Top 10 Best Foods To Break A Fast

Have you ever wondered what the optimal foods are to eat when you are breaking a fast? Be it a short or a longer lasting fast you want to make sure you eat the right foods when you break your fast so you are not getting rid of all your hard work to lose weight and get into autophagy.

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  1. Total newbie here just wanted to check I've understood the advice…
    I'm planning on a two meal strategy 12pm and 6pm.
    This is what I've understood…
    09:00 grab a coffee with MCT oil or a little butter, or perhaps an avocado. Fats first…
    10:00 after an hour feed the gut with a serving of Sourkraut or some Yoghurt/sour cream AND have some veggie soup or steamed vegetables
    12PM is refeeding, so eat until full with a plate of items such as chicken, eggs, fish, meat, lamb.
    Drink slightly salty water in between for our nutrients.
    Drink earl grey tea when you feel like one.
    At 6pm eat a meal that has steamed vegetables and some protein say a smaller portion of meat
    Fast until the cycle repeats with fats first in the next morning…

    Did I get it right or am I way off?

    My goals are weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

    Thanks and go easy on this rookie 🙂

  2. I have not watched this video yet but will share this…over 9 years of following my medical doctors advice of low fat to "manage" my type 2, dropped 50 lbs but my type 2 only got worse along with my lipids profile and could never get my HDL above 36…well during my last cycle of blood work I did a switch up and every day for the last 10 week's of that cycle I had a 6oz full fat Bubba Burger with my normal 3-4 large eggs for breakfast and THAT IS what bumped up my HDL to 47 !!! Yep, 11 points in 10 weeks, that Bubba Burger was the ONLY adjustment in my diet for that cycle…of course, Bubba Burgers with eggs is a juicey, tasty breakfast, loaded with good nutrients and will keep you full for a good 5-6 hours. If this don't convince you how good a high fat diet is nothing will, my triglycerides came right down into the normal range too. Try it, you'll like it.

  3. After say a 2 or 3 day fast, do we have to eat a lot more after fast ends to have sufficient nutrition for the week? during fast period should we take vitamin pills eg multi V ? Thanks

  4. He is very knowledgeable!Being said, I followed his advice for 4 weeks regarding the diet,and my strength plummeted like crazy!!!I went from benching 275 8reps to 245 6 reps!!!So it might be healthy,but I definitely don't want to lose more strength!Ps I did lose some weight and got slightly leaner!

  5. I have fasted for 40 days with only water and I have to say the health benefits are amazing as well as spiritual benefits. Also when I broke my fast I had to be very careful not to overwhelm my gut but I have to admit I broke it wrong. I wish I saw your video Dr. Ekberg. I wish I can convince my wife that you are the real deal and you have research to back it up.. She has been struggling to lose weight, in her 40s and @ 238 Lb. I'm not sure what to do.. anyhow thank you for all that you do for the good of humanity.

  6. Hi, Dr Ekberg, Thank You, kindly for these Blessings of Knowledge!
    Q: To Maximize Autophagy: Would it be best to toggle between Fasting 3-5 days, & using the Gentle Fast Breaker oils & foods?

  7. Thanks for this great lecture. I am almost on 48 hours fasting.
    After watching this i will go for an avocado to break the fast. Later on yoghurt and later on a good salmon with vegs. Thx for ur advice

  8. Thank you for all the wonderful and life saving advice, I am curious, although I rarely snack, what about snacks like plain air popped popcorn or no sugar added applesauce (I realize that's a highly processed food) which I would only eat very seldom but my popcorn should be safe right? I do like my popcorn. I only ask because I could not find such a video on your channel. If I missed it I apologize.

  9. Thanks Doc, this is an amazing video. I have been following you for a while and trying to follow few principles laid out by you. I have taken up 8 day fast and haven’t eaten any food except 1 or 2 black coffee each day and 1-2 plain yogurt twice in last 5 days. Lot of water.

    I am a vegetarian, please advise how should I break my fast.

  10. Only problem is you can't actually buy or get most of these thing anywhere where is convenient and ready to consume which complicate the whole thing especially with daily busy real life

  11. These videos are excellent and I'm glad I discovered this channel.
    I've been gently switching myself towards a low carb diet and easing into 16/8 (I'm in my first week with no issues whatsoever) and for about a month now I've been eliminating sugar and processed foods, cooking almost every meal at home, grilling or pan frying fish, organic poultry, steak from grass fed cows etc. in butter or coconut oil, eating organic eggs and avocado for breakfast or with a salad and the results are very encouraging so far. I've dropped almost 20 pounds in about a month! But the best part for me as a foodie, is all the tasty new things I've tried out. Discovering different ways to prepare simple, whole (and wholesome) ingredients has been a delicious journey so far. First time I made cauliflower mashed I was in loooove! Added garlic, fresh herbs, sour cream and a bit of butter, and it was the most delicious, creamiest side dish I've ever tasted. I also made a cauliflower bisque with bone broth as soup base and it was also wonderful. So far, zero carbs cravings, no snacking urges, and the two meals I have every day now are always yummy and satisfying.
    I'm in my early 50s, pretty darn fat and watching my most recent check-up results it became clear that I'm on course to "breaking the machine". A1C at the upper limit, fasting glucose around 100. Trend curve strongly pointing towards pre-diabetes. The only positive thing I can say about my old lifestyle is that in spite of how heavy I became, I still exercise regularly (biking, swimming). Perhaps that's what has kept my from going to full diabetes or pre-diabetes so far. But I'm determined to not let it get to that.

  12. Coming off a 3 day forced fast(strep throat), spoon of olive oil, hour later some yogurt, and another hour and maybe try to eat an organic grass-fed burger patty, thats okay right?

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