Self Esteem in Relationships

People with low self esteem sabotage their relationships. They feel responsible for the others people feelings or happiness. Don’t set boundaries and become pleasing with their partner. If you have a good self-esteem you will do things that feed this feeling, that is why self-esteem is important when it comes to relationships.

Why self esteem is important in Relationships

Relationships are the key of a happy and satisfying life, and if you don’t have healthy relationships, at least a few, you are not living the life you want and need for optimal health. Many, many people experience serious problems when it comes to the most intimate relationships.

Healthy relationships are based on respect, trust and sharing. In order to have respect and trust for your partner you have to respect and trust in you. You must have a good self-esteem.

To be comfortable with others you have to be comfortable with yourself. Consider your feelings about yourself. Notice if you can be yourself or you lack self-esteem and confidence:

  1. Do you really believe that you deserve love and to be happy?
  2. Can you accept that the other person loves you or do you feel unlovable?
  3. Do you have enough self-confidence to set boundaries?

As Nathaniel Branden said:

“If you hope to be happy with another person, no factor is more important than self-esteem — in you and in the other person. There is no greater barrier to romantic success than the deep- seated feeling that one is unlovable. The first love affair we must consummate successfully in this world is with ourselves; only then are we ready for a relationship. Only then will we be fully able to love, and only then will we be able fully to let love in — to accept that another person loves us”.

A healthy self-esteem is the first step for happiness within a relationship. An important factor for romantic success. Knowing that you deserve love and respect will create more trust and happiness with your partner.

Start now building self-esteem and confidence to have the ability to confront or eliminate the things that frighten you, to take more risks and nurture yourself.

Hypnosis can help you change the way that you feel about yourself, it can also help you to improve your insecurity on relationships. Both the feeling of rejection and the fear of losing a valuable relationship are very real for many people. Overcoming these feelings can change the way you see yourself and your partner.

If you are experiencing fear of commitment you can reprogram your mind so that you stop obsessing over this unlikely possibility.

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