Swinging – Can It Make A Marriage Better?

Today more than ever, couples are choosing to use their natural sexual desires to strengthen the bonds of their relationship with swinging. They share the same desire as you to have a secure, permanent relationship with a loving partner, but at the same time understand that it could be destructive to the relationship to repress the natural urge to enjoy sexual variety.

One out of two marriages will end in divorce, and the ones that are “successful” don’t necessarily mean that they are happy. Many of them will still suffer from infidelity, which is one of the biggest threats to a marriage. Of course divorce still happens to couples who participate in the Swinging Lifestyle, but for the most part it is due to stresses other than sexual ones.

Couples who are not in a swinging lifestyle will find it unimaginable to allow his or her partner to engage in recreational sex with another person, but for swingers it is considered a highly acceptable form of social recreation. Swinging couples have a strong enough relationship to allow the sexual pleasure of his or her partner, and take satisfaction from that pleasure instead of jealousy and concern.

Many couples would benefit from embracing the relationship ideas from the swinging lifestyle. Swingers understand that it’s perfectly natural for their partner to be physically attracted to someone else and that it’s OK to share one another sexually without threatening their love for each other. They do not confuse love with lust as many couples do. The swinging lifestyle can be a new adventure that can actually bring a couple much closer together.

Source by Adrienne Taylor

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