekberg for the refresher / additional info.. at least we will not be in doubt anymore what oily foods are beneficial to the body…👍

  2. Hi, I’m wondering, would a 1 calorie fruit tea break my fast? I wouldn’t mind a few during the evening but not if it’s going to undo my fasting effects?

  3. Hello Dr Ekberg! I purchased a (Be$t-Quality) Black, Avocado Tee-shirt-size-Small-but Have Not received it-Only receiving a rather Cryptic e-mail. So Please either Chase it Up or Refund me the money I Spent-Thank-you! x M

  4. Dr. Sten I've been searching for about 2 weeks for a good explanation of saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids. They were either dumbed down to much or incomplete due to a bias for either one. I am grateful for your complete and balanced explanation. You have answered and filled several bewildering gaps in my understanding Saturated vs Unsaturated Fats. Thank you! I eagerly plan to watch your recommended video "Best Fats To Eat" next.

  5. I’ve enjoyed learning from all your videos…. good content and presentation. In this one it would have been more helpful to see a list of the actual fats and foods associated with each category.

  6. This was exceptionally clear and accessible lecture. I wasn't aware that the length of molecules affect their melting point. What is the composition of Lard, which is even softer than butter? Lard is very practical for that reason. Beef fat is a pain to wash and it clogs up drain pipes. Is there any truth to it also creating blockages in the digestive system?

  7. Many thanks. Great food for thought. As a retired chemical engineer (hydrocarbons) I enjoyed you explanations of isomers. I have no biology background so coming to conclusions about what works in the body is a huge leap for me. I assume short chained fats might be metabolised too quickly, causing insulin spikes (maybe Caproic acid C6H12O2 in MCT oil). Longer chained fats with double bonds near the Middle might be ideal (For example alpha-Linolenic acid C18H30O2 in flaxseed oil). So possibly the later is better for OAPs like myself with veins hardening from straight chain saturated fats. Just trying to understand the complexities of body chemistry thanks.

  8. Does combining olive oil and butter on high heated pan is a good idea while cooking? There are some recepies for mushrooms and meat using this technique. I am wondering is it healthy

  9. Dr. Ekberg, thank you so much for giving the education we really need. I just listened to a talk on overeating, the speaker mentioned that olive oil promotes breast cancer. I was shocked and stunned by this piece of information. How could that be? Is olive oil really that bad?

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