The Dangers Of Statins & The Side Effects

Statin Drug Side Effects. Learn why statin medications are bad for you and why you actually need cholesterol. Learn the dangers and side effects of cholesterol lowering medications. They are not only hurting your heart but also your brain – get heart healthy. Learn how to get healthy and master health and why you need to take coq10 if you are taking a statin drug.

There are natural statin alternatives, and once you understand why your have high cholesterol you will see why you don’t need to take a statin prescription medication. Statin drugs are not needed if you can control your cholesterol and in the video you will learn natural ways to do that.

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  1. The fact that you left two unimportant points blank pulled me away from main point. If they are unimportant name them otherwise people may think why, what’s he hiding.

  2. I have been on statin drugs since 2018 and about a month ago I stopped using it. Watching this vid has just reaffirmed my decision..thanks.

  3. Statins made my legs hurt and caused depression, I told my big-pharma pill pushing doctor no way would I take it anymore, he wanted me to take the new once a month shot at $1000 dollars a shot that my insurance wouldn't cover I just laughed at him. 🤣

  4. My doctors want me on a statin. But when I communicate this information to them, they think I'm crazy. I've had one heart attack, I don't want another. But statins make your heart weaker, along with all the other harmful side effects to all the other crucial organs. How can a doctor and cardiologist not know this?

  5. I lost 50 lbs, was eating absolutely clean, all to get rid of an Afib issue I developed. And also to try and fix an abnormally high cholesterol number. My cardiologist was very impressed with my life changes and congratulated me. Then informed me that my cholesterol was higher than when I started my fix. Put me on statins. I didn’t want to take statins. So I didn’t. 3 years later I died in the ER from a massive LAD heart attack. I have no choice but to take them. I can eat grass everyday and create cholesterol. I take coq10 everyday to mange and haven’t had any issues so far. But I’m alive and still holding my health in line. Thanks for the great videos. I watch them all the time.

  6. doc, if you had a heart attack or stroke and survived, the best way to reduce your chance at a second and probable terminal event are statin…the data for the past forty years is pretty clear.

  7. What an eye opener. Was put on 10mg Astrovastatin a week ago along with 10mg of Lisinopril for high B.P. Will stop taking the statin ASAP…and hoping to get of the B.P meds with lifestyle and diet changes, Thank you.

  8. When something is wrong in our body of course we have to interferes. If the level of cholesterol is high of course we have to reduce it otherwise will end having a stroke. If statin is that bad why is it still in the market ! Why don't they invent a safer drug ! Who do we believe in this days ! Sadly No One.

  9. Some days I forgot to take the tablets and I’ve gone out shopping and been out for hours you know I might go out to catch the bus at 20 to 10 come back at 2 o’clock or 2:30 and I feel fine in the end of the Towers then I come back that want to M take my tablets so I take him and now I’m thinking it off don’t take on Miss a few days even do this if your body men’s itself so to speak like you’re saying what you’re saying and we do go out every day for walks I try and heat healthy I’ve got the special Sweetex a little sugar is in a little packet I do walk every day I love fish salmon would like a stew no vegetables in it and I know dumplings and things like that no rubbish that you know I’ve just vegetables gravy and beef steak just want him between two of us we don’t have a lot of meat just enough so we do try and eat healthy that’s what I’m trying to say to you thank you

  10. The doctors every three months seventh August for a blood test to check all this out the liver is Classico and not your muscles that about a month but we never have any problems we got to go back and have another blood test and check this and so far but does woman is terrible and I’m always looking forward to a blood test and I was asking if it’s alright because sometimes I don’t trust him if they’re telling us the truth that I Apple of Tara right in the kidneys in the liver on a ha is it alright you know and they say yeah by don’t trust them the doctors anymore can you help and make me feel better can you tell me something am I watch on my long am I boring for nothing I am I alright

  11. Its very deadly drugs , can damage the Muscle of the heart , when u take it , the Doctor will ask the CPK of ur blood test to see how much is damaging ur Muscle such as Heart , Kidney and any organs .

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