Top 10 Foods High In Protein That You Should Eat

Have you ever wondered what the top high protein foods are and if you should eat them? You might think steak is the highest food in protein, but that is only #3 in this top 10 list of protein rich foods. Top 10 Foods High In Protein. Find out what to eat if you want to get more protein in your diet. You can eat carnivore or a plant-based diet and get great information on the best protein foods in this list.

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  1. Couldn't agree re: animal protein . If animals are closer to humans , what is closer to animals which humans eat ?
    In that case , a cow or lamb eating vegetables make lots of protein .
    So your theory does not stand very sound .
    There have been many studies in medical journals particularly New England Journal of Medicine on Veg and nonVeg eaters . Taking all considerations of smoking and drinking , it was found that as a whole vegetarians remain more disease free and enjoy a longer life .
    See NEJM between 96- 99 on this topic .
    If you look into human anatomy and physiology , human teeth are not suitable to be carnivorous , neither is human digestive system .
    Nature reflects another point . All herbivores have a longevity much more than carnivores e.g. Elephant and Lion .
    In practice , I see more malignancy particularly colorectal in meat eaters and kidney problems as well.
    May be more research is needed before stating animals are better food .

  2. Hey Dr. Ekberg. This video blew my mind as I have never heard of AAU before. Could you please provide a literature or scientific paper where I can read about these utilization numbers some more?
    Its also good if I want to get this info across to someone else, to have some paper to back it up instead of saying I heard it from Dr. on youtube.
    Excellent channel and you deliver every time. Thank you

  3. You can buy soymilk that is free of added sugar. The probleim with fermented soy products (tofu) is that they are usually packed with salt, and sometime MSG. Non-fermented tofu can be low in salt. As for animal sourced protein, both whey protein (from milk) and collagen (from animal skins) can be added protein sources.

  4. depends on what you do every day, if you work a desk job you don't need that much, if you work in a steelmill, or constructions, or agriculture, you need a bit more, not tacking into consideration your own metabolism.

  5. Please watch "top 10 healthiest foods you must eat" on this channel to get a good understanding of the whole picture of Dr. Ekberg's general diet. Here on this video looks like only animal protein is the way to go.
    I just watched "what the health" documentary in Netflix and looks like quite the opposite there. They are really against all kinds of animal protein which contradicts the consumption of protein (shown on this specific video). They even show people really sick getting completely out of their medications and reversing their illnesses just by not eating animal protein.
    Please understand that animal protein is a small portion of your diet, unless you want to become vegan, where you'll need vitamin b-12 supplements.
    I like Dr. Ekberg's detailed analysis of each food on all videos but please get the whole picture with the one I mention on top; otherwise you would misinterpret the whole idea of his videos.
    Thank you very much Dr. Sten Ekberg for your quality videos!

  6. love how eggs are commonly treated like DANGEROUS for your colesterol .. whilst they are close to the best you can do … it's so mindbogling how so many FDA recommendations of the past wheren't just a little wrong but the absolute worst possible … (check the nutrition pyramid … recommendation of eating LOTS of carbs and just a little protein and little fat … which is EXACTLY WRONG)

  7. if in question … eat a little bit more protein and reduce your carbohydrates in exchange.. (edit: as you can see it's close to impossible to eat too much protein if you don't eat only extreme lean meat.. which you shouldn't anyways)
    eat fatty, protein rich and as little carbs as possible. (the food tastes great, you don't miss anything aside of if you're used to eat sweets but even that disappears very fast for me getting used to eat barely if any bread was … weird but it works )
    i'm doing that for about 6 weeks and lost 9 kilogramm

  8. So…how do you explain someone like Lox who only eats rice and beans and other vegetables and looks better than the majority of bodybuilders and he is using only bodyweight? No meat, no weight, no pills, no shakes.

  9. Dr. Sten Ekberg must be the most anti-rabbit person I have ever come across. He just hates rabbits! 😂

    Just kidding. What he illustrates is that we need to take a deeper look at our protein and fat choices.

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