Three Ways To Improve Your Day Immediately

Stress in our daily routines can affect us all. It comes in many forms and it would be foolish to say that everyone experiences the same level of stress at the same time because we do not. However, from over 10 years of practicing stress reducing methods and exercises, I have found techniques I have used myself everyday to help make my day smooth or to help turn the tables when things are not going well.

Set Goals

Setting goals can be satisfying and help you to gain clarity and focus. I’ve been in situations where I’ve financially hit a brick wall. But you know what? I learned that you can do things even when funds are low. Injury, Illness, family hardship can take a toll, but if you can set goals, write them down and just focus on one task at a time, then it will help you gain focus and better outlook towards the future. Goals should get you excited.

10 Minute Breathing Sessions

Many things can happen in ten minutes. You can go to the grocery store, you can take a walk around the block, or make a phone call or two. Much can be done with this, so take time out to regain clarity. Take twenty minutes if you need, even an hour. Stretch, breath, walk, meditate.

Why do I recommend breathing exercises? Because it can help reset the mind and body and put you in a more balanced state.

Treat Yourself

Don’t feel guilty treating yourself. You have to take care of number one before you can take care of two, three, and number fifty! Don’t convince yourself that self care is selfish, because not giving your best is worse. You’ve workout all week, have a reward meal. Go see that movie, two hours away from the problem you’ve been hacking away to solve will help you move closer to a solution. Just getting a massage can make you feel great and put you in the right mindset. It has worked for me, and I remember the two voices in my head. One voice that was complaining and dragging me down, and another voice after treating myself that told me I should have done this sooner.

As you have read there are a combinations of strategies we can use to help us power through our day. Good days lead to good weeks which lead to good months and powerful years.

Remember to consult your mental healthcare professional if you feel like you’re experiencing signs of depression or other mental conditions.

Source by Carlo St Juste, L. Ac

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