Top 10 Cooking Oils… The Good, Bad & Toxic!

Wondering what the most health and least healthy cooking oils are? You have probably heard the wrong information about cooking oils because everywhere you turn you hear about saturated fat or smoking points, and most of this is incorrect information. Find out what the best and worst cooking oils are along with why they are so bad for your health.

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  1. I'm confused regarding avocado oil, are you saying that unrefined extra virgin avocado oil does not have a high smoking point, and all avocado oils that have high smoking points of 520f are refined?

  2. I hope someone may be able to answer this but I don't deep fry, I shallow fry. I do it very rarely, but now I don't ever wanna go back to anything like canola or vegetable oil again for that. Should I consider what he said about deep frying the same about shallow frying? That I just shouldn't do it at all. Was hoping there would be something to make it a bit healthier, and if so, what exactly. From what I understand the only healthy option I would have is the ghee, but other health videos seem to be so divided on avocado oils with high smoke points, so I'm wondering if that's an option. Lastly, any brands or things to look out for when finding these products that may be bad?? Sorry for the long comment, hope someone can answer. Thanks!

  3. Thank you Dr Ekberg for your explanation of the different type of fats. Now I understand. A simple scholastic video which can help me and others make the right choice. Thanks again

  4. I went all the way on ur video .Why It's was sOooo well explained that l really understand Ed all you said. Thank u sOooo much for taking your time to educate the public on such an important topic.Please do more on this!!!"

  5. Crazy how we are decreasing our life span and life quality with these insane food processes. I feel like this man is literally saving people here. I am very grateful for all the time he put into this to help people.

  6. QUESTION! I've found coconut oil that has be deodorised… I understand that through some certain heating process this was possible. I'd like to know if anyone has knowledge about how good coconut oil in that form is? Or is it just as toxic as the veg oils then? I havent found any research yet on this…

  7. Someone needs to copy in the British Heart Foundation as butter and ghee go against everything they recommend. I don't think it was explained at all, the connection between saturated fats and high cholesterol. The two are mutually inclusive. I'd really love to hear how and why people with hereditary high cholesterol should be encouraged to use ghee and butter.

  8. Avocado oil has always confused me. How much was it processed to keep the colour? I mean, when I think of a open avocado I think it quickly turning black. So how can oil be clear and green? How is this healthy? Anyone have any info?

  9. Thank you so much @dr. Sten ekberg for this amazing video. You are a boon to human kind. I just have a request that you also review how cold pressed mustard oil and sesame oil is? Because this is the basic and most widely used cooking oil in India( having a population of 1.4Bn) and even many south east Asian countries. Thank you

  10. i see 332 people with their heads in the sand………..there's just no pleasing some people. Thanks a million & 1 Doc……Iv'e always stuck to my butter is better mantra, now I have a clear picture to go with it. !! Magic !!

  11. If you put hexane residues on your chart, don't you think it prudent to cite some source or reference? That also goes for other points you are making about oils. Don't animal fats have stored toxins? While I found the video interesting from a critical thinking perspective, I think you are really only adding to the confusion by not adding any sources or reference data for your statements. Are we supposed to believe what you say just because you say it?

  12. THANK YOU for such a brilliant and accesible explanation. Have been looking for this information for ages, there is so much inaccurate disinformation out there. Brilliantly done. 🙏

  13. Very interesting and informative video, I still ask why so many international organizations such as AHA, WHO and others are not yet updating their recommendations regarding oil and fat?

    Plus we are living in a world that considers every animal oil as bad and any “vegetable” based oils as good.

    Just imagine presenting a summary of this video at work, they might be shocked, I might be blamed for misinformation

  14. I'm confused regarding Coconut Oil. I see "organic, all natural unrefined" and then I see " naturally refined, organic expeller pressed" Oil. Are they equally beneficial or is the processed version (naturally refined) corrupt?

  15. We still use homemade coconut oil for consumption. We get it using the traditional method passed down from our ancestors. We know by experience it is harmless and good for our health. In our home garden, there are a few coconut trees named as 'තෙල් ගස්' /t̪el gʌs̪/ (oil trees) which give more oil than the other coconut trees in the garden. And also we are vegetarians. We don't have cholesterol and diabetes problems. Our grandparents didn't have any serious diseases but simple ones like cold and fever. We still try to carry on our traditional echo-friendly living system. But it is very challenging as the country is rapidly westernizing.

    But nowadays the lifestyle of most of the people of Sri Lanka has changed upside down. So, most of the families suffer from none communicative diseases like diabetics, obesity, kidney problems, and cancer.

  16. I'm really glad I've been following this advice, even though I didn't know why: because I do a lot of low-temperature air frying or sloow cooking, i get a lot of rendered fat. enough for me to cover all my pan cooking! In fact, at times I get more fat than I can use!

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